Bell Wins ARH Competition

BELL HELICOPTER Textron Inc was awarded an initial $210.75 million system development and demonstration contract on July 29 for the US Army’s next generation Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARID, which will replace the Army’s current fleet of OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopters.

Bell ARH is a militarized version of the commercial Bell 407, which can be equipped with a wide variety of weapons. ARH mission versatility will enable armed reconnaissance, light attack, troop insertion and special operations missions to be accomplished with a single helicopter type. Although it has two crew-stations, it will be capable of single-pilot operation, and its standard armed

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Armed Abroad

Italy makes plans to arm Predator and Reaper UAVs

The Italian air force will become the second international customer after the Royal Air Force to be able to arm and employ in hunter-killer missions its U.S.-provided Predator and Reaper UAVs.

The White House is proposing the move to Congress, which has not rejected the request despite some members’ concerns. Indeed, Italy had already ordered an unspecified quantity of Lockheed Martin Hellfire missiles last year, noting that the approval process would be concluded in due time. In turn, delivery of the missiles could start soon.

Informally, Italy had approached the U.S.

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The elite units of the Syrian army launched a major operation on the border with Lebanon [com.]


In the border area with Lebanon near the town of Ersal launched a special operation, which is carried out elite units of the Syrian army, is attended by helicopters, armored vehicles, rocket and artillery batteries, according to Arab media.


Telegrafistreports that Syria began conducting military operations to sweep the camps of militants in Lebanon. The Lebanese government, which generally shared the position of the Syrian government limited only to protest statements, but will not interfere in any way.

At the same time,Tbrecalls that most of the camps for militants

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Our motherland can intervene in the conflict armed forces

"The reaction of the international community to a large extent will depend on how you will develop further action. Fact that the UN Security Council failed to take any decision — it shows on the strong contradictions between Russia — with one side, and the West — on the other. But there is nothing extraordinary — Our homeland many times she has blocked UN Security Council resolutions on other issues, and then, that at the moment ran into such a response — that’s understandable. Certainly, everyone will call for a cessation of hostilities, a peaceful solution to the conflict. But

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Ukraine will invest $ 16.4 billion in the armed forces

Ukraine will invest $ 16.4 billion in the armed forces 29.05.2013 15:23 The Ukrainian government has approved the program of reforming the armed forces of 16.4 billion dollars.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at its meeting today approved the State program of reforming the armed forces of the country.

On a five-year program / 2017 / is supposed to spend about 131 billion hryvnia / 16.375 billion dollars /. This was announced by the Minister of Defense Pavel Lebedev.

He pointed out that the reform will be financed from the state budget,

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Slutsky, a rally was held to mark the anniversary of the uprising Slutsky

In This year official permission for the memorial rally received Conservative Christian Party BPF. Before guests were joined by representatives from Minsk Salihorsk and Sluitsk Democratic Youth. Before the meeting in Moscow, members of the CCP BPF Grozov visited the village, and Semezhava curvature (reddish Sloboda), where they held a mini-rallies around the crosses in honor of the heroes of Slutsk uprising. According to Deputy Chairman CCP BPF Yuri Belenky, for the first time in the villages organized police cordon around the site of the event: "We was very nice build, as the locals waved from the windows, and some

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Russia’s strategic missile forces are updated by a third

The share of modern missile systems, "Topol-M" and "Yars" armed with the Strategic Missile Forces Russia reached a third of the total number of such weapons. On this, as reported "Interfax", said the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, Lieutenant General Sergei Karakayev. According to him, the basis of the Strategic Missile Forces are still a complex legacy RS-20 "Satan" (P-36M), RS-18 "Stiletto" (UR-100N UTTH) and RS-12M "Topol" (RT-2PM). According to the current state program of armaments SRF will completely renew before the end of 2020.

According Karakaeva, quoted RIA Novosti, SRF currently are preparing to

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The Financial Times: Unarmed Europe

In the 1970s, a prominent Danish politician Mogens Glistrup famously proposed the abolition of the armed forces in the country, and instead make audio recording with the phrase "we capitulate" in Russian. Mr. Glistrup already left this mortal coil, but his approach to the protection seems to be gaining popularity.

Europe's ability to use its military strength fading away, and with it the opportunity to defend its interests in the world. Yes, Afghanistan is now a lot of troops come from different European countries to Mali is French. But catchy titles of magazines and newspapers to hide the

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More dryers, more!


Indonesian armed forces intend very soon to purchase from Russia 6 fighter brand "Su". Marshal of the Indonesian armed forces Ismonov Vidzhayanto said this at a press conference in the city of Makassar during the celebration of the 66th anniversary of the country’s armed forces. In a military parade to mark the event, attended are now in Indonesia, the Su-27 and Su-30.


In addition, the Indonesian leadership asserts its intention to purchase at least 180 Russian aircraft (mainly multi-combat "dry") in the next 20 years. "We tend to make this decision because we are

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Tank platoon of the 51th mechanized brigade was

best in Ukraine

Within ten days, 63 representatives of the three army corps of the Army and the tankers separate brigade of coastal defense Military — Naval forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were fighting for their right to be called the best platoon Russian army tank crews.


Also, the awarding of winners for the best tank platoon of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which took place on the basis of.

In terms of competition, the competitors tested their skills in physical education, served the military regulations drove tanks fired artillery shells

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