After the tsunami, the island of Honshu were under water

Many populated areas on the eastern coast of the Japanese island of Honshu on March 11 that hit the giant tsunami waves are still flooded. According to National Geographic Agency, the water does not leave nearly 10 coastal cities, including Isinomaki where subsidence after the impact of the earthquake magnitude 9 over one meter.

In Miyagi Prefecture, the total area of the flooded areas has reached 326 square meters. km, which is five times more central Tokyo within a ring railway "Yamatonosen." Besides artificial "lakes" in the regions affected by the disaster are periodically expanded by tides, which creates

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The resorts of Thailand hit by flooding

Five southern provinces of Thailand, including popular holiday destinations — the islands of Phuket and Koh Samui — declared a disaster due to heavy flooding.

According to the Meteorological Department, the level of water in some areas in the south more than two meters. Reported the deaths of three people and wounded dozens in a landslide in the province Nahkon Si Thammarat. Another four — blurred road, suspended rail service, airport closures.

According to authorities, the flood affected more than 300 thousand people. A total of 34 residents were evacuated areas. Phuket and Samui rescuers calling tourists to refrain

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Downpours flooded east Australia. Video


03.06.12. Three states in eastern Australia are covered by the floods. Prolonged downpours have led to the fact that in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria are flooded numerous small towns and large areas of farmland. Two people were killed. More than 10,000 people have been forced from their homes.

In some areas, for last week fell from 50 to 150 mm. Due to the fact that the rivers burst their banks, closed a number of roads and bridges.

On Monday night, received an order to evacuate 8,000 residents of the town Wagga Wagga, 450 km south-west of

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The Dniester appeared dead fish


Appeared on the Dniester unknown spots with dead fish. CP file photo.

30.05.11.Na Dniester in the Lviv region, local residents found a dark spot of unknown origin, surrounded by dead fish. This was reported in the press center EMERCOM in Lviv region. As it turned out, there were stains of unknown origin on Tysmenytsia river, a tributary of the Dniester.

According to Nicholas SES, in river water samples taken for analysis, no abnormalities were found. Cause of death of fish is still unknown, reports zik.

In addition, in areas Drohobych, Nicholas and Zhidachivskogo areas, a survey of the

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Fish kills in Zelenogorsk


1.04.11.V Thursday through defense and emergency passed the message, frightened many zelenogortsev: in a career connected with the bridge, so called, Mirror Lake, there was a mass death of fish.

Note first of all, mass death of fish can only be called conditionally: localization occurred fairly narrow. Half asleep and asleep roach, perch, verhoplavki found only in a small creek career.

Experts of the Committee on the Environment took samples of the water, and quickly established that the oxygen content is 20% of normal. According to them, this is causing a painful condition of the fish, although

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Heavy rains fell on New York City and the surrounding area

Heavy rains hit the north-eastern part of the Atlantic coast of the United States. As the official representative of the National Service, a powerful cyclone, cover the area on Sunday morning, led to loss of an average of eight inches of precipitation.

The most difficult situation is in New York and the two neighboring states — New Jersey and Connecticut. According to forecasters, in some areas of major U.S. cities dropped more than 15 inches of precipitation, with the elements, seems to not fail. During the night, can be expected to fall a further five to eight inches.

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Bad weather in the central regions of the U.S. caused tornadoes and floods

Stormy weather has fallen over the past two days in areas of the U.S. Midwest. Heavy rains, accompanied by gusty winds speed up to 100 kilometers per hour, caused flooding in most parts of Ohio.


Came out a few of the banks of the rivers, which led to the flooding of roads and residential areas. Ohio residents fear a repeat of three years ago when flooded vast areas of the state.


Meteorologists say conditions such developments remain, since the reports of flooding come from all

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Abnormal degrees in Lahore, Pakistan

A sudden hail on Saturday turned some areas of Lahore in the likeness mountain settlements and led to significant problems on the roads.

The main attack of the storm that struck the city at 16:45, was in the business center and the areas around Galberga. Within a short time, hailstones the size of a small strawberry covered the streets and rooftops.

People observed the unusual weather changes with joyful curiosity, but there were also cases of panic. Some people are in fear of praying.


Elements led to problems on the roads, the mass of hail significantly impeded movement.

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Element is raging in Japan and the U.S.. Video


Posted on 09/05/2011 by user AssociatedPress

In America, raging tropical storm "Lee"

4.09.11.Tropichesky storm hit southern states SShA.Novy Orleans hardest hit by a powerful hurricane "Katrina", which hit the south of the United States in 2005. After six years in New Orleans again declared a state of emergency polozhenie.Po forecasters said the storm "Lee" for gaining silu.Iz-strong wind, thousands of homes in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are already without electricity. A week ago, the element swept the East Coast SShA.Zhertvami Hurricane "Irene" became, at least 40 people.

Source: Channel PIC

Typhoon "Talas" rages in Japan

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Severe flooding washed away homes in Peru and Bolivia

The authorities of Peru and Bolivia declared a state of emergency due to severe floods, triggered by heavy torrential rains, according to the Associated Press.

Victims of natural disasters have three people over 10 thousand have lost their homes.

Severe flooding has affected six of the nine regions of Bolivia. Rivers burst their banks and flooded large areas, damaged roads. Humanitarian assistance to the affected areas from the elements delivered by helicopter.

In Peru, the greatest difficulties experienced due to flooding south-eastern region of the country. Flood waters washed away 15 bridges and seven severely damaged, fell into

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