In Sevastopol flown locusts

In high summer the Crimean and Ukrainian media have sounded the alarm — Peninsula attacked the giant locusts: the insects scare away tourists and destroy crops. And most of the locust affected Bakhchisarai, Saki, Soviet, and the Black Sea areas Pervomaysky Crimea and Sevastopol.

Last locust invasion in the Crimea was observed 5 years ago. Voracious insects have destroyed almost all the crops of alfalfa and corn.

This summer, history may repeat itself: locusts seen in several parts of the peninsula, mostly — a rural area. Got to insects and residential areas.

One of the possible affected areas called

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Heavy rains have caused flooding in Buenos Aires

Heavy rains have caused flooding in the capital of Argentina, paralyzed vehicular traffic and work underground, in some areas no power, RIA Novosti reported.

Torrential rain began Thursday around noon and did not stop for several hours. According to the weather service, only for the first time in the city received more than 112 millimeters of rain. Because of leaks has been completely stopped working three branches of the metro. Ways due to flooding eliminated all local trains, departing from the central train station Retiro.

A number of intersections in the areas of Palermo and Belgrano also flooded. According to

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In China, millions of starving children

In the poor mountain villages of China there is a serious problem of food and physiological development of children. Many wonder, did the government has no money?

School children in poor areas of China. 2011


In March of this year, more than 500 employees of the Chinese media have launched a campaign to children in poor areas. According to data for the last month, they already have carried the children a free meal in the amount of 16.9 million yuan ($ 2.3 million). Campaigners say that to fully address the problem of

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Warm weather can cause flooding 18 homes in Kyzyl

Warm weather, which was observed earlier in the week in Tuva, can cause flooding 18 homes in Kyzyl, said the city administration.

According to the authorities of the capital of the region, due to the warm temperatures for November, which was higher than normal values at nine degrees, the ice on the Yenisei had not yet fully up. He began to form downstream, which caused congestion. The water was slowly rising.

Residents of the right bank of suburban communities began to show concern for the situation, breaking phones MOE. A special commission to visit the area.

"She found that, in

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First snow cyclone came to the south of Sakhalin

Cyclone with the Sea of Japan on Tuesday went to the southern part of Sakhalin Island bringing snowy weather, in two areas of the Sakhalin area is possible the gathering of single avalanches, the press service of the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.

"According to the regional avalanche center Sahgidrometa the territories Nevel and Aniva Area is coming off of single avalanches in some areas road and railways. Avalanches most plot is the first kilometer of Lights — Nevelsk in Aniva area," — said in a statement.

According to forecasters, the first snow cyclone. On Wednesday, he will

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Powerful snow cyclone approached the coast of Kamchatka

General Directorate of Emergency Situations Ministry for Kamchatka region issued early warnings about the approach to the shores of the peninsula powerful snow storm.

"According to the Hydrometeorological Kamchatka, the cyclone will have an impact on some of the southern areas of the peninsula during the day on November 27. In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, in the Elizovsky, Ust-Bolsheretsk Milkovsky areas and expected heavy rains in the form of snow and rain, snow sticking to the wires. Wind on coasts will increase to 28-33 meters per second, "- said in a warning.

GUMCHS and its structural units moved to high alert for rapid

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Why Louisiana was under water?

At this point it is safe to say that Isaac was great, but at the same time slow the storm, which took almost the entire U.S. coast for two and a half days. The victims were seven dead and thousands of homes suffered serious damage, such effects of storm Isaac.

As a result of the storm water levels in the bays and lakes rose to record levels. As a result, thousands of homes were under water. Resist a levee in New Orleans, but at the same time, other regions that were previously considered safe — were flooded. Representatives of the

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Active cyclone brought in Primorye rain and sleet

Advanced cyclone, coming from the Yellow Sea in Primorye, brought to the southern areas of the region the rain and sleet in central, said on Tuesday Primgidromet.

Previously, the emergency department at Primorye storm warning issued in connection with the approach to the edge of an active cyclone, which brought heavy rain to the region with snow.

"On Tuesday, in Vladivostok cloudy with occasional rain. Wind north, northeast moderate, strong evening. Temperatures range from plus 7 degrees Celsius. Cyclone in the coming days will slowly move over the northern half of the Sea of Japan to the east Primorye

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Energy supply is almost completely rebuilt in the Gorno-Altaisk

Energy in Gorno-Altai, half of which was de-energized on Wednesday because of snow, power supply restored in most areas affected by the accident, told RIA Novosti the MUP "Gorelectroset."

Snowfall left without electricity on Wednesday morning residents in several areas of Gorny Altai. Representatives of energy companies reported, because of a wire break is de-energized most of Gorno-Altai, sat Maima and several villages Maiminsky district. At the same time, according to the regional Emergencies Ministry, about 07.05 local time (05.04 MSK) on Wednesday without light stayed five districts of the Republic of Altai — Maiminsky, Chemalsky, Choyskiy, Turochakskyi, Ust-Kan. Prichnoy

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In Kazan, opened a unique center of gymnastics

In the capital of Tatarstan, has opened a new gymnastics center, built in preparation for the 2013 Universiade.


In the competitive and training areas of the center, which has no analogues in Europe, are competitive (72 by 48 m, height 18 m stands for 3,200 spectators) and four training rooms (48 to 18 m, height 12 m — two for two for the sport and art gymnastics), choreography hall and gym, a press center, conference room, coffee shop, office and judicial areas. All rooms are equipped with modern facilities.


At the end of the Universiade gymnastics

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