War — it psychopaths

In July 2005, the TV channel "National Geographic" showed the audience a new project — a multi-part documentary film about the possibilities of a person to kill a man. Almost everything in this project was a real discovery for society. Given the creators of the movie is really shocking facts, and studies the matter g force on another to look at the man himself, and for the war.

This radically changes our views, which seemed hardened and immutable. Why does the average person even called in the army and fighting for their country, it is still not lust to

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The revival of the spirit of the Russian army? Interview

Review of the Semenov regiment in the Senate Square. 1909

December 12, 2012 Russian President Vladimir Putin in his own address to the Federal Assembly, said that the revival of the state of consciousness to link the historical era and come back to the realization of the truth that our home did not begin in 1917 or even in 1991, that "we have a single, unbroken thousand years of history, focusing on which we find the inner strength and sense of national development." Along with the revival of the historical memory of the "Second Russian War" (World War I),

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The ability of the war between Turkey and Russia

Dark sea, or as he was known in the time of Russia — Russian sea, as in the past is important for the modern Russian strategic direction, it comes in a so-called "southern underbelly" of. Main potential opponent in this direction is Turkey.

Between Russia and Turkey in the current time is quite different case, it was for the Russian coast of the true relaxation area, turnover grows constantly. In 2005, the trade turnover between Russia and Turkey, headed for the highest figure — $ 15 billion. Bucks, in 2008, he has headed for 35 billion. dollars, from 2000

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Military expert Igor Korotchenko: We received a wonderfully latest army

At the board meeting of the Defence Ministry, Dmitry Medvedev said that the reform of the armed forces actually completed.

Comments on this application editor of the magazine "National Defense", a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Igor Korotchenkov:— The main objective of the reform was that, that Russian forces were brought in a new form, which completely fulfills the requirements and tasks of modern warfare. In the time since the collapse of the Union of Russian, Russian army almost everything remained "splinter" the former Russian army. That was set up to

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The military council at Fili and the abandonment of Moscow

At dawn on August 27 (September 8), the Russian army left the position at Borodino and departed for Mozhaisk, sitting near the village of Zhukovka. To cover the withdrawal of the army Kutuzov formed a strong rearguard under the Platov. In the rearguard were: Cossack Corps, part of the 1st Cavalry Corps Uvarov, Maslowski detachment of General PP Passek within 3 Jager and one of the Cossack regiments (at the time of the Borodino battle, he was placed on the tip of the right wing position in the flash near the village of Maslov) , 4th Infantry Division from

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Military PR

Every year the Russian Defense Ministry is beginning to play a very amusing game with recruits, which is called the call. And manning the army contractors not only help out the situation. The question arises: why in the member states of NATO does not appear similar problems with the completion of the armies? Maybe the secret is to test and promote the positive development of the armed forces?

If the Russian military command is not military style popularized in teen fashion is not allowed to wear the insignia of various military units, then, for example, in America, the situation

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NATO sent military advisers to Libya

Actions that are taking place around Libya, and last week made statements of the governments of France, Britain and Italy on the direction of the North African country countryside land forces began striking example of what a story is repeated wars. In his own quest to assist the people of Libya to overthrow dictator Muammar Gaddafi coalition countries are way Thoren U.S. and allies in Vietnam, El Salvador, Croatia, Rwanda, Afghanistan.

The development of so-called institution of "military advisers" in the past 50 years has gone beyond ordinary consultation and developed into a typical justification for the occupation. United States

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Military reform has identified many narrow places

Last week, the Committee for Defense of the State Duma a report on the progress of military reform made by the chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Army General Nikolai Makarov. What gave rise to discover a very great public attention. Although the Ministry of Defence, after the previous defense minister Sergei Ivanov in 2005 stated that "the military reform is completed," avoid such a definition, there just behind President Dmitry Medvedev they say about giving our army, "promising new shape", to Unfortunately, the internal dynamics of the process for some reason very often carefully disguised.

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Military reform in Germany

Known by their outstanding fighting qualities, the German Army will reform. This naikrupneyshaya for half a century military reform the German armed forces. It was decided to suspend the call, turn conscription, to make a professional army, small and mobile. With all of this greatly reduced the size of the army.

The content of the reform

In the middle of December 2010 the government approved a plan for Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg on constructive reform of the armed forces of Germany. Fri basis for reform are two:1) from 1 July 2011 in Germany will be suspended conscription, with all this provision

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Military reform in Europe: who aspires to be

In the near future reform of the armed forces has affected not only Russia, and other countries, which, for various events decided on the need to transform their own armies.

So, for example, to reform the armed forces of England began. But, despite the fact that the development of modern structures involved, Lieutenant General Nick Cater, the Ministry of Defence so far not approved its final plan.

The plan is designed to reorganize the army in 2020. Same year Set a deadline of programs from upgrading and Russian army.

British plan implies that the national armed forces

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