15 million years ago in Antarctica were trees

Today, only a few plants can be seen in the Antarctic, which appear for a couple of weeks a year. They are able to live in the poor soil of the southern continent with a minimal amount of sun and heat. But a long time ago some parts of Antarctica were really rich flora.

New studies have shown that between 15 and 20 million years ago, life has flourished on the coast of Antarctica. The study of ancient pollen samples showed that these places resembled modern Chilean Andes — at the foot of the mountains were flat grassy landscape with

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The Georgian Rustavi hurricane brought down the wall of school

The Georgian town of Rustavi, located 10 km from the capital, Tbilisi, a hurricane this afternoon unleashed a wall of the school. According to the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, as a result of the incident no one was hurt: the teachers to notice vibrations wall and managed to pull all students out of the building.

According to members of the Department of Education Rustavi City Hall, the wall was built over 20 years ago. "As you can see, it was built poorly that nearly led to tragic results," — the town hall.


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In Lake Taal again dying fish


20.06.11.Proshlo just a few days after the authorities lifted the ban on the risk of eating fish from Lake Taal in which there was a mass death of fish that produced the collapse of fish industry production, as of Monday 20 June it was reported that the newly dead fish to the three fishing farms, police say

Larry Aala, head of the Philippine National Water Inspectorate said that the employees of his department estimated the amount of dead fish at last count, about 2 tons collected near the village of Sampaloc, and almost as many in the townships and

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Flooding in Taiwan

After prolonged rains, the strongest in the last couple of years, in the heart of Taiwan have been many mudslides. Seven thousand people were evacuated and 11 are injured, including six people killed in the province of Nantes, two of them died in hospital. Two people reported missing. In large cities, schools are closed, dozens of roads no longer be operating, including 57 major roads in Taiwan, large areas are de-energized.

Taoyuan County poultry farms suffered damage after the flooding of their facilities. From the south, the second largest city in Taiwan, Kaohsiung evacuated about 3,200 people. 1.5 thousand evacuated

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The Dniester appeared dead fish


Appeared on the Dniester unknown spots with dead fish. CP file photo.

30.05.11.Na Dniester in the Lviv region, local residents found a dark spot of unknown origin, surrounded by dead fish. This was reported in the press center EMERCOM in Lviv region. As it turned out, there were stains of unknown origin on Tysmenytsia river, a tributary of the Dniester.

According to Nicholas SES, in river water samples taken for analysis, no abnormalities were found. Cause of death of fish is still unknown, reports zik.

In addition, in areas Drohobych, Nicholas and Zhidachivskogo areas, a survey of the

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Ocean blossomed under the ice due to climate change

The rapid development of phytoplankton caused by changes in the structure of ice due to global warming. Zazelenevshie ocean areas off the coast of Alaska and Chukotka are visible even in satellite images.

Photo: NASA

Scientists have found that the water off the coast of Alaska began to "bloom" under the ice due to the rapid growth of phytoplankton. The study is published in the journal Science. $ CUT $

In the summer of 2011, scientists made an expedition to the Chukchi Sea to the icebreaker USCGC Healy, examining the state of young ice (thickness up to 1.3

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Rainfall in California and roads and stopped trains

The sixth day of showers was an ordeal for the people of California. Landslides did neproezdnymi highway caused damage to homes and not allowed to people living in mountain areas to go to work.

Bad weather forced the transport company "Armtrak" on Wednesday to stop the circulation of trains between the cities of San Diego and San Juan Capistrano. "Alternative means of passenger transport are not available," — stated "Armtrak."

Flood waters completely inundated "pearl" Pacific coast — a small town in Laguna Beach. There rescuers had to sit down in a canoe paddle to evacuate the driver of the

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East Australia again sink

In the eastern part of the Australian state of Victoria announced the threat of flooding. Hazards include floods in Gippsland, whose level rose to an impressive height of the last few decades. Victoria liable to flooding, as there are already night torrential rains brought to 200 mm in 24 hours. In the next day the staff waiting for about 50-60 mm.

Several dozen residents of low-lying parts of the city Traralgon were forced to leave their homes after diving areas around the city by the bay water. Reported damage to 45 homes and 100 other buildings. Many do not

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Fish kills in Zelenogorsk


1.04.11.V Thursday through defense and emergency passed the message, frightened many zelenogortsev: in a career connected with the bridge, so called, Mirror Lake, there was a mass death of fish.

Note first of all, mass death of fish can only be called conditionally: localization occurred fairly narrow. Half asleep and asleep roach, perch, verhoplavki found only in a small creek career.

Experts of the Committee on the Environment took samples of the water, and quickly established that the oxygen content is 20% of normal. According to them, this is causing a painful condition of the fish, although

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In Panama, a state of emergency

In the three areas of Panama declared a state of emergency, floods and landslides triggered by a series of showers. Hardest-hit province of Colon, on the Caribbean coast and the area Kapiri, 60 km west of the capital. By the influx of a landslide in his car were buried alive by two men who were members of the Red Cross. Also in Panama, killing three more people.

The state of emergency also operates in the municipality Horera, where, as in the other two areas have already started rescue operations and all intelligence agencies working in emergency mode, activated rescue

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