MAZ is considering production of trailers in Tyumen

Minsk Automobile Plant is considering the production of heavy trailers on the basis of Ishim machine factory, which is located in the Tyumen region. In January, there were preliminary talks with representatives of MAZ, now experts in the acquaintance now examined the existing production areas and assessed the potential of the enterprise. In the near future, representatives of the Minsk Automobile Plant, Mogilev and bus plant busi prepare a plan for the establishment of a new production. On the basis of a business plan, together with the management of the Tyumen region, the decision will be made about the

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Lukomorie — brand YANAO

January 22 Nadimskiy district administration head Alexei Sitnikov and chairman of the regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Igor Sharovatov signed a cooperation agreement.

We are talking about working onproject "Lukomorie", that in May last year at a meeting with the heads of department of the Society supported the governor Dmitry Kobylkin Yamal.

Representatives of the Russian Geographical Society's offer to do "Lukomorye" brand of Yamal and create trails on territoriiskazochnoy country which, according to the authors of the project, located on the

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Kursk rescue workers received new equipment

The solemn ceremony of fire and rescue equipment units of the State Fire Service of the Kursk region and voluntary fire-rescue squad SWSU held on October 5, at the Red Square of Kursk.


In June 2010, following the signing of an agreement between the Head Office of Emergency of Russia Kursk region and the leadership SWSU established group of volunteers. It was composed of students of 1-3 courses of the specialty "Safety in Technosphere". Then, at the end of last year, it was decided to create an independent student fire-rescue squad, "Southwest", equipped with rescue and fire-fighting equipment

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U.S. men and women use different brain areas




Scientists of the University of California, Irvine, found that to achieve the same IQ factors, men and women use different brain areas.

Battery News, 14.02.2005 9:21 Source: KM.RU Science and Technology

Large-scale project eco-city New Stupino


Russia's first high-grade low-rise eco-town New Stupino — A new mode of living for the Russians. You wake up in the morning by the chirping of birds, and in the evening stroll in the park next to your house and admire the sunset. Your children breathe clean, fresh air, swim in the clear river and communicate with marvelous suburbs. City — the satellite combines a comfortable affordable housing, industrial park environmentally friendly production, social and commercial infrastructure.

New Stupino — a real city, which will provide residents with kindergartens, schools, shopping and entertainment centers, clinics, hospitals,

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London: dangerously in love get married




Professor Semir Zeki of University College London Medical has long been studying the brains of romantic young boys and girls. In particular, he argues that the images of this part of the body you can see the love activation of specific areas related to the formation of

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Krasnoyarsk Territory eighth time in a row the best in the Siberian Federal District on grain yield

Farmers Krasnoyarsk Territory completed the cleaning of grain. As of October 14, removing grain from 999.1 thousand hectares of land that is 100% of the planned volume. As the minister of agriculture and food policy edge Leonid Shorohov, last year on this date was only 95%.

Total harvested in the province of 2 million 657.3 thousand tons of grain, which is higher than last year's result, which means the edge of the eighth time in a row would be the best for this indicator in the SFO. "Yields at the end of harvest obtained at the level of

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Krasnoyarsk innovators have developed a mobile fluorograph

Remote resident of Krasnoyarsk Regional Innovation and Technology Business Incubator (KRITBI) have developed an innovative project "Mobile Digital X-ray complex (MTSRDK) Emergencies — XXI». The unique medical technology will enable the Krasnoyarsk production quality and easy to survey people in remote areas and difficult to access areas.

Mobile digital X-ray diagnostic complex "Emergencies — XXI», weighing about 50 kg, can be deployed anywhere. It operates at a temperature range of +5 ° C to +40 ° C, while in transit withstand an even wider range of temperatures — from ≥ 40 ° C to +60 ° C.

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Krasnodar region. His eyes

In fact, my journey was not limited to the Krasnodar region, but in the post it will be mostly about him, as in the neighboring areas I visited and photographed passing a little.

…………………………………………………..+ 55 photos.  


My journey began as just a Karachai-Circassian County, with the village of Dombay. And the first thing that was a pleasant surprise this road. In fact, almost everything is expensive in which I happened to have a decent ride and excellent quality. And this in Dombay was all over something like

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Kosmotsentr at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center — a new project that aims to support the development, testing and development of new educational technologies in the field of training of astronauts, targeted training of young professionals, students and pupils familiarize young people with the history and achievements of national and world space, study areas the use of space technology. One of the areas of Kosmotsentra is to organize the annual contest for children and youth "Star Relay".

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