Here come the mother, the mother of you … sue?

Defense establishment in the autumn call today introduced a number of innovations

Innovations that aim at a more liberalized its style in the eyes of recruits and their parents. In 1-x, of almost 7 thousand Sverdlovsk, which this fall will put on a military uniform, more than 2 thousand people will serve on the terrain of the Middle Urals — in other words, relatively close to home. In-2, parents were given the opportunity to accompany their own children right up to the very military unit. B-3, the recruit will be issued to each sim-card, with which he will be

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The armed conflict on the river Halkin-Gol and backstage play USA

May 11, 1939 armed conflict broke (the war) on Khalkhin Goal between the USSR and the Empire of Japan, it is called in Japanese historiography "Nomonhanskim incident." Clash 2-majestic powers came on third-country terrain — in Mongolia.

May 11, 1939 the residents of the country of the rising sun stormed the Tartar border outposts at the Halkin-Gol River. The formal reason for the attack was a border dispute. The Japanese side believed that the border between Mongolia and Manchukuo — the puppet state, made the Japanese Military Administration in 1932 on the Empire of Japan occupied Manchuria area must pass

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Armed clashes in Tripoli

As it passed the "" armed clashes took place in Abu Salim, in a district of Tripoli. The government argues that the victims are not, and that slightly wounded two soldiers. However, some news agencies report a few of those killed.

It is not clear who is opposed to the government troops. There is speculation that it is those who are not so long maintained Gaddafi. The efforts of the new government to disarm the opposition does not lead to success. In a country sometimes there are skirmishes in which Libyan tribes defend the scope of exposure.

The other day

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The armed forces of France before the invasion of Russia

French army the era of Napoleon including advanced military machine in Europe. The base of its power had been laid before and during the French Revolution stateliness. Artillery officer Jean Baptiste Vaket yes Griboval reformed French army field artillery. His system was the most efficient in Europe and lasted, with small changes, until 1830. In the French army were implemented strategy columns and extended order while maintaining the foundations of the linear strategy.

Organization, French army

Infantry. During the revolutionary war in the French Army established a special organization that sets it apart from the royal army. The basic

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The armed forces of France as a luxury item

France now does not see itself any harsh military threat from the outside. Before his military government places quite close to reality puzzle — Immediate response and constant readiness of personnel. What do you need? The troops should be quite large, Professor and well maintained location. All these properties French army has fully. In the armed forces France Today is actually a full range of modern weapons and military equipment of its own manufacture. This small cannon and armored vehicles, and various aircraft — fighters, bombers, "intelligence", and even attack nuclear aircraft carriers. Apart from France, these have only the

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The Armed Forces of the USSR

"… From the taiga to the British seas: Reddish Army is the strongest," — so sang a Russian song. In the days of the second world Reddish Army and became a Russian cooperation with the Navy, civilian Defense Forces, border and internal troops forms the Armed Forces of the USSR.In this issue, you will see the photo album of Russian 80th and ready to learn that talking about the Armed Forces of the USSR, Great Russian Encyclopedia.

Text: Big Russian Encyclopedia

1.The Armed Forces of the USSR — Russian military organization of the country, set up to protect the socialist

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The armed forces of Syria

At present, the army of Syria is one of the most powerful armies of the Arab world in the Middle East. The armed forces of this country's own classical structure of the 3 types of land troops, air force and air defense forces, naval forces. The total strength of the armed forces is estimated at 320 thousand (16th in the world) in the reserve is 354 thousand people, resource mobilization is estimated at 4 million, of which 2.3 million are suitable for military service. In addition to the armed forces in Syria is the formation of the gendarmerie — about

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Russian armed forces before the war of 1812. Part 2

Early XIX century the Russian army field was divided into 14 inspections — St. Petersburg, of Finland, Moscow, Livonia, Smolensk, Lithuania, Brest, Kiev, Ukrainian, Dnestr, the Crimea, the Caucasus, Orenburg and Siberian. Any inspection was a territorial district. In case of war, the troops that were part of the inspection, forms the body of various compositions, numbering 10-50 thousand people. At the end of the war corps (army) disbanded, as a temporary connection. Lowest tactical unit was the battalion, and the highest — the regiment.

The defeat at Austerlitz led not only to reorganize the combat arms, but raised

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Armed — means nepobezhden!

"Since the well-organized militia is necessary for the existence of a free country, the right of the people to keep and bear gun shall not be infringed."

Let us take the hypothetical base model, as are the people who invented chess. I apologize for the arrogance.Imagine two countries bordering together. Population 1st — 1,000,000 people, the other — less than 500,000 people. As a result, many components of both countries are on the brink of war. And the more the government is preparing anger against the least.

And here comes the moment of truth

In more countries — Prof.

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In China, near the terracotta army discovered an ancient palace



A group of Chinese archaeologists made a unique discovery near the world famous Terracotta Army in Xian — the ancient capital of the country. Experts have unearthed the palace of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, which was built in the III century BC. Found building is the largest building on the site of the tomb Shi Huang, which is located in an area of 56 square kilometers. Built size is 90 by 250 feet. Although the palace has more than two

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