In Bashkortostan, introduced emergency mode for locusts. Video


6.07.11.K pest control have started four districts Bashkortostana.Pervym regime introduced Haybullinskogo disaster area. Then chemical treatment began on the fields Kuyurgazinskogo, Kugarchinskogo and Baimak areas. Now on an enhanced battle locusts transform into Zianchurinskom and Zilair areas.

Recall that the chemical methods to combat this pest begin to apply when the number of insects than economic threshold — is 10-15 single individuals per square meter. To date, spraying was carried out on 60 thousand hectares. Specialists are to be treated with another 50 thousand. While farmland damaged by locusts in the republic.

Nail Baynazarov

Source: STRC "Bashkortostan"

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Locusts attacked 120 thousand hectares in the Astrakhan region


ASTRAKHAN, July 11 — RIA Novosti. Locusts spread to 120.3 thousand hectares of land in the southern Astrakhan region, in four regions introduced a state of emergency, according to a report Monday in the regional Ministry of Agriculture.

Locusts in the region began in early June in Kamyzyaksky area, then spread to neighboring territories. As of June 20, the area on which settled locusts, was 79 thousand hectares. To date, the state of emergency declared in Kamyzyaksky, Liman, Ikryaninsky Enotaevsky areas and the Astrakhan region.

"On July 11, examined more than 427.6 thousand hectares, the population of pests is

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Locusts in the Voronezh region


17.06.11.V four districts of Voronezh region registered breeding ground for locusts. Pernicious pest occurred in Boguchar, Borisoglebsk Povorino and Novokhopersk areas. The total area of lesions was 2.4 hectares.

As reported in the Department of Agricultural Regional Department of Agrarian Policy, now all centers are located, additional processing of the territories bordering the Tambov and Volgograd regions.

Source: Voronezh-line

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Locusts in the Samara and Irkutsk regions


The fields in the Samara region locust attacks

Photo from report

23.06.11. In the previous two years in the Samara region was loss of crops due to the unprecedented heat wave this year farmers had fallen a new attack. Field locust attacks.

Increase in their numbers is observed in an area of 23 thousand hectares in Alexeyev, Bezenchukskaya, Bor, Volzhsky, Kinelskiy, Kinel-Cherkassy, Red Army, Neftegorsk Pestravskom, Volga, Sergius, Stavropol, Syzran, Khvorostyanskaya, Chelno-Vershinskaya Shigonskom and municipal areas.

This outbreak — a consequence of a hot summer last year, and a warm, mild winter. This weather has helped the

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Locusts in the three districts of the Rostov region


Photo from:

16.06.11.Ochagi massive locust established in three districts of the Rostov region. Among them Bokovsky, Sholokhov and Upper Don areas. Currently calculated the damage to crops by pests. Deputy Head of the supervision of the safe handling of pesticides and agrochemicals UFS Rosselkhoznadzor PO Denis Alexandrov explained that the appearance of large numbers of locusts due to the location of the Rostov region near Volgograd and Stavropol Territory, and of which the insects move. Attractive to locusts, these areas have become due to the large number of pastures and crops here.

According to Denis Alexandrov now

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Egyptian beaches closed again


5.01.11.Gubernator province of South Sinai in Egypt, Mohammed Shosha again took an unexpected decision to close almost all of the Red Sea coast in the popular resort of Sharm el-Sheikh for swimming and snorkeling.

As RIA "Novosti" with reference to "Al-Ahram", about the governor's decision, which took effect from Wednesday, late on Tuesday was informed by the National Chamber of diving and marine activities.

Shosha not explain the specific reasons for the decision, merely pointing out that it is done for the safety of tourists and their protection against shark attacks.

South Sinai authorities banned deep-sea diving

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In Kaliningrad element left without electricity 12 thousand people


1.07.12.Bolee 12 thousand people today because of high winds were left without electricity in the Kaliningrad region. ITAR-TASS press secretary "Yantarenergo" Alexander Gmyrin.

"Squally winds, powerful lightning that struck this morning in the Kaliningrad region, wrecking substations and power lines in some areas — especially in Guriev and Guards areas and Mamonovsky urban district," — said the source. He added that "in the morning without power in the two areas was about 13.5 thousand people, and now, thanks to the power industry and the number decreased slightly over 12 thousand people."

The official representative of "Yantarenergo" noted that "duty

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Kaliningrad Oblast gasification continues

August 22 ceremony release of the gas in the village of Fish Gurievsky municipal area. Guriev district is one of the leaders in the gasifier. Strong performance in the townships Road, Orlivka, roads, Large Isakov Vasilkovo and Small Isakov.

Last year in the Kaliningrad region has built more than 300 kilometers of gas pipeline networks. Was supplied with gas to cities like Gvardeysk, Gusev, Mamonowo, Pravdinsk, Slavsk. Were built or renovated gas inlets in the cities of Pioneer, Polessk, Slavsk, Krasnoznamensky, Neman, Bagrationovskom and Zelenograd areas. As a result, the natural gas has been connected 8,336 households.

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In Moldova, the de-energized due to strong winds of more than 300 settlements


13.02.11.Iz-zasilnogo wind in Moldova in the night between Saturday and Sunday were severed power lines, normally more than 300 settlements. As reported on Sunday, the press center of Civil Protection and Emergency Situations of the Republic, local emergency crews are already working.

Suffered the most central areas of the country, including the capital, where many trees felled. According to the weather service, the wind speed in some areas of the country is about 20-25 meters per second. This weather is forecast to last another few days. ITAR-TASS


In Iran, the snow fell


* 26/08/11 * The Iranian province of Mazandaran, the snow fell, the news agency ISNA.

According to the agency, heavy snowfall took place in cities Kilardesht, Alam Kuh, Takht Suleiman and Siyah Kaman and the surrounding mountain areas.

In Kilardeshte snow accompanied by hail. It is reported that some areas of the city as a result of bad weather were flooded.

It is also reported that in the same area due to a sharp deterioration in weather conditions disappeared single plane. His search has already begun.

Source: News IRAN.RU

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