Military medicine goes to the demobilization

The health of the defenders of the motherland is immoral to save

The contradictions between the army and society, associated with the design steps of the military reform, re-aggravated. According to sources in the Defense Ministry, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov has solved all orgshtatnye reduction of military medical institutions and universities do not graduate by 2013, as planned, and by December 1 In the troops targeted in this connection, another directive.

Prior to the onset of winter should be absolutely disbanded Saratov, Tomsk, Samara Military Medical University, also the Municipal Institute for Advanced Defense doctors with appropriate multidisciplinary

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Recruitment offices are invited to write anonymous letters

To combat deviators in Moscow decided to attract even military counterintelligence.

The problem of mass "slope" of military service in Russia long ago acquired a character of public calamity. According to the deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Colonel-General Vasily Smirnov, currently being run by military commissars and any does not want to wear straps over 200 thousand Russian military age, which is comparable with the number of our Army. Most do not want to serve the Fatherland hiding in Moscow — more than 40 thousand young people. There is nothing unusual in the fact

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During WWII Japan shackled 28% of the number of Red Army

In western historiography, and often in the writings of Russian "nisprovergateley historical concepts of the totalitarian period" conventional wisdom is the statement that the success of the Moscow counteroffensive "Stalinist regime should Japan." Which de honestly fulfilling obligations under the Soviet-Japanese Neutrality Pact, is permitted in a critical moment to throw the Siberian and Far Eastern Division of the Soviet-German front, which secured the victory. Extensively vserasprostranena this version in the very land of the rising sun. Japanese creators published in the Russian language book "Milestones on the way to the conclusion of peace treaty between Japan and Russia," they

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Internal forces change on Bear with obsolete APCs

Recently, a significant part of the plan to change the park APC internal troops with new specials. police cars SPM-3 "Bear." D. Galkin, general director of "military-industrial company" (MIC), said this in an interview with RIA "Announcements".

The general director said that now it is not clear how much the "Bears" will make the order. Galkin, but stressed that a certain number of armored personnel carriers armed with this kind of troops still remain, as the specific combination of APC and SPM-3 will allow commanders to solve operational and combat tasks.

SPM-3 "Bear" is an armored vehicle, which has a

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Irans navy repulsed 130 cases of attacks by pirates

Iranian Army Navy Commander said about the success of the Iranian sailors who fought off 130 cases of attacks by pirates on merchant ships Iran and other countries in the world in international waters.

Iranian Army Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibullah Sayar, speaking Tuesday in Tehran on 13 of the yearly meeting of Islamic societies-independent students, said that during the time of the alert and protect Iranian and foreign craft in international waters was recorded 130 cases of preventing attacks by pirates.

"During this period, the Iranian Army Navy and escorted to ensure the safety of ships and tankers of

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Together with all

U.S. Army UAV allowed to withdraw in a common place

The U.S. Army has received approval of the Federal Aviation Administration in the incarnation of flights of unmanned aerial vehicles in the civilian space. Despite the fact that the permit had been issued with a mass of reservations, specifications and limitations, the military took it as a good first step towards the integration of UAVs in general air space of the country. In general, how to be governed by flying drones and civilian aircraft over the United States, just say no one can.

At the current time in the

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Tiger extends the family

Universality of the armored vehicle "Tiger", developed and commercially available "Military-industrial company" mentioned more than once. More recently, it was reported that on the basis of an armored car "Tiger" was created self-propelled anti-tank systems "Kornet-EM", a mobile complex with unmanned aerial vehicles "Tiger" MK-BLA-01. Today, the company introduced a new product — a mobile automated complex technical control, and simulation of electronic jamming electronic facilities on the chassis of the car "Tiger-M", created by specialists of "military-industrial complex" and JSC "Institute" Standards ".

Military experts have long been interested troops EW idea

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The eternal appeal of a snow-white case

The myth of the perfect counter-formed Russian films.

Quartet. An officer with the ladies in fancy suits — Polish, Hungarian and Russian. The picture is made in Odessa. On the flip side is: Deribasivska number 13, the court photographer, PA Belotserkovskii, won the highest awards and their Majesties Imperatoskih

Remember clearly the day, when I first read the "White Guard" by Bulgakov. This was 1983. Winter. Surely, January or February. I was given a book by a certain number of days. According bolshennomu pull. In the USSR, it was Andropov strshnym disadvantage. For Kiev window it was snowing. Slowly

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Slavic Commonwealth 2013: training completed. Military partnership continues!

At Training Ground "Prudboy", Volgograd Oblast, Russian Federation, with the completion of the second phase of the active phase of the maneuvers were over extensive tripartite exercises "Slavic Commonwealth-2013". As part of a joint battalion in carrying out tasks in the context of armed conflict, act side by side members of the armed forces of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.


In particular, during the final stage of the practical actions of the active phase of the military exercises of mechanized units 93rd separate Guards Mechanized Brigade of the 6th Army Corps, Army of the

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Scorpions sting death

For quick response and resolution of personnel Dagestani OMON unit under the command of Shamil Magomayev in the Interior Ministry called the "Scorpion". The detachment formed in July 1998 after attempts to force the brothers Khachilayevs supporters seize power. Recruitment was carried out by the extremely stringent requirements: take only its own — people who repeatedly proven for years of service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Special Forces Penitentiary. Subsequent events proved the correctness of this decision. 

The name "Scorpion" unit was for the ability to lightning-fast reactions and for the dire consequences for

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