In Germany has fallen foul weather

On the central and eastern parts of Germany — Bavaria, Hesse, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Lower Saxony, Thuringia and Brandenburg — hit heavy rain, hail and strong wind. As reported on Thursday, August 25, DAPD, the damage from the elements is estimated at millions of euros.

In Hesse, according to Agence France-Presse, damaged homes, flooded roads in some areas temporarily suspended rail service. In particular, canceled trains on the lines of Hesse — Rhineland-Palatinate. In Gross-Gerau police had to partially evacuate the nursing home after the roof blew off the building and start pouring rain. In many areas, the

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In the Gulf of Mexico formed tropical storm Nate

The scheme of movement of the storm "Nate." Image source

In the southern part of the Gulf of Mexico formed tropical storm "Nate", which in a few days can head for the U.S. coast. This was reported on September 7 Associated Press.

Now the maximum wind speed in a hurricane is 72 miles per hour, with two more days, it will remain in its formation. In this regard, in the coastal areas of Mexico declared a storm warning. It is expected that "Nate" will move to the U.S. by Friday, September 9. Then, according

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Earthquake Safety Program in Primorye


VLADIVOSTOK, January 18. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Marina Shatilova /. Targeted program of seismic safety adopted in Primorye. Today, it was approved by Governor Sergei Darkin. As told Itar-Tass, the press center of the regional administration, the program will be implemented in three stages — from 2011 to 2017. It provides for a system for monitoring and control of seismic reliability of objects, creation and development of geographic information system for the analysis, management and control of seismic risk.

At the first stage it is planned to carry out large-scale studies of seismicity in southern Primorye, where the largest cities,

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The threat of a tsunami is declared for the coast of Alaska after the earthquake

The threat of a tsunami is declared for some areas off Alaska, reports the Center for the Prevention of tsunami.

According to experts, the tsunami would threaten coastal areas of Alaska from Unimak Strait to the island of Adak in the north of the Aleutian archipelago, RIA "Novosti".

On the height of the waves were reported.

According to the newspaper VIEW, earlier on Friday earthquake of magnitude 7.1 occurred in the area of Alaska.

Irene left the United States, leaving 16 dead and destruction, though not as serious as feared

Hurricane "Irene", passing over the eastern and north-eastern coast of the United States, directed towards Canada.

Despite the fact that the violence of the elements leading to the flooding of many areas in several states and in the Federal District of Columbia, the authorities believe that the storm did not bring those destructions, which was preparing the last days. As noted by the Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, a good preliminary preparation for the disaster and coordinated work in the field will greatly reduce damage and save lives. Although the 16 Americans, according to preliminary data, the

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In Iran, the snow fell

In the Iranian province of Mazandaran, the snow fell, the news agency ISNA.

According to the agency, heavy snowfall took place in cities Kilardesht, Alam Kuh, Takht Suleiman and Siyah Kaman and the surrounding mountain areas.

In Kilardeshte snow accompanied by hail. It is reported that some areas of the city as a result of bad weather were flooded.

It is also reported that in the same area due to a sharp deterioration in weather conditions disappeared single plane. His search has already begun.

Source: Iran News

Running against the wind

Five U.S. states because of the impending hurricane regime introduced emergency, mass evacuation

Powerful Hurricane "Irene" is rapidly approaching Washington. U.S. East Coast, he reaches for the Sabbath, the capital — by Sunday. Residents of Washington and New York, told to stock up on everything you need, and not to leave their homes, and the inhabitants of the coast — in advance to go to a safer place. Mass evacuation started in several states that have created traffic jams and on earth, and water.

Washington Mayor Vincent Gray on Friday issued a warning to residents and advised them to explore

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In China, the starving children

In poor mountain villages of China has a serious problem nutrition and physiological development of children. Many wonder, did the government has no money?

Children mountain Guizhou Province every day get up at 5:00 and no breakfast for 1-2 hours on the mountain trails to get to school. Some almost no dinner, from weakness, they do not attend physical education classes, and just lie on the benches. In 15 hours of lessons are over and the children again 1-2 hours walk along mountain trails home. Only in the evening at home they are able to eat a hot meal, according

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Criteria for the earthquake in Japan


11.12.12.Moschnoe earthquake with a magnitude of M7.3 occurred 7/12/2012, in the coastal area of the Pacific. Honshu. Event recorded near the epicenter of the catastrophic VRP March 11, 2011

Signs of preparation VRP were registered professionals Center November 27-30. They appeared in the anomalous values of gravity, deformation, protons, etc. georotatsionnyh measurements at monitoring stations seysmoprognoznogo experimental site. Analysis of geophysical anomalies signs allowed to develop appropriate seysmoprognoz, which was registered in Russia Seysmosovete (RECs) 03.12.2012 (Annex 1). Basic forecast parameters probable seismic events are shown in the composites of the base product number 3 (BAC). Possible event dates

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New Zealand in the power of the elements

To New Zealand hit all-time snowfall, with temperatures in some areas of the South Island, where there are large cities such as Wellington and Christchurch, dropped to -5 degrees. Forecasters say that these blizzards and such decrease in temperature of the island "Kiwi" has not been seen for 70 years. Record low temperatures last seen in the region in 1939. Heavy snow does not stop for more than a day, the country's de-energized several industrial areas, closed dozens of schools and universities, some areas were virtually paralyzed as the snow piled major road.

Weather anomalies are observed in

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