Authorities in Malaysia have banned a number of eating seafood

Malaysian authorities have forbidden to eat a lot of seafood because of the appearance of containing dangerous neurotoxins microscopic unicellular algae on the coast of Sabah, located in the north of the island of Kalimantan (Borneo), which Malaysia shares with Indonesia and Brunei, said on Thursday the newspaper Star.

The emergence of dangerous algae (phytoplankton) called red tide because the water often becomes reddish-brown hue.

According to the head of Fisheries Sabah Stuela Rainer (Rayner Stuel), the prohibition applies in the first place, the various species of molluscs, but the shrimp and crabs, and coral and fish predators.


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Ice in some sections of the river Selenga cut, to avoid flooding

Buryatia was sent to work on the saw cut ice on seven problem areas of the Selenga more than 4.5 million rubles, which should eliminate the extensive flooding of coastal villages in the flood, told RIA Novosti the GUMCHS the republic.

In the main tributary of Lake Baikal — the river Selenga, predicted to flood can form powerful ice jams. Sawing ice held in Buryatia third year, it proved to be an effective and safe measure that significantly reduces the threat of congestion.

"The beginning of works is planned for early March. Total planned to saw ice on the seven

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Flood disaster and rampant in the U.S.

Devastating flood struck the state of New Jersey. Water flows have flooded most of Peterson, and in some areas the water level rose above the bridge.

State authorities declared a state of emergency. They called on the local police to control the water level and take all measures to evacuate people if the situation deteriorates. The authorities of Pennsylvania, Delaware and Connecticut are also fighting the elements.

The floods were caused by heavy rains in the north-eastern United States.

Over to Louisiana and Alabama swept the devastating tornado. In the affected areas have no electricity, toppled trees, destroyed buildings

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In Belarus clouds

In the next day, 14 November, in the whole of Belarus will be clouds, BelTA learned in the National Weather Service.

In some areas of projected light precipitation in the form of rain and wet snow, foggy, icy conditions. West wind 9.4 meters per second.

At night and in the morning in some areas expected icy roads. Warning of adverse weather conditions Republican hydrometeorological handed to the regions.

Night temperature range from minus 4 to plus 1 degree. Day will be from zero to 5 degrees.

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In the Northern Ladoga region began gasification.

In Olonec on Friday was given the symbolic start of gasification four areas of Ladoga Karelia. The new gas boiler in the center of the first welded seam on the gas pipeline that will provide natural raw materials and first Olonetsky Pitkärantsky and later Lahdenpohsky and Sortavalsky areas.   The plans — to build four branch from the main gas pipelines and gas distribution stations, 14 local gas pipelines, will lay 500 kilometers of distribution network for 75 years Human Settlements in the North Ladoga. This will provide natural gas to about 17 thousand apartments and houses, to

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Mexico falls to the ground

10.01.11.V parts of Mexico ground sank 13 meters. Thousands of homes could collapse as a result of the deformation of the foundation. Valley of Mexico, which is the capital of Mexico, continues to "dive" into the ground.

As a result, the streets of one of the largest cities in the world with a population of over 20 million people have been failures to appear. In some parts of Mexico shrinkage of soil from the late 19th century had reached 13 meters. So not only disrupted vehicular traffic on the highways of the city center, but there was a threat of

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Hurricane in Kakheti, Georgia


The hurricane caused extensive damage Gurjaani district in eastern Georgia. Several homes were left without roofs, toppled dozens of trees and damaged power lines. In addition to the hurricane in the area for several days, do not stop torrential rains.

Damaged roads in some areas stopped the movement of vehicles.

Special Commission calculates damage.

Source: Channel Peak

Kakheti areas hit by strong wind and rain

Strong wind and rain caused damage Gurjaani region Kakheti (Eastern Georgia), leaving it without power on Saturday, according to the TV company "Imedi" on Sunday, June 12.


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Heavy rains threaten to flood the south of England regular

Returning to Britain, heavy rains forced the Agency for the Environment issued 14 new warnings about the threat of flooding, mainly in the south-west of the country.

The agency also issued on Friday information about the threat of flooding 69 regions in England, Scotland and Wales, many of which have not yet recovered from the severe floods last month. UK Met Office also forecast that the warming in most parts of the country will lead to increased rainfall in the coming days.

At the moment, most affected the most southwestern county of Devon and Cornwall, most of which are broken

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In the Saratov region opened a milk processing plant

September 13 at the base of the peasant farm Krivtsovo in Nikolaevka Fedorovsk of Saratov region opened shop modular milk processing capacity of 1 ton per day.

The assortment of the brand "Nicholas burenka" includes: milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, butter. Products are supplied to retail chains, schools, kindergartens and other social facilities district.

As part of the regional target program for the development of food processing industry, we are working to build in remote areas of the small processing industries of dairy products. Their power — 1-10 tons per day. Oblminselhoz provides financial support

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In Australia, because of floods inundated more than 300 roads

Torrential rains that brought Saturday cyclone Tasha to the shores of Australia, have caused flooding in the north-east. As the BBC, more than 300 roads were flooded, authorities ask residents as soon as possible to leave their homes.

As the representative of the Office of Emergency Management Queensland's Bruce O'Grady, the water level in the river Theodore exceeded previous record level of half a meter. "This we have not been. According to our data, the water level could still rise," — he said. Queensland authorities have declared several areas disaster zones.

Although the rain eased in some areas, we can

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