Fast tsunami warning system with GPS

Fast tsunami warning system with GPS Scientists prove

In underground earthquakes that could cause a tsunami, the time allotted for coastal warning of the danger, is very short. However, based on data from the Fukushima earthquake, which occurred March 11, 2011, scientists from the GFZ German Research Centre have shown that by the earthquake and its location can be determined with three minutes to quickly and accurately transfer the information to the ground of the possibility of a tsunami.

Such operations can make a special GPS-network that is configured to work in potentially dangerous areas. She is able to capture

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Territory in Siberia, a burning, growing

Territory in Siberia, a burning grows Natural Disasters

According to ITAR-TAS, the territory of Siberia, a burning, increased by 3 times a day from 24 to 25 April. 29 fires occurred on the 3075 acres of land. Dissemination of 12 fires had been suspended. However, in the vast area 2201 hectares raging raging fires. 7 fires recorded in the Novosibirsk region, one in the Republic of Tuva. Daily data is received about 200 fires in Russia. In 2009, the government fined a man for 19.6 million dollars (581 million rubles), who threw a cigarette caused the fire at the 2,000

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The Dniester appeared dead fish


Appeared on the Dniester unknown spots with dead fish. CP file photo.

30.05.11.Na Dniester in the Lviv region, local residents found a dark spot of unknown origin, surrounded by dead fish. This was reported in the press center EMERCOM in Lviv region. As it turned out, there were stains of unknown origin on Tysmenytsia river, a tributary of the Dniester.

According to Nicholas SES, in river water samples taken for analysis, no abnormalities were found. Cause of death of fish is still unknown, reports zik.

In addition, in areas Drohobych, Nicholas and Zhidachivskogo areas, a survey of the

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Fish kills in Zelenogorsk


1.04.11.V Thursday through defense and emergency passed the message, frightened many zelenogortsev: in a career connected with the bridge, so called, Mirror Lake, there was a mass death of fish.

Note first of all, mass death of fish can only be called conditionally: localization occurred fairly narrow. Half asleep and asleep roach, perch, verhoplavki found only in a small creek career.

Experts of the Committee on the Environment took samples of the water, and quickly established that the oxygen content is 20% of normal. According to them, this is causing a painful condition of the fish, although

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Robots in Japan


APPOINTMENT The system is designed to eliminate the effects of man-made emergencies, production work in areas with high radiation levels, the localization of gamma-ray sources in the areas hard to reach areas, in industrial and residential areas, transport facilities etc.

Robotic MEANS radiation survey (RTS-RD)

PROBLEM SOLVED Mobile robot RTS — RR is equipped with a manipulator and radiation detection devices and is designed to replace people when working in hazardous areas, and perform the following tasks: visual reconnaissance, industrial and

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In Azerbaijan, a growing number of sunstroke


4.08.11.V Goychay, Agdash, Kurdamir and Ujar regions of Azerbaijan population increased cases of sunstroke.

According to APA in hospitals in these areas, as opposed to June, with sun and heat stroke in July was more. According to information from the front desk hospital last month in these areas as a whole were 20 cases of solar and thermal shock.

In the first three days of August there are 5 such cases.

Source: ArmenianReport

Forest fires in Canada


3.08.11.Okolo 140 forest fires raging now in northwestern Ontario.

As reported on Tuesday, a representative of the Ministry of Natural Resources Stephanie Panakko province, in extremely hot weather, only the last two days there was 20 new homes. From areas threatened by fire, evacuated a total of about one thousand Indian reservations, according to ITAR-TASS.

In the fight with the fire now involved 2000 firefighters in the north-western Ontario deployed about 100 planes and helicopters equipped with fire suppression systems. "Firefighters constantly monitor the situation in areas in close proximity to populated areas, — the representative of the Ministry.

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In Yelabuga and Mendeleev areas dying trees


(Yelabuga, August 4, "Tatar-Inform", Gulshat Sultanov). The problem of mass drying of spruce forests have faced this year Elabuzhsky foresters. The reason for this small ecological disaster — last year's abnormally dry summers.

Of the four areas served Yelabuga forestry, mostly spruce were drying in the Yelabuga and Mendeleev areas. Killed enough, full fir, which can be used for household needs, because of the openness of the root system. They dry up before our eyes, for 2-3 months.

The forests are also killed and birch — they also could not withstand the intense heat of 2010. Because of the

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Locusts attacked 120 thousand hectares in the Astrakhan region


ASTRAKHAN, July 11 — RIA Novosti. Locusts spread to 120.3 thousand hectares of land in the southern Astrakhan region, in four regions introduced a state of emergency, according to a report Monday in the regional Ministry of Agriculture.

Locusts in the region began in early June in Kamyzyaksky area, then spread to neighboring territories. As of June 20, the area on which settled locusts, was 79 thousand hectares. To date, the state of emergency declared in Kamyzyaksky, Liman, Ikryaninsky Enotaevsky areas and the Astrakhan region.

"On July 11, examined more than 427.6 thousand hectares, the population of pests is

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Drought in China’s Hubei province


Beijing, June 20 / Xinhua / — Since December 2011 there has been a continuous decline in rainfall in the north-west and north-east prov.Hubey / Central China /. In some areas, rainfall has decreased by 50 percent compared with conventional period.

As of June 20 from a severe drought affected 26 counties / cities and regions / with a population of 3,286,000 people, 1,167,000 of them need help from government agencies. Drought affected as 247.2 thousand hectares of fields, 11.3 thousand of which crop completely destroyed.

It is learned that Hubeysky Committee to neutralize damage caused by natural disasters

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