Belarus does not come out of the contract on ordinary weapons in Europe

"The position of the military department is this: we agree with Russia in that part Our homeland that makes a pre-emptive move, but we do not consider it appropriate to take practical measures, as it is impossible razbalyansovvats this contract, even more so create a situation where it is not will work"- Said General Hurulyou.In his view, our homeland took "wait and see attitude, which would motivate other countries to change to the Treaty.""We are party to the contract, we have ratified it, and perfectly aware that the contract is necessary, although in its present form it does not conform

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TOP-10 fifth-generation fighter — XINHUA

Now the Chinese news agency Xinhua published a Top 10 fighter fifth generation (some data may cause confusion among aviation experts — approx. «VP»). F-22 Raptor (USA) Manufacturer — Lockheed Martin / The Boeing Company. Year of adopting — 2005. Produced — 195.  

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MAKS-2013. PROSPECTS T-50 to present serious challenges?

Demonstration fighter fifth generation T-50 (PAKFA) on Capital MAKS 2013 show that our homeland is experiencing prepyadstviya with adopting new frontline fighter air force, writes August 29.   At the exhibition opening day on August 27 with the role of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev planned to carry out the flight of all four instances of flight T-50, but the show took part only three cars. Analysts from the Russian aerospace industry and related structures have noted that there are several obstacles, which the T-50 must be overcome before it will be considered as resilience design, ready for serial production.

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Carriers ambitions

Putin discussed in Novo-Ogaryovo tasks Navy president criticized deadlines ships, vice permer Rogozin did not rule out the construction of aircraft carriers Rearmament Russian Navy delayed, stated Vladimir Putin and requested within six months to remove the difficulties between the military and gun manufacturers for vehicles. To perform the state defense order is not hampered, the latest government program for 2016-2025 years re-transferred to the principle of «single contract», said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. He also did not rule out that it will be carried out within carriers: sailors believe that their introduction into the Navy dictate ambitions of

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Ray-Ting 2000 — new multiple rocket launcher, adopted on arms sales to Taiwan

Taiwan has adopted the latest MRLS Ray-Ting 2000, reports Defense News. First complexes are located on the peninsula of Matsu, where they will be able to hit targets on the ground China’s Fujian Province across the Taiwan Strait.   What specifically the number of new MLRS entered service not specified. In total, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry wants to buy 50 Ray-Ting 2000.   According to defense procurement programmke Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, to acquire the 50 complexes planned salvo had spent about 14.5 billion Taiwan dollars (486.9 million U.S. dollars).   With all this demand forces Taiwan to similar systems is estimated

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«Arab Spring» and the Iranian atom allowed the U.S. to set a record for arms exports

According to the brand new study, cooked on request of the U.S. Congress, in 2011, the South American defense industry broke the world record for arms exports, more than double the previous highest figure. Report data show that over the past year the United States provided in different countries guns of 66.3 billion dollars, 45 billion dollars more than in 2010 and 35 billion more than the record in 2009, reports New York Times. Occupies second place in the list of exported guns Our homeland is 4.8 billion dollars. The creators of the study note that the U.S. accounts

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U.S. pierced by fraudulent reports on arms exports

If in any country in the world decided that the procurement of arms for the needs of the army and you can wait, then a whole range of gentlemen who, tirelessly working overseas, once a person becomes very furrowed, fingers nervously begin tapping on the table. To stretch again usually put white-toothed grin, these gentlemen have to go on the track Thoren, and specifically to invent a legend about a universal danger: that a ruthless desire to Colonel Gaddafi kill the whole world, in the form of Iran’s nuclear programs from, in terms of the aspirations of the despot

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IDB «Sarmat» will put into service in 2018

In recent years, the Russian Ministry of Defence appeared typical tradition. Before prazdnichkom or another kind of his command of troops in charge of the public about the latest achievements and future plans. First, this week’s word was taken Commander Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-General purpose S. Karakayev. Development of Strategic Missile Forces mission is one of the main tasks of the current state armaments program. According to current plans, over the next years to happen cardinal updating equipment and weapons SRF. In 2018 fraction of new weapons and equipment should reach 80%. To this assumed to continue delivery techniques are

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Ukrainian-Peruvian T-55-M8 A2 TIFON II

"Military Parity". T-55M-8 A2 Tifon II (Tifon — «Typhoon") was developed by Kharkov MSC them. Morozov and Disenos Industriales Casanave SA as part of the modernization of T-55 tanks, the armament Army Peru. The tank is equipped with dynamic protection "Knife," a system of passive protection "deflector" and automatic laser warning Linkey-SPZ. In the amount of armor protection of the T-55M-8 A2 Tifon II increased 3-fold from the BPS and 4.8 times the tandem shaped-charge projectiles.

The crew of the T-55M-8 A2 Tifon II consists of three (commander, gunner and driver). The length of the tank to

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C-300 to cool the ardor of Assad opponents

In Syria received first party missile systems S-300. This information was officially confirmed by the president wrapped civilian war-torn country, Bashar Assad. On this, as the Syrian news agency said «Surya al-Ain,» he said in the interview «Al-Manar». Full record will be shown in the evening on May 30. Second batch of MANPADS arrive late, said Assad How could change the military situation in Syria after receipt C-300, told the «Voice of Russia» chief editor of «Military-Industrial Courier» Misha Khodarenok. — Receipt of anti-aircraft missile system S-300 (and should be considered, it is about the delivery of the 1st regiment

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