Indonesia has attacked poisonous caterpillars

Outbreak volnyanok moths whose larvae can cause an allergic reaction in humans, are found in the Indonesian archipelago. Volnyanok caterpillars have poisonous hairs during mass outbreaks caused by human and animal acute inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, eyes and skin, according to RIA Novosti. Pests also do serious damage to forests, orchards and plantations.

Caterpillars rapidly spread in Indonesia, "epidemic butterflies" has already covered thousands of miles separated areas of the northern part of Sumatra to lying to the east of the resort island of Bali, Lombok. The Government will take the medical expenses of the victims and affected

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Taiga midges undertook Ivanovo animals

Specialists note: such cases — mortality of cattle from midges — in the region have not yet been observed.

And this is due, most likely, with the May abnormal heat, which stood for a few days. Now, despite the fact that the hot weather has receded, the population continues to buy up Yurievets pharmacies drugs that protect against bites of dangerous insects. Midges, which settled on the banks of the Volga, has always lived only in areas of the taiga.

"The bite of the midge is very allergic, causing swelling of the throat, and the animals fell from suffocation. All

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Participants of the Forum adopted the Charter of snow snowy areas

The World Forum of snow on Thursday adopted the Charter for the forum, which defined the main principles of the snowy areas of the planet, including the priority of environmental, social partnership and practicality.

"With the world's fresh water, timber, oil, gas, ores, snowy area give the world a development perspective. Before us all is the most important task of forming a prudent use of resources snowy areas to meet the needs of the present generation does not prejudice the quality of life of future generations" — said in the text of the Charter.

The main principles of the Charter:

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France declared orange alert due to snowfall

37 departments of France, including Rhone-Alpes, Ile-de-France, Champagne-Ardenne, Lorraine and Burgundy are experiencing difficulties due to blizzards and heavy snowfall, do not stop for about a day. As the center of traffic information, the vast majority of road traffic very difficult to act warning about the dangers of the 2nd, and in areas with sleet third level, everywhere a limitation of maximum speed. Citizens are advised not to make avtoprogulok unnecessarily.

Due to the heavy snowfall in the Paris airport Roissy become very popular blowers services, and now the runways and surrounding areas are clearing 150 vehicles, and

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Heavy snow fell on New York City

Heavy snow collapsed on Saturday in the north-eastern United States, causing serious disruptions in transport links and leaving many people without electricity. Most strongly felt in turmoil the states of New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. In northern New York, precipitation began in the morning.

Local television and radio stations reported numerous accidents on highways, some of them lined up many kilometers of traffic jams. The situation is aggravated by the fact that as a result of falling trees disrupted power supply in some areas, many traffic lights do not work.

According to local media, in New York, thousands remain without

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Christmas celebrations in Kamchatka canceled because of bad weather

Authorities Petropavlovsk canceled Christmas holiday celebrations in the city center and fireworks due to squally wind and snowfall caused by the cyclone, said Mayor regional center.

Planned that the fireworks will be launched for the first time over the city at midnight local time (16:00 MSK). Also for the first planned broadcast of the New Year greeting the Russian president on the big screen in the center of Petropavlovsk.

"For the residents and guests of the regional center was cooked a big holiday program. However, bad weather has made some changes," — said in a statement.

According GUMCHS RF

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Create a map of the risk of heat waves in Europe

European Environment Agency unveiled its project to create an interactive map, which presents the risk of the zone of heat waves in cities of Europe. Projections are for the next six decades and consider the most likely trends in climate conditions based on the known facts of the present climate.

According to agency staff, most heat waves should be afraid of the southern part of Spain, parts of southern France, Italy, Greece, Serbia and western regions of Turkey. In these territories over the next decade is expected to be 50 days in the year when the daily temperature exceeds

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Black spots in Kiev

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Storm warning announced in Primorye the cyclone

EMERCOM Russia's Primorsky region on Thursday issued a storm warning for the region with the approach of storm cyclone, which will have an impact on the edge Saturday.

"In the morning and in the afternoon on September 29 in Vladivostok and the southern half of the region is expected to heavy rain (15-45 millimeters of rain in 12 hours or less), and in some areas is very strong (50 millimeters or more in 12 hours or less). Night September 30 — strong, sometimes very heavy, rain is expected in the central and eastern areas of the region, "- said in

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In women, breathing dirty age, are born small children

According to new research, women who spend a lot of time in places with high levels of air pollution, risk to have children underweight. The greatest risk to future mothers are less hazardous compounds as suspended particulate matter, into the air when burning different fuels.

Such particles inhaled from polluted air pregnant woman tend to stay inside the body. This could trigger a weakening of the growth of a child. The hypothesis was fully confirmed in the analysis of the 3 million babies from nine different nations, including the United States, South Korea and Brazil. With particular attention

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