U.S. Army Order «unprecedented number» HELICOPTER «Chinook»

The U.S. government, Boeing Company and the Army signed a long contract for the purchase of heavy transport helicopters 177 CH-47F Chinook in the amount of 4 billion dollars, which will allow to save 800 million dollars (total quantity of cars can reach up to 215 units), reports ASDNews June 11. Deliveries will begin in 2015.   «This agreement will provide many years of unparalleled cost savings as the Army and taxpayers. But most importantly, this order will provide more opportunities for transporting troops in the field criteria and help a civilian population in emergency situations, «said managing helicopter programs

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Mock shelves?

Lasts discussion around the formation of the Transfiguration and the Semenov regiment

The staff of the Head of the military investigation department of the RF IC January 21 has been disclosed yet another sin in the sadly famous "case" Oboronservis. '" It is a question of the sale at reduced prices of the Joint Works domestic military service in St. Petersburg. Investigators do not yet exclude the excitation of the 1st criminal case is the tenth in a row. Sonorous revelations follow one after the other in the military the third month in a row, do not just only

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The supply of arms to Lebanon: goodbye Lenin, hello Putin (Les blogs du Liban, Lebanon)

As it became clear our homeland intends to put Lebanese 6 army Mi-24 helicopters (except those already pledged 24), 30 languid T-72 tanks, 30 130-mm artillery and a substantial number of ammunition. Information once appeared in the Israeli and Lebanese press, while in some titles openly stated that "Russia arms" Hezbollah ". What we can only state which has become vserasprostranennoy our southern neighbors idea: Lebanon = "Hezbollah" good Lebanese is a dead Lebanese = no matter whether it is a fighter, "Hezbollah" or not.

We can only ironic that the 30 T-72, of course, strike fear in the

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The last operation is stately Russian War — The Prague Offensive

The last strategic operation that is conducted reddish majestically Russian Army in the war, was the Prague Offensive (5-12 May 1945), in the process it was liberated capital of Czechoslovakia — the old city of Prague, and was defeated last large group of Wehrmacht — Army Group "Center" .

After the defeat of the enemy in the direction of Berlin and capitulation on May 2, Berlin garrison Wehrmacht only force that could still resist the Red Army, left, Army Group "Center" (commanded by Field Marshal Ferdinand Schemer) in Czechoslovakia and part of Army Group "Austria" (Commander Lothar Rendulic). Schemer,

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FIRST INDIAN armored brigades will be placed on the border with China

Plan approved by the Indian Ministry of Defense, involves the deployment on the border with China 6 new armored regiments filled with 348 tanks. In addition, will be deployed three infantry battalions.   With the upcoming deployment of 2-tank brigades on the border with China, the Indian troops will have offensive capabilities: one tank brigade in Ladakh and in the north-east of the country. This is the first deployment of India’s armored units on the border with China. Such compounds, kitted main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2, designed for offensive operations on enemy terrain.   Authoritative sources

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Last military leader Suvorov school

October 5, 1933 in the French resort of Cannes gathered especially a lot of Russian military overseas. They came here for the funeral of the last truly majestic leader of the Russian Empire, General of Infantry Iudenich Nicholas Roerich, who died at the age of 71. Colleagues on the snow-white movement, Russian-Japanese War and World Wars found it necessary to pay homage to Nikolai Nikolaevich, despite the fact that he lived in exile secluded, quiet life and did not take the role in any, or how many significant political events.

In 1927, when the influential circles of Britain and

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The last fight of General Riper

Iranian boats in the Gulf of Hormuz


July 9, 1943 began fierce fighting near the railway station Ponyri. In an effort to break the defense of Russian troops, the Germans made a strong impact on this group of strategically fundamental area of northern facades of the Kursk Bulge. By the evening of "Ferdinand" of 654 units sPzJgAbt supported "Tigers" of the 505 th Tank Battalion, languid and 216 Squadron assault weapons "Brummber" overran the first line of defense, and Russian troops broke through to the farm "on May 1." Then the Germans came under heavy artillery

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Recent military programs from Russian Empire

Surprisingly, in the historiography not generalize the information nor the means allocated for the modernization of the Russian army and navy the other day Russian-Japanese and First World Wars, nor the impact of these costs on the economic, cultural and social development of Russia. Meanwhile militarism fatally affected her social and political life. It first manifested itself in the impact of the arms race on the national economy, the deterioration of the overwhelming majority of the population. In particular, the consequences of militarization was felt sharply in the late XIX century.

At the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. Many

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Last landing warning

The last commander of the Navy of the USSR General Wladyslaw ACHALOV To apply for the populous rally at Poklonnaya Hill. The event must take the role of approximately 10,000 Marines and veterans joined them Cossacks. ACHALOV convinced that the authorities did not dare to refuse them, strongly hinting that there's more — the flowers.

Here the rumors of the impending coup. It is clear that there was no riot desantura not her kill and tanks in Moscow will be afraid to enter: in the military reputation of "dwarfs" and "furniture maker" recalls tarnished pants yesterday arrogant, and

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Much less hardship and deprivation …

On the proposal of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation in Armed Forces for conscripts will put a five-day working week with 2 output, and for the production of food for the personnel, cleaning areas and facilities in the cities will take military civilians face. The Defense Ministry also want to change the current schedule of day or in the army, making the climb to 7.00, and the all-clear — at 23.00 (currently — 6.00 and 22.00, respectively). In addition, all parts will be allocated additional hour for a relaxing afternoon. In the distant garrisons of soldiers,

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