Acts of the Georgian army in South Ossetia

Goals and objectives set for the Georgian army

The main goal — "the establishment of constitutional order" in South Ossetia, to return the rebellious autonomy within Georgia, and then to "restore constitutional order" in Abkhazia.

The military task — to defeat the army of "separatists", immediately neutralizing the Russian peacekeeping forces in the next block the Roki pass. Check the concept of NATO and U.S. combat operations in mountainous terrain.

The political task — to get rid of the Ossetian people, who do not wish to go to Georgia. Begin talks on Georgia to NATO. Begin relocation of Georgian refugees

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In 2012, the army will receive:

The Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation are convinced that the state defense order in 2012 for the purchase of arms and military equipment for the Russian army will be fully implemented.

Deputy. Defense Minister Alexander Sukhorukov said that in 2012 the Russian army will purchase:

— 28 anti-aircraft missile and gun systems, "Armour-C1"

— 58 combat aircraft,

— 124 helicopter,

— Strategic missiles and sea-based. (The exact number is not reported)

"Fears that these contracts will be torn, I like the first deputy defense minister in charge of the matter, no", — told reporters

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Hazing: In Nara sent a regiment of

In today, the number of crimes related to hazing, grown up immediately on the third part ofDeputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation — the chief military prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky made a sensational confession: after lowering the insignificance of the 2009 cases in the Russian army barracks massacre, called hazing, statistics of this kind of military atrocities in the armed forces again jerked upward. Yes, not on some measly interest that, in general, would also be anxious. In the first nine months of the year today — a descent to the third part! From January to August, the military

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Hazing in the Russian army: Sources and methods of struggle

The peculiarity of such phenomena as bullying, is that it actually appeared simultaneously and just as quickly became a kind of subculture. But to come to a particular conclusion, which is a prerequisite for its occurrence, experts simply can not. Up to now, there are disputes about what caused this phenomenon still, whether its natural occurrence in today's society, whether it is the results of errors and failures of management, whether ordinary course of events.

The majority of the younger generation believes that hazing is an appropriate feature of Russian Army from the very beginning of its existence, but

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Hazing in the army as a

How to recognize the "Father"?

This is not difficult, because the outer view and the manner of 'old' provide the best business card. Their 'distinguishing features': rastegnut hook on collar shirt or coat, forage cap (cap, hat) famously pushed to the back of the head, the hair is longer than the statutory rate; badge belt is curved, and he was hanging from the waist down. Well, mug, natural, cheeky and grinning (I'm talking, of course, only the harmful and disgusting 'grandfathers' because the last sign to the usual 'repeaters' does not apply.) And if someone ran into the dining room

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Degradation of reform

Transformations in the Army must rely on the advice of the military experts of society

The main task of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is to protect the sovereignty, integrity and inviolability of the area of the country in time of war — a reflection of anger and defense of the Fatherland. Because the reform of the defense department should be aimed at strengthening the Russian army.

But in general, in the reform of the harsh admitted mistakes. Reformers may have guided the greedy goals and interests — to rescue more than an army of property and faster

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Movement in Support of the Army, Navy and defense industry decided to return the norm TRP

Congress of the special purpose of voluntary movement in support of the army, navy and the military-industrial complex decided retrieve GTO norms and common military-patriotic education of youth.

"The Congress decided DON return to normal TRP and the general military-patriotic education of youth "- wrote the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin own microblog on Twitter.

On the development of voluntary movement in support of the Army, the Navy and the military-industrial complex Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin announced in the middle of January 2012.

The government Dmitry Rogozin is responsible for the military-industrial complex, namely, for the implementation of the

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Two sides of outsourcing in Russian army

Over the past year, Russian army endured a number of configurations, the middle which there are both positive and highly controversial. The positive changes include increasing the currency of servicemen, systematic purchase of modern military equipment to military units, focus on large-scale exercises with the use of the experience of different law enforcement agencies. For changes that do not find support for a large-scale, are the introduction of outsourcing character. Registration of companies engaged in outsourcing service of military units, not always positively evaluated by both the military and the public. In the full criteria of corruption in Russia

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Two huge difference

As you know, all of today's Russian generals and officers were held once a course of military history and in schools and academies. But it seems not everyone is representative of the highest and senior officers to try to understand the essence of the events and davneshnego nedavneshnego past, learning from the experience of famous generals. And yet a superficial acquaintance with the inverse chronicle of the Fatherland is fraught with sad consequences. I'll try to show it on examples 2-storms — the fortress of Izmail December 11, 1790 and the town of Severe January 1, 1995-th.

Capture of Izmail

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The two generals and a colonel defected from the Syrian army

Two army generals and a colonel Syrian government army abandoned their parts and defected to Turkey, reported Associated Press, citing state television in this country. The names of the escapees were not disclosed.

Escape occurred at a time when the government army start trimming some settlements in the north Fri Syria in the province of Idlib, which borders Turkey. The officers moved to a contiguous area a group of 234 refugees from the sweeps.

Almost immediately, the head of the UN Office for Refugees Valerie Amos made a trip to the camps of Syrian refugees in Turkey near the border.

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