More than five hundred Cubans evacuated because of heavy rainfall

More than five hundred people were evacuated and more than 120 homes were affected by the floods caused by intense rainfall in the west of the country, said local authorities.

Heavy rains, which led to the rise of the level of rivers and reservoirs as well as to flooding of houses in the provinces of Pinar del Rio, Artemisa, Havana and Matanzas Mayabeke, began two days ago. Flooded residential areas were located in the lowlands — in particular, in the village of La Paz province Mayabeke water level in the areas of flooding exceed 1.4 meters.

On Saturday, the affected

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Downpours flooded east Australia. Video

Three states in eastern Australia are covered by the floods. Prolonged downpours have led to the fact that in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria are flooded numerous small towns and large areas of farmland. Two people were killed. More than 10,000 people have been forced from their homes.

In some areas, for last week fell from 50 to 150 mm. Due to the fact that the rivers burst their banks, closed a number of roads and bridges.

On Monday night, received an order to evacuate 8,000 residents of the town Wagga Wagga, 450 km south-west of

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Tourist Office in Khakassia talk about the places inhabited by leopards

The visitor center for tourists, which will provide information on hard to reach areas of the reserve "Khakassia", such as "Zaimka Lykovy" and reserve for the conservation of the snow leopard (snow leopard) "Pozar", opens on Wednesday in the town of Abaza in Khakassia, said reserve.

"Zaimka Lykov '- mountain taiga site called by the name of the family-conservatives Lykovy hermits who settled there in the 20th century and where he still lives the last representative of the family — Agafea Lykov. The Federal Reserve "Pozar" created by the Russian government in 2011 on the border of Khakassia and

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Water in some areas of Bangkok stands at 1 meter

On Sunday, residents of the northern suburbs of Bangkok have begun returning to their homes after months of absence due to flooding. Although the water level gradually falls in some areas, it is still up to one meter.

In Bangkok, the flood affected about 500,000 of 12 million citizens

Bangkok City Hall announced on Saturday that during the strongest in 50 years of seasonal flooding in the Thai capital from the disaster suffered 494.893 thousand people in 12 partially submerged urban areas. Hall published a statement today the Thai media.

Since late October, when the water accumulated over the northern outskirts of Bangkok, began to penetrate the city and flooded low-lying urban areas of 50 districts of 12 were fully or partially flooded to a depth of 20 centimeters to 2 meters. A total of 494.893 thousand people living in those areas affected by the floods, according to the

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In Italy, the river overflows its banks on

New rainfall and flood victims in Italy. In the Naples area of two people in a car swept by powerful streams of water until they are officially listed as missing. Another man waited wife of the church, was killed by a tree that fell on his car.

In Genoa over the weekend killed or missing at least six people, including a woman with two young children. Local journalists compared the tsunami flooding. The city banned the movement of machines, schools are closed and most of the shops. Some areas remained without electricity and gas.

Continuous rains across the country for

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Britain is coming to a powerful cyclone

Heavy rains and gale-force winds in the near future and will be the only long-term weather forecast in several counties of England and Northern Ireland. This was announced by senior forecaster Weather Service Press Association — MeteoGroup — Matt Dobson.

Torrential rains that will bring flooding, as predicted by MeteoGroup, most threatens Devon, Cornwall and Pembrokeshire, and across Northern Ireland. Increased danger zone declared all the North Sea coast from Bridlington to Barmstona, the floods will have to fight the residents of neighborhoods in the Upper River Tamar, St Austell and Pear, and all rivers of West Cornwall.

According to

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In suburban Schelkovo opened a kindergarten for 180 places

Twenty-fifth of January in Schelkovskoy area has a new social object. In urban areas Schyolkovo, in the district of "Sunny", has opened a kindergarten number 58 "Pearl" with 180 seats.

Modern two-storey building of the kindergarten is equipped with everything necessary. Along with game rooms are places for day stay. In the neighborhood housed special areas for walking.


In the suburban town of Klin plant was opened for the production of foam

September 12

In the Klin district opened a factory "Trocellen RUS" for the production of polyethylene.

The plant began operation in May 2011. But the grand opening was made just now, when the plant went out on an industrial power.

"Trocellen RUS" — is 100 tons per month cross-linked polyethylene foam, modern insulating material. Its range of application engineers are still studying. Foam used in construction, home repair, automotive, sporting goods industry and even in the production of shoes. And "Trocellen RUS" — is 50 jobs.

Today, the production line of the plant is designed

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In South-East Asia — a catastrophic flood. Video

9.10.11.Katastroficheskoe flood that lasts a second month in South-East Asia, has acquired the character of a regional disaster. This is stated in the report of the Asia-Pacific Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian issues at the UN.

The massive flooding of settlements, agricultural land and infrastructure as a result of abnormal seasonal rains occurred almost simultaneously in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, the document says.

Floods in Thailand have suffered more than 2 million people.

At the time of the report in Thailand, where the early and heavy seasonal rains triggered floods that started on July 25,

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