Seychelles asked for help

January 27, 2013 tropical cyclone first struck the Seychelles, causing severe damage on the largest island of Mahe, triggering floods, landslides and the collapse of rocks. The most seriously injured three areas of the island, where the element has destroyed more than 150 homes. In disaster areas declared state of emergency.

Prolonged heavy rains, raising the top of the tide to the level of 1.8 meters, which caused severe flooding led to serious structural damage coastal areas east of the island, numerous damage buildings, roads and bridges. Government of the Republic have been involved all the available resources of

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Situation in the affected areas of Kuban stabilized

The situation in the areas affected by the disaster Krasnodar region stabilizes, told RIA Novosti on Saturday GUMCHS regional representative.

According to authorities, the affected areas of the showers and the Crimean city of Gelendzhik. In Gelendzhik in the area of flooding are about 2 thousand Pridvorova areas (a total of more than 5000 people) reported six victims. In the Crimean region into a zone of flooding were about 240 houses flooded in Novorossiysk, according to city officials, 173 homes. Emergencies Ministry also reported the ten deaths from floods in several localities of the Krasnodar Territory.

"Now the situation in

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Shards of giant asteroids have reached the Earth at a record pace




Philipp Heck (Philipp Heck) and his colleagues at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich) studied nine meteorites found in different layers of the soil in the Swedish career, and found that it quickly reached the Earth fragments of the two giant asteroids

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Flooding in Thailand: 562 victims

Death toll from the catastrophic floods in Thailand reached 562, two more people remain missing. This was reported today in the National Office for the Prevention of flood. Flooded are still 22 of the 76 provinces of the country, according to ITAR-TASS.

On July 5, when the north of Thailand hit tropical storm Nock-Ten, natural disasters have affected 63 provinces, affecting over 11 million people, about one million seek medical attention. Almost 250 thousand people were left homeless.

The extent of damage, according to some estimates, as high as 16 billion dollars.

In the capital, Bangkok, has announced the evacuation

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Hail and heavy rain caused flooding in Australia and numerous fracture

In the south-east coast of Australia today hailstorm hit. According to witnesses, pieces of ice on the sizes were not inferior balls for a game of golf.

According to a senior Bureau of Meteorology forecaster James Taylor, the main brunt of the disaster came in Victoria in areas of Melbourne, Croydon and Ballarat. Here, in one night fell more than 65 mm of rain.

For his part, the representative of the rescue Robert Johnson said that asked for help more than 1 thousand. "As a result of rampant elemental damage received about fifty houses — added lifeguard.

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Bangkok flooded by sewage

Water started flooding the streets in Bangkok, on which the house of Prime Minister of Thailand. Lamchiek channel, situated 300 meters from the house in which he lives Yingluck Shinawatra, began on Sunday afternoon out of the banks. At the same time the water from flooding the manhole started out Yothin Pattana, where the house of the head of government. Water flows moving from the flooded city in the northern part of the city center. Water bypasses barriers and gates, flooding the city through the sewers. As a result, the streets are flooded with brown-black stinking muck. Two weeks

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After an abnormal rain Bangkok dives

The capital of Thailand could soon go under the water. According to the Center for the Prevention of Natural Disasters in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Thailand, floods in the central provinces of Thailand in Bangkok and can begin at any time from Wednesday to Saturday of this week, according to RIA Novosti. The mountainous areas in the west, north and east of the country announced mudflow warning. Resort areas of Thailand, it is not affected.

In Bangkok, the likelihood of flooding embankments Chaophraya and located next to the river areas, there are no specific barriers. Center recommended that

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When landslide in Thailand 10 people were missing, one dead

One person was killed and ten people were missing on Friday in the Thai province Uttharadit with mud flows, according to Thai media. By mudslide hit three villages, who were on a hillside near Namphat, reported online edition of the newspaper Nation. More than 300 families living in the three villages, lost their homes, property and livestock. According to the Ninth National Channel, in the three villages there was not a whole building. On Friday, the National Disaster Warning Center announced the danger of floods and mudflows in most of the northern and eastern provinces of Thailand. The threat will

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Bangladesh: Thousands lost their homes because of a new flood

Heavy rains in the south-eastern part of Bangladesh forced over 20,000 people to flee their homes in Cox's Bazar and Teknaf. New homeless joined the 400,000 people who have already lost their homes due to flooding.

Although the area of Cox's Bazar coastal areas and Teknaf prone to natural disasters, the severity of the floods, including the level of flooding is unprecedented and many surprises. According to local residents, there has never before been so destructive to the cyclone. 84,000 houses were partially damaged.

According to the organization DRRO, farmers and pastoralists have also received serious damage. Chakari, one

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Tropical rain will fill the night Moscow

Tropical downpour in Moscow will last for at least an hour. Will be followed by a short break, then rain continued all night coming, predicts Met Office in the capital.

Heavy rain fell in the rush hour, when the majority of Muscovites in the office and the jobs and go home. But many citizens are trying to wait for the "technological" box in the celestial office and not in a hurry to go out. It is expected that the sky will clear up first in the south-east of Moscow, then to rain overnight stops throughout the city.

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