Turkish Army Aviation

THE REPUBLIC OF Turkey celebrated its 75th anniversary last October. The Republic is coming of age and so are her institutions. The year 1998 marked the 50th year of Army Aviation (Kara Havacilik) in Turkey and this article represents a modest attempt to assess that service, examining its operational and technological evolution. Turkish Army Aviation began life in 1948 operating a small fleet of fixed-wing aircraft tasked with observation and artillery cooperation.

In the closing decade of this century, it is now a modern, combat-experienced force that is able to play a decisive role in the battlefield, day or night,

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Top 5 facts SUN TZU



01 He wrote the manual for war

Sun Tzu is generally credited as the author of The Art Of War, an ancient Chinese military strategy guide that effectively served as the rulebook for warfare. The likes of Mao Zedong, Napoleon Bonaparte, Douglas MacArthur and George Patton have all studied it.

02 He defeated enemies with his mind

Many of Sun Tzu’s theories towards war were centred around psychologically defeating the opponent rather than doing so through brute force. He emphasised the importance of deception and convincing the

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The Venezuelan Humvee

In early 2004 the Venezuelan Army requested the production of a locally built, multipurpose, lightweight vehicle. In answer to the request, CAVIM (Compani a Anonima Venezolana de Industria Militar), a state owned weapons factory, joined forces with CENARECA (Centro Nacional de Repotenciacion C.A.), also a state company, located at Fuerte Tiuna, dedicated to military vehicles modernizations, and together they developed the vehicle using the American Hummer as a basis for their design.

After finishing the blueprints and initial tests in just 22 days, the prototype vehicle (named Tiuna), was completed, and after some further testing was exhibited during a military

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More Details Released on South African Army Vulture Order

SOUTH AFRICA’S Advanced Technology and Engineering Company (ATE) has now revealed a little more detail about its sale of Vulture tactical unmanned air vehicle (TUAV) systems to the South African Army (see ATE To Begin Vulture UAV Production for South African Army, October, p20). The production order, which was signed with Armscor, South Africa’s state armaments acquisition and disposal agency, is for ‘more than two’ systems, to be delivered over a 22-month timeframe. ATE says that client confidentiality clauses within the contract prevent the company from revealing any further details. However, the production order is known to also include provision

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Middle Wallop

MIDDLE WALLOP’S INTERNATIONAL Helicopter Exhibition (May 12-15) was inevitably dominated by talk of the forthcoming contract for the Army Air Corps’ new attack helicopter. It is anticipated that about 91 of the new breed will partially replace the TOW-armed Lynx from around 2001.

The contenders are: Agusta A129 Mangusta, BAe/Eurocopter Tiger, Boeing/Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche, GEC-Marconi/Bell AH-1W Cobra Venom, Marshall/Atlas CSH-2 Rooivalk and Westland/MDH AH-64 Apache/Longbow Apache.

Of these, front-runners are likely to be the Apache, Cobra Venom and Tiger, all of which were at the Middle Wallop show, together with the Rooivalk. The latter was making its UK debut and

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Latin American News Bulletin… (02-2013)

Airborne Brigade for the Chilean Army

Chile’s Army established the creation of an Airborne Brigade as the top priority of this force for in the coming years. The project will be developed over the next ten to twelve years, and will include the acquisition of thirty medium-transport helicopters as well as eight to twelve attack helicopters.

The unit will be integrated by infantry personnel with a total number of 800 to 1200 infantrymen who will be trained in vertical assault operations. The new brigade would comprise rapid deployment elements for the support of UN missions. Despite the brigade, personnel will

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Korean Defence Programmes Moving Ahead

OFFICIALS ANNOUNCED on June 17 that five manufacturers had submitted bids by the June 15 deadline for participation in the S2 billion Korean Multi-role Helicopter (KMH) programme, which will see the Republic of Korea develop and build an eventual total of 500 multi-role helicopters. Proposals came from AgustaWestland (based on the AB139), Bell (UH-1Y/AH-1Z), Boeing (AH-64D), Eurocopter (Tiger) and Sikorsky (UH-60).

Two or three competitors will be shortlisted at the end of July and a winner will be chosen in September to enter a partnership with Korea Aerospace Industries for the six-year development phase. Initially, a military utility variant will

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DVD 2013 All Good Things…


Despite positive promotion, this year’s DVD show was noticeably leaner than previous events. With the drawdown from Afghanistan in full swing, defence spending cuts ongoing, and no sizeable vehicle-related requirements on the horizon, most commentators agree the biggest, best and most well-attended DVDs have sadly been and gone. Having just read what you could perceive to be a negative opening sentence, you’d be forgiven for thinking this year’s show wouldn’t hold much of interest for MMI’s readers;

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Commando Force

The original Armored Security Vehicle (ASV) has a history that traces back to the Cadillac Gage LAV-100 Commando, the first production examples of which were built in 1963. The amphibious LAV-100 Commando was used extensively in Vietnam and was followed into production in 1971 by the LAV-150 which was sold to more than 20 countries. The LAV-300, a (6×6), was introduced in 1978 and numerous examples of the 15 variants available remain in service around the world. Assorted other light armoured vehicles including the Scout (4×4), LAV-200 (4×4), LAV-150S (4×4), and V-600 (6×6) have been produced by the now Textron

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Bell Wins ARH Competition

BELL HELICOPTER Textron Inc was awarded an initial $210.75 million system development and demonstration contract on July 29 for the US Army’s next generation Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARID, which will replace the Army’s current fleet of OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopters.

Bell ARH is a militarized version of the commercial Bell 407, which can be equipped with a wide variety of weapons. ARH mission versatility will enable armed reconnaissance, light attack, troop insertion and special operations missions to be accomplished with a single helicopter type. Although it has two crew-stations, it will be capable of single-pilot operation, and its standard armed

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