Japanese quake survivors struggle for life


17.03.11.Poka at Japanese nuclear accident trying to prevent a nuclear catastrophe, the population affected by the earthquake and tsunami areas fighting for his life.

Many towns were left without electricity and clean water, in a number of cities have problems with food. On top of all the troubles in Japan started freezing, and problems with people because of the lack of heating fuel.

"To be honest, most of all I should now like to bathe. But I know that this is now just a luxury for us — the man said. — It is very cold. And

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Red Cross: the storm victims in the Philippines are more than 700 people

The second largest island in the Philippines, Mindanao, comes after a strong tropical storm, which struck him on Saturday, and the subsequent flooding. Rescuers clock dismantled debris, assisted about 20,000 soldiers and volunteers.

Data on victims of the weather vary. Local officials reported 662 dead and 82 missing. Information of the local branch of the Red Cross is less reassuring: 713 people were killed and an unknown destiny is another 500 people, reports "Interfax".

According to authorities, the majority of people living in coastal areas of the island could not be saved, because the ignored warnings of

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In Orel appeared midge-killer



3.05.12.V several areas of the Oryol region began dying cattle.

Deaths of animals already registered Maloharhangelskom, Sverdlovsk, Glazunov, Soskovskom, Shablykinskom and Mtsensk District.

Local villagers Bashkatova Mtsensk District, say that animals on pasture biting insects like black spiders, followed by cattle greatly swollen and dies. The villagers are scared and do not let horny nurses in the pasture.

Correspondent for the comment "Eagle-region" appealed to the chief of Department of Veterinary Orel Alexander Sizov:

— No epidemic in the region do not. In some areas reported case of death of the animals from biting midges, simulidov that

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More than 120 people have died in Japan due to snowfall

Throughout Japan, starting in December, accompanied by prolonged winter snowfalls. From riots disaster killed 121 people. This is double the number of deaths for the entire winter last year.


In most cases, people were dying, when they are buried under a mass of snow, flying from the roof, or falling from the roofs themselves, trying to clear it themselves, according KM.RU. The strongest impact of elements was in the lonely people. They were forced to dig their own home is actually under the snow. More than 60 percent of people who died — people older

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Regime declared emergency in 17 cities in southern Brazil

Seventeen cities in the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul is in a state of emergency due to the drought, said the local office of civil defense.

Meteorologists say southern Brazil poor rainfall since last December. The situation is complicated by the intense heat, which is typical in this area during the summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

According to civil defense, more than 200 families in the region covered by the drought, lack of drinking water. In addition, in rural areas, where 80% of the affected population, completely lost harvest corn and tobacco, which promises significant losses to

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In Tuapse region threatened flooding


26.01.11.Podem water levels to dangerous elevations is expected in the next few hours in the rivers Tuapse district in connection with the continuing rainfall, the press service of the EMERCOM of Russia in Krasnodar Territory.

Due to the poor prognosis, January 26 at the district likely emergencies municipal and inter-municipal levels associated with the flooding areas and farmland, settlements.

Additionally, you can dam, dam ponds, erosion of the shores, washing away the bridge piers, activating landslides.

"Emergency warning and recommendations brought to the head of the municipality", — the press-service.

As reported YuGA.ru, 15-16 October 2010 level

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In the Belgian Walloon three deaths due to river flooding

Flooding in the French-speaking Walloon region of Belgium resulted in the deaths of three people, reported local media on Friday.

Flooding from melting snow observed in many areas of Wallonia. The water level in the rivers has already led to the closure of a number of roads in the province of Liege, Luxembourg and Namur, where the city center is completely flooded Kuven.

In November last year unleashed on Belgium as a result of heavy rains were flooding as a natural disaster, and the damage from them amounted to about 180 million euros.

Then the flood victims were four people

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The hydrogen bomb at the Kremlin




It could explode at any time, warn scientists.

Moscow in the near future threatened by serious disasters, compared with which the tragedy at the water park will seem flowers. This was warned by scientists from the Institute of Physics of the Earth. O. Schmidt RAS.

Chief Scientist

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In North Ossetia, alpine meadows burn


Specialists had to extinguish the fire by hand Photo from the archives of "KP"

30.12.10.V North Ossetia near Alagir burn grazing meadows. As the chief of the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the North Ossetian Julia Starchenko, burning dry grass on the grazing ranges. Fire area about five gektrov.

At the moment, the fire did not pose any threat to human settlements as burning grass in the high valleys, which are located far away from residential areas.

Firefighters reached by vehicles to the fire can not be put out the flames have to

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Fresh water in the world will have less




Temperature increase should greatly affect the largest rivers in the world. Although the overall amount of precipitation will increase, and some rivers razolyutsya, many reservoirs which supply people with drinking water, will dry up. Some of these changes are already happening. Another study showed that the volume

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