Half of the young men of military age in the army do not go

Is the call of autumn of 2006 — the winter of 2007 from previous campaigns? Alignment control of the press service of the Defense Ministry Vyacheslav Ramenchyk.Ramenchyk: "Sending in troops carried out in accordance with the plans, failures were not all the planned measures were implemented."As for number conscripted, as "deviants" from the service, Vyacheslav Ramenchyk these data did not say, citing the fact that they will be announced later. Military reminded the last year was intended to about 9 thousand youths. "About the same level of such expected and at the moment," — said Vyacheslav Ramenchyk.Meanwhile in the military

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Polotsk recruitment office wants to encourage youth activist

It happened in the office. There’s also made him the administrative record — for the fact that he ignored Tipo first call to the draft board, in order to avoid military service. This is not the first case when the activists of youth organizations initially excluded from the university, and later try to urgently drafted into the army.Military Medical Commission must decide if Ales Krutkin the service: boy has rather weak eyesight and constantly wears glasses. According to Alexander Krutkin, the issue of conscription has appeared only in the near future — after at the end of June, he was

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Enlistment treat diseases

At the press conference the BPF Youth Council said that during the last 2 months has increased the pressure on youth activists. In addition, making multiple sample recruitment and pressure on activists by the KGB and militia guys called the draft board and forcibly taken to the army.Chairman of the youth organization Ales Kalita for a day or go to serve in the military unit in defense Fanipol. Ivan believes that its recognized fit for military service on orders from above.

First survey confirmed I anevryzmatychnae bulge mizhpradsardechnay partitions — 16 mm. I was declared worthless for military service …

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Service in the Belarusian army will be reduced to one year?

So Makar, soldier conscripts can be equated to their counterparts with higher education, which serve one year after graduation.Reduction of the term as Defense Minister Leonid Maltsev, will be due to the "intensification of combat training and cost of modern trenazherav." Specific date when these innovations will be implemented until called.Or will not be in the army to give specialty "sweep of the broom?"General Valery Frolov one hundred percent of the defense department divides the initiative on the reduction of life. Such an issue on cpadara Frolova, long overdue, because in modern Belarusian army combat training real soldiers are not

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Service held in high esteem

Contrary to popular opinion, the Russians belong to the army entirely positive

Despite the constantly disseminated part of the media and some political groups critical information about the army and the conventional wisdom about the world that the company refers to it negatively, in fact it is not true.

For example, according to VTsIOM, the credibility of the army remains one of the biggest compared to other public institutions — 52%, with 34% of the law enforcement agencies, 27% in the judicial system, 26% of the trade unions and the Public Chamber and 25% for political parties . At

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Conscripts do not want to go to the military for subpoenas

The initiative of senators who have proposed significant changes in the order of appeal, until the mixture is maintained. This initiative has also decided to discuss the sociological research center recruitment portal Superjob.ru.

Namely, they decided to ask own respondents, intensive Russian people, users of the web, if they approved the initiative upper chambers of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, which provides recruits themselves come to the military for subpoenas for 2-weeks since declared a regular call to military service. In case of no-show, the Senators threatened, they may incur criminal act under Article 328 of the Criminal

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