The earthquake in Japan may carry life to 323 thousand people — scientists

The Government of Japan has published on Wednesday a new forecast scenario and the potential damage in the event of an earthquake in Rift Nankai, comparable in strength to the great eastern earthquake March 11, 2011, is projected to victims of disaster can be up to 323 thousand people, according to local media.

Scientists debate the likelihood of a massive earthquake near the capital of Japan has been going on for a long time. Japanese and international media even dubbed a possible earthquake in the region as the most anticipated and the likely event of the decade.

The so-called Rift

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Earthquakes: Water as a lubricant

Geophysicist Potsdam established mode of action, which may explain the uneven distribution of large earthquakes on the San Andreas Fault in California.

According to the scientific journal Nature in its latest issue, the researchers examined the electrical conductivity of rocks at great depths, which is closely related to the water content in the rocks.

Of this painting, electrical and seismic activity, they might conclude that the water acts as a lubricant during earthquakes.

Los Angeles is moving in the direction of San Francisco, at a rate of about six centimeters per year, because the Pacific plate with Los Angeles

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Flooding in Slovenia

Heavy rains have caused flooding hundreds of homes and commercial buildings in the north-east of Slovenia. Suffered the most on Duplek, located 130 km north-east of the capital Ljubljana. It is reported that the water were more than 250 town homes, and domestic animals belonging to five local farms, had to urgently evacuate.

After the Drava river flooding and waterlogging of Mr. Meza was Dravograd, located in the north-east of Ljubljana, 113 kilometers away. Almost a day the city was cut off from the world, because no way around it was not functioning. Some children are not even able

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Egyptian authorities warn of mudflows in tourist areas

Egyptian authorities have warned of the possibility of heavy rain, landslide and floods in several regions, including the tourist areas, located on the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea province.

"Torrential rain showers and thunderstorms, and mudflows and landslides are possible with significant onset of the fall season in some regions with a typical mountainous terrain, particularly in the provinces of North and South Sinai, Red Sea, several provinces of Upper Egypt," — said Monday Egyptian Meteorological Organization.

According to information received, in several areas of the Sinai Peninsula in the past day has been marked by heavy rains that

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Early onset of fire season in Arizona

Summer fire season in the south-western United States, began surprisingly early. In Arizona, one of the first five to extinguish some fires that have occurred in the north of the state, required the assistance of hundreds of firefighters working from the air. Authorities organized the evacuation of residents of 300 homes from the old mining town of Crown King.   Mountain fires, as in Arizona, is a difficult one in fighting. In one night, the fires, the smoke from which was visible even in Phoenix, 80 km from Crown King, turned to ashes about 23 km2 of land. In fire

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Climatic anomalies: 30 degree heat in the Balkans changed snowfall

Dozens of villages in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina on Monday morning without water and electricity because of accidents caused by snowfall, local media reported.

After the 30-degree heat, steady in recent weeks in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the end of last week's cold snap began. On Sunday, in a number of areas, including the capital Sarajevo, the snow began to fall. By Monday morning the snow depth reached in the mountains 30 centimeters. Traffic on many roads difficult.


According to Bosnian media reports, hundreds of people in the communities Sokolac and Khan Pijesak were without

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From landslides killed 10 times more people than previously thought

According to a British study published August 14, 2012, the number of victims of landslides in 10 times more than previously thought. The vast majority of deaths occur in South Asia, Latin America and China. In the period from 2004 to 2010, worldwide there were 2620 landslides took the lives of 32,322 people. As reported by researchers at Durham University in northeast England, estimates are preliminary. Landslides often occur in the summer in the northern hemisphere, particularly in the Asian monsoon. Most often, the victims are residents of overcrowded slums built on cleared slopes. The most dangerous areas are the

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In the UK, again flooding and squally wind

In Wales and the south-west of England it rains and the wind reaches 100 kilometers per hour. This weather has spread across the UK. According to meteorologists, it will cause further flooding areas. Wet weather will last the first week of May.

Week from 23 to 29 April 2012 was the wettest in England and Wales since December 2011, when the rains have simply disappeared, and in supermarkets announced profitable sales of umbrellas and rubber boots. Agency for Environmental Protection monitors the developments, alerting the public of local flooding. Also observed fast clearing areas of fallen trees, branches and other

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The number of victims of rains and floods in southern Japan has reached 10 people

Ten people were killed in heavy rains and the resulting floods and landslides in the mountainous southern Japanese island of Kyushu, another 20 people reported missing, said Thursday the agency Kyodo.

Previously reported four dead and 18 missing.

Nearly 50,000 people have been evacuated from vlasteyukazanie about because of the risk of flooding.

To residents of the more seriously the warnings to evacuate, mmo resorted to a more exciting explanation of what is happening: calling rainfall record, meteorologists said that "anything like this in the area had not previously encountered."

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said at a hearing in

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Fiji recovery after floods

Officials responsible for restoring Fiji after a disaster, said they are considering various options for placing evacuees are not excluded even tents. All this is to open on Tuesday over the school.

Only 12,000 people are still in evacuation centers, most of which are the schools.

Colonel Inia Seruiratu said that, despite the fact that they want to open a school, they will not force people to return to homes that are not safe to live in them. Understanding the needs of people in the desire for security, the government is looking for ways to meet this need.

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