Floods in Europe: forecasts are disappointing

June 8, 2013. Central Europe tries in vain to curb the elements of water. Flooding is already being called the largest in recent history. Victims of natural disasters have killed at least 18 people, mostly — in the Czech Republic. Hardest hit areas on the banks of the Danube and the Elbe River, the water level has reached record levels in some places is almost four times higher than normal.

In Germany, the only place this Saturday evacuated thousands of people. Particularly affected Magdeburg. Flooded businesses, residential neighborhoods, as well — a nursing home. People placed in temporary

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Seismically dangerous areas in the U.S.

Seismically dangerous areas in the U.S. Danger Zone

Most U.S. states are seismically hazardous. 39 of 50 subject to moderate or high risk of earthquakes. The map shows the major geological fault lines.

Rumba was held in China

July 4, 2013. Tropical storm "Rumba" reached the coast of China and is moving from the south to the north-west. This is the sixth tropical storm in China this year, with his victims over the weekend were already 39 people, at least 13 people in the nine most affected areas so far unaccounted for.

Among the affected regions, where torrential rains caused landslides, flooding of rivers and as a result, large-scale flooding, were the south-western province of Sichuan and Inner Mongolia in the north, as well as the coastal provinces of Guangdong, Hainan and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

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Rural schools Amur region received new buses

In Blagoveshchensk, a ceremonial handing the keys to the school bus. Transport received 30 regional educational institutions in the framework of the program of modernization of the system of general education. For the purchase of transport spent 60 million rubles.

Those areas where you want to carry a small number of students, vans got a "Gazelle". They are designed for 11 people. "PAZ" were rural schools that need to transport large groups of children. Also taken into account and the length of travel. Large-sized buses distributed mainly on long routes.A total of 51 institutions have bought a unit of transport.

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The climate of New South Wales raises concerns

May 14. Scientists are seriously concerned about the climate in the state of New South Wales (NSW), where one third of the inhabitants of Australia. 31% of the national economy is concentrated in this state. Over the past 40 years in NSW have increased significantly in duration and intensity of droughts and heat waves in western Sydney marked increase in the number of warm days of the year by 60%.

Experts estimate that by the end of the century the largest city in Australia, the number of days with temperatures above 35 ° C will be 14 compared to the

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The flood washed away the dam in India, villages and roads

June 19, 2013. Devastating flooding in northern India. In the list of victims for more than 130 names. Wounded — hundreds, and those left homeless — thousands. And almost by the hour, this figure is increasing: are heavy rains, flood waters break through the levees and dams, there are reports of landslides. In some areas the situation, according to the authorities, is critical. The Russian Embassy in India said that the Russians among the victims.

The water and ruins of houses on the site — is now so look for many Indian villages, at least in the two

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France accused of water pollution

France accused of Water Pollution Facts

27 February the European Union, guided by the law of 1991, expressed his intention to call the leadership of France to the court on the issue of water pollution nitrate waste. The country has not yet identified the areas where the risk of nitrate pollution is very high, and has been instrumental in preventing contact with dangerous substances into water rezurvuary.

Nitrates are commonly used as a fertilizer. However, in some areas should be established "closed periods" when allowed to use compost and other fertilizers. They should arrange for special tanks, says the European

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Flooding in Canada has resulted in two deaths

June 22, 2013. From the area of flooding in the Canadian province of Alberta, including the suburbs of the "oil capital" of Calgary, were evacuated hundreds of thousands of people.

According to BBC, the two found dead, the number of victims is not specified.

Disaster area visited by the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper. According to him, the government is taking "swift action".

Recall due to heavy floods in Alberta rivers burst their banks. Flood waters washed away roads and bridges carry cars, flooded homes, felled trees and power line pylons. In Calgary, the state of emergency.

Source: Rosbalt

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Beijing — a city of the future?

Beijing — a city of the future? It is interesting

How can you benefit the environment with high-speed trains? The answer is simple — if you build megacities around these rail services, as China does in his new project "Innovative Development of Beijing-Bohai."

Expanding the borders of the Chinese capital will add to the existing area is 17.6 million square meters, which will be used for various purposes. But special emphasis on providing high quality location of head offices of the most advanced companies in the district capital of Bohai. This place is responsible for a quarter of China's annual

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Japan fears a ban on living near Fukushima

Japan fears a ban on living near Fukushima danger zone

February 24, 2012 the Japanese government announced that some areas near the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, closed last spring after a major tsunami will be permanently closed to the residence.

The measurements carried out between November 2011 and January 2012, confirmed the earlier results: the level of radioactivity is still milizivertov 470 per year, while the average level of radiation in normal conditions is less than one miliziverta year.

In the town of Futaba, which is located in the north-west of the plant, the pollution has spread unevenly —

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