In Shanghai there were heavy rains, hail


14.08.11.V Shanghai today afternoon was heavy rain, however, in some places in the urban areas of Pudong and Chongming was a powerful shower, and in the village pudunskom Tsaolu dumped hail and 11-ball raging storm.

The roads and residential areas were flooded, but now flooding eliminated. This was announced today at the Shanghai headquarters of flood prevention in the latest bulletin transmitted at 20:00.

Today in the afternoon, powerful storm clouds thickened again over Shanghai, Pudong in some places and Chongming rainfall exceeded the standard level for showers of 100 mm. As a result, water flooded more than 30

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Angara residents continue to complain about the bombings


14.05.12.Situatsiyu in Kazachinsko-Lena, Chunsky, Zima and Kuytun regions due to disposal of ammunition considered at a meeting in Parliament Angara.

As noted by MPs in the Legislative Assembly received complaints from residents of areas bordering polygons disposal of ammunition.

People complain about the devastating effects of explosions, their impact on the physical and psychological state of the people, and material damages in the form of collapsing buildings, broken windows, maintenance of drinking water out of the speakers, etc.

The deputies were sent to the Governor of the region's residents and treatment received a letter asking to examine these

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Natural parks Bashkiria attract more tourists

Kandra-Kul lake

For four years, the number of visitors to national parks of Bashkortostan — "Kandra-culture", "IremelHotel" and "Muradymovskoe Gorge" — increased by 2.2 times.

By parks RB — "Kandra-kul ',' IremelHotel" and "Muradymovskoe Gorge" — in 2012 were more than 203 thousand people. In 2011, they were visited by 171,000 people in 2010 — 140 thousand, in 2009 — 90,000, the agency "Bashinform" the press service of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Republic.

As noted in the Ministry of Environment of Belarus, Bashkortostan tops the list of

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Element again caused significant damage to Moldova


Rain washed away dozens of hectares of farmland in Riscani and Drochia areas Photo: From the archives of "KP"

27.07.11.Grad and heavy rains have damaged crops in 15 villages in the north of the country. While the exact area affected farmland has not been determined, but it can be argued that we are talking about tens of hectares.

Press Secretary of Civil Protection and Emergency Liliana Puscasu reported that hail, last Tuesday evening, July 26, causes damage to agricultural areas in Riscani and Drochia areas.

In Riscani area affected agricultural land in villages Rekeriya, Recha, Miheylen, Miheyleny Noah

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In Bashkortostan, introduced emergency mode for locusts. Video


6.07.11.K pest control have started four districts Bashkortostana.Pervym regime introduced Haybullinskogo disaster area. Then chemical treatment began on the fields Kuyurgazinskogo, Kugarchinskogo and Baimak areas. Now on an enhanced battle locusts transform into Zianchurinskom and Zilair areas.

Recall that the chemical methods to combat this pest begin to apply when the number of insects than economic threshold — is 10-15 single individuals per square meter. To date, spraying was carried out on 60 thousand hectares. Specialists are to be treated with another 50 thousand. While farmland damaged by locusts in the republic.

Nail Baynazarov

Source: STRC "Bashkortostan"

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Rampant floods in the Lipetsk region. Video



19.06.12.Razgul element lasted for two days — Friday and Saturday — and affected almost all areas. Most affected by the disaster and Dolgorukov Terbunsky areas. As reported to us leaders in these areas, there is hail and rain caused serious damage to agricultural land: corn, sunflower, corn, beets — from planting almost nothing left. In Dolgorukovskoj area destroyed 7500 hectares of crops in Terbunsky — about 5 thousand.

It was not just agricultural land — damaged crops in all gardens of the villagers. Hail to the size of a quail's egg broke poultry, broken trees, houses damaged

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In China, millions of starving children. Photo


School children in poor areas of China. 2011. Photo from

9.10.11.V poor mountain villages of China has a serious problem nutrition and physiological development of children. Many wonder, did the government has no money?

Children mountain Guizhou Province every day get up at 5:00 and no breakfast for 1-2 hours on the mountain trails to get to school. Some almost no dinner, from weakness, they do not attend physical education classes, and just lie on the benches. In 15 hours of lessons are over and the children again 1-2 hours walk along mountain trails home. Only in

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Rains caused flooding in northern Thailand



BANGKOK, Aug. 1 — RIA Novosti, Yevgeny Belenky. Heavy rains last Sunday in the north and north-east of Thailand, caused flooding in several provinces of the country and interrupted rail service, the water level in the flooded areas have reached one meter, according to Thai media on Monday.

In the province of Nong Khai on the border with Laos in some areas the water level on Monday, flooding fields and city streets, up to 80 centimeters. On Sunday evening, railway north-eastern provinces to Bangkok was temporarily halted and resumed early Monday morning, as the railway embankment

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In Australia, the two-headed fish found


5.07.11.V River Basin Australian Noosa (Noosa) was marked by the mass death of fish fry. Matt Landos (Matt Landos), a specialist in the field of ichthyology Australian Veterinary College, discovered that the reason for this genetic mutation.

Changes in the structure of the fry were such that more than two days, they did not survive. Most often fry hatched from the eggs two-headed. Similar changes were seen in embryos and animals in the areas adjacent to the plantation house and sheep farms.

According to the scientist, for all the work he first encountered this phenomenon. Conducted his experiments using

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Locust attacks Kalmykia. Video


1.07.11.Nastoyaschee disaster these days tolerate Kalmykia. Roam the steppe country giant swarms of locusts. And the drama is that no one is ready for it. So far, there is not voracious insects appear. In all 13 districts of Kalmykia since June 21, a regime of high readiness for an emergency. In 11 of them fix the excess population of grasshoppers, and six — a critical situation.

Locusts appeared where it did not expect. In the heart of Kalmykia never had it, says the head of the farm "Shatta" Ketchenerovsky district, one of the largest in the country for

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