D. Karbyshev — the hero, not broken the German concentration camps

It is no longer enough who from generation 20 — year olds and younger will be able to tell what-nibudt sensible about the famous Russian character — Dmitry M. Karbyshevo. His name at the hearing, in the main, because of the huge amount of naming it in honor of the city streets of post-Soviet space, rarely occurs in honor of naming him agencies (eg, schools), but it is the only remaining fragments of the legend of the man whose fate was every once known pioneer in every corner of the Soviet Union …

Dmitry Karbyshev was born October 26, 1880

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Humane 37th year for the Russian army

Past president and founder of army reform Dm. Medvedev commended the management of Defense as a successful, complete the tasks. Much of the same-independent military professionals they say about the complete defeat of the armed forces.

Few of the great military leaders, even in retirement, dare to criticize the reform aloud. A valid — even more so, because, in the views of the Chief of Staff, then they simply have no place in the army. The more valuable than just criticism and constructive suggestions. Especially when it comes to the most combat-ready units of the Russian Army — former GRU

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Grodno maneuver the Russian army

In 1705 Peter I was planning to take possession of Vyborg and Kexholm to make a strong defensive limit to the north of the Neva River. But, "the man means and God disposes," the war within the Commonwealth — an ally of the Russian Federation of August II forced Peter to move focus to another theater of war.

While the Russian army won a victory of one over the other in the Baltic, the Swedish army occupied the main current centers of Poland. Carl success "Russian men" not particularly alarmed, he had planned after the defeat in August in

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Gritsenko: Yanukovych Ukrainian army will destroy completely

Ex-Minister of Defense of Ukraine, a favorite of the party "plainclothes position," Anatoly Gritsenko believes that Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych can really damage the Russian army. He said this to journalists in Chernigov, commenting on the president submitted on August 12 this year, the bill N9053, which Yanukovych offers Eager to make a decision on the reduction in 2012 of the armed forces for eight thousand people, including five thousand soldiers.

As reported by the press service of "plainclothes position," according to the views Gritsenko, thoughtless reduction of the army in the criteria that Ukraine, with its non-aligned status

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Buckwheat against barley

Now troops are withdrawn from the diet of cereals such as barley, wheat and oatmeal.

For those who at one time held the military service associated with these cereals has a story, or even an entire era. A couple of years back the Russian, and even more Russian, Private and provide for themselves could not lose that those "bolts" or "shrapnel" as the men affectionately called this rump.

Usually, such a change in the life of an army could not pass unnoticed not only soldiers, but civilians and pure individuals. Some information-analytical agency decided to conduct a large-scale public

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Rake that we are attacking two centuries — three wars: historical parallels

In the history of warfare, perhaps hard to find other examples where the attackers forget the lessons of the past, and were attacked as irresponsible to ignore the obvious and hidden signs of preparation for it. These examples provide us with the Russian war of 1812, the Russian-Japanese war 1904-1905, and the majestic Russian war of 1941-1945. In all 3 cases, the question is whether such a war for Russia unexpected?

To Moscow in anticipation of the deputation of boyars 1891-1892 Vasily Vereshchagin

Napoleon's invasion

Located in an official dealer Emperor Alexander I, under Napoleon, Colonel Alexander Chernyshev

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Getting ready for the guerrilla war in the mountains

In Central Asia once again restless. Before the CSTO military exercise in Chelyabinsk region Kyrgyz Defense Minister Major General Taalaibek Omuraliev said "Rosbaltu" about what to prepare army Republic.

— Taalaibek Baryktabasovich, what army, in your opinion, is needed now Kyrgyzstan?

— Slightly bitter lessons of inter-ethnic clashes in June 2010 in the south of the country, have shown that the structure of the armed forces must be prepared, at the technical level kitted parts and units capable of a very rather short time to start the implementation in a moment of arising problems and act autonomously in

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BMD-4 adopted an Airborne

BMD-4. Photo from snariad.ru

Decision on adoption of a Russian Airborne Forces combat vehicle BMD-4 is accepted. On this, as reported RIA Novosti, said Saturday in a radio station "Echo of Moscow" Russian hero commander of the 31st Guards separate air assault brigade Navy Colonel Gennady Anashkin.

According to him, the BMD-4, "a machine that has a long waiting airborne, the car completely different generation," will still be to come into service. Anashkin hoped that the new equipment entering service as soon as possible. However, he noted that the fact that the armed forces and, in particular, the

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BM Hold will launch into mass production after the execution of the contract for Thailand — expert

Overland Equipment + Markets and cooperation,Land Technology Status and Prospects + OPK 0    

Mass production of BM "Hold" for the Armed Forces of Ukraine will begin after the state contract for the supply tanks of the Royal Thai Army. This opinion UNN leading expert at the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Sergei Zgurets.

"The main buyer of" Stronghold "on the one hand is the Ukrainian army, which took the tank into service in the last year. Also signed a contract with Thailand for the supply of 49 tanks," — said the expert.

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Horizons strategy: Why America two armies?

When in 1980 I was teaching at the Institute of Command and General Staff of the U.S. Army, somehow heard a confused foreign student said: "I will never understand how to construct your armed forces! It is not enough that your fleet has its own army, but your naval army have its air force. "

The term "naval army" he was aware of the U.S. Marine Corps, which is superior to many of the army and air force is superior to many air forces of the world. The issue caused a chuckle American classmates, our hapless student, and he

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