Locusts in the cotton fields in Tajikistan


01.06.11. Moroccan locust went on the offensive in the cotton crops Panj district. To date, there locust 2 ha cotton field.

According to the director Gosunitarnogo enterprise "Muboriza bar malach Ziddi" ("Locust") Kiemiddina Ganiev, work on the use of chemical agents against locusts in Khatlon region commenced in April, but there is a locust invasion in Afghanistan, as well as high altitude and pastures, where the drought has dried grass.

"At present, pesticides processed 100 thousand hectares of land. Locusts in the border areas are struggling more than two dozen units of special 450 handheld devices ", — said

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Altai steppe areas attacked locusts


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15.06.11.V Michael Uglovsky and Altai regions, the struggle with the Italian locust — locust gregarious form.

According to Zoya Sherbinina, chief of plant protection branch "Rosselhoztsentra" number of insects in these areas exceeded the permissible norm. The treatment must spend 17 thousand hectares of arable land. Soon locusts may appear Klyuchevskoy and Kulunda areas.

"Italian locust among the most dangerous types of pests — told Zoe Shcherbinina. — Special appetite locusts wakes in hot weather, when it lacks moisture. "

Another dangerous pests, meadow moth, is also beginning to spread across the Altai region —

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Snow fell in Khakassia



08.08.12.V predgoltsovoy taiga border Ust-Abakan and Khakassia Askizsky areas snowed.

This was announced by the witnesses during the raid for Environmental Compliance in the hunting areas of the country.

Natural collapse accompanied by a sharp decrease in temperature and descended from the mountain mudslide. Abnormal for this time of weather led to the destruction of roads and trails in the area and the death of wild plants.

During the raids, the State Committee for Wildlife and Environmental Khakassia had to rescue a group of tourists from Krasnoyarsk. She was in the area of poor visibility and left

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About 3.5 hectares of crops destroyed by hail in KCR


Cherkessk. July 6. Interfax-South — hail, held last night, completely destroyed crops crops in several areas of Karachay-Cherkessia, an area of about 3.5 ha.

"The most affected Zelenchukskaya KCR, where he spent a very strong band of hail, which destroyed agricultural crops and" broke "the fruit trees. In the fields still are piles not melted hail. In general, the area in an area of 2750 hectares was destroyed 100% of crops, "- said the agency" Interfax-South "Head of the Ministry of Agriculture crop KCR Nicholas Pronoza.

Also completely destroyed crops on an area of 500 hectares on the border

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In South-East Asia — a catastrophic flood. Video


9.10.11.Katastroficheskoe flood that lasts a second month in South-East Asia, has acquired the character of a regional disaster. This is stated in the report of the Asia-Pacific Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian issues at the UN.

The massive flooding of settlements, agricultural land and infrastructure as a result of abnormal seasonal rains occurred almost simultaneously in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, the document says.

Floods in Thailand have suffered more than 2 million people.

At the time of the report in Thailand, where the early and heavy seasonal rains triggered floods that started on July 25, the

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Italy — the flooding in Genoa. Video


11.05.11. Heavy rains in Genoa led to flooding of several areas of Italy. 6 people were killed, and their number may increase. Among the victims is deti.V water flows Gators.

Authorities called the situation "very serious." The government encourages residents to be as careful. All advised not to leave their homes and move to the upper floors zdaniy.Polzovatsya vehicles prohibited.

Last week, the government announced a state of emergency in Liguria and Toskane.Ranee these areas hit heavy downpour, which killed ten people.

Source: Channel PIC, altrestorieVI

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Fire equipment for 17 million rubles was transferred to the municipalities of the Irkutsk region

In the Council of Irkutsk Region transferred technology to ensure fire safety. Thus, of the regional property ownership 22 municipalities passed avtorazlivochnye station, complete with fire-fighting equipment. The total value of the technology is 17.8 million.

Avtorazlivochnye station entered the towns of Irkutsk, Zima, Zalarinsky, Nizhneudinskiy, Nizhneilimsk and Tulun areas. Also, fire safety equipment transferred to the ownership of Ust-Kut, Ust-Ilim, Usolsk, Ust-Uda, Shelekhov, Ekhirit-Bulagat, Alarsky, Bokhansky and Nukutsky areas.

The Dniester appeared dead fish


Appeared on the Dniester unknown spots with dead fish. CP file photo.

30.05.11.Na Dniester in the Lviv region, local residents found a dark spot of unknown origin, surrounded by dead fish. This was reported in the press center EMERCOM in Lviv region. As it turned out, there were stains of unknown origin on Tysmenytsia river, a tributary of the Dniester.

According to Nicholas SES, in river water samples taken for analysis, no abnormalities were found. Cause of death of fish is still unknown, reports zik.

In addition, in areas Drohobych, Nicholas and Zhidachivskogo areas, a survey of the

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Fish kills in Zelenogorsk


1.04.11.V Thursday through defense and emergency passed the message, frightened many zelenogortsev: in a career connected with the bridge, so called, Mirror Lake, there was a mass death of fish.

Note first of all, mass death of fish can only be called conditionally: localization occurred fairly narrow. Half asleep and asleep roach, perch, verhoplavki found only in a small creek career.

Experts of the Committee on the Environment took samples of the water, and quickly established that the oxygen content is 20% of normal. According to them, this is causing a painful condition of the fish, although

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Kostroma recovering from the effects of a night of elements


22.07.11.Desyatki fallen trees, smashed cars, broken harness. Kostroma is recovering from the natural disaster that struck the city last night. Two hours on the fire poured 20 mm of rain — a quarter of the monthly rates for July. Wind sometimes passed in a flurry.

Rooftop Olga Potemkin — a collapsed tree. Birch broke wind gust and, bent double, fell. Exactly to where the children. Sleeping child was hurt. But the roof needs repair.

Olga Potemkin, a resident of the Galich passage: "All elapsed, some pots and benches. All pulled midnight. A gauge how much slate is necessary, there

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