The Boeing Company may obtain an order for the supply of attack helicopters AH-64D Apache for the Indian Army. In the past year, the company signed a contract to supply the Indian Air Force 22 machines of this type in the amount of 1.3 billion U.S. dollars, Defense News reported on July 24.   Indian Army have their own lusts «Apache», to be independent of the Air Force to use these helicopters. A source from the Indian Defence Ministry said that a treaty could be concluded at the end of this year, the number of machines purchased unclear.   Meanwhile,

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JSC KAZ: military crane KS-45719-7M — ready for service

Military crane KS-45719-7M production JSC "Klintsovsky truck crane plant" (KAZ) has come a long way from the project, embodied only in the outline drawings and engineering calculations of designers, to a full production model crane "Klincy", the press-service of JSC "KAZ".

This is not just another novelty KAZ — the plant is a new step forward, a new word in the Russian lifting equipment. KS-45719-7M, a newcomer to a number of military cranes KAZ, was designed specifically to replace consisting Now contentment Russian army obsolete machines.

The principle that has guided Klintsovskaya kranostroiteli was simple in form but

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On the arms of the 58th Army received about 2 million new jet RPO PDM-A

In the second half of 2011, the troops of the 58th Army arrived about 2 thousand new sverhdalnoboynyh jet RPO PDM-A, According to the information support of the Group of the Southern Military District.


Compared to its predecessor (jet flamethrower RPO-D "Bumblebee"), PDM-A has a number of advantages, including increased capacity and increased by almost half a firing range.

Jet infantry flamethrower PDM-A has a maximum range of not less than 1,700 m, the sighting — up to 800 m Flamethrower shown to be effective and reliable at the time of the operation to force

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The Russian army will change masks

In 2012, the armed forces of Russia will do combined arms filtering respirators are the next generation, according to "Interfax-AVN" Head of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense (NBC), Major General Eugene Starks.

"Right now developed and tested a new all-arms-filtering respirators, which we called" Air ". It is expected that in 2012 it will begin to enter the army, "- said General Starks.

According to him, the new mask will come first in mobile brigades and battalions NBC, and then will gradually flow into other formations and units of the Russian army.

Eugene Starks said that

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All-tournament army fighting started in Omsk


In Omsk, October 28th all-Russian tournament army fighting. Competitions are held in this year for the eighteenth time in the memory of a warrior, the last war in Afghanistan, the Hero of the Soviet Union Nikolai Chepik. Traditionally, competition fighting involved athletes of all Russian military districts.

Omsk will defend the honor of the athletes melee 242nd Training Tsentrv Russian Navy, cadets Tank Engineering Institute and the Institute of Law of Omsk. The winners of the tournament will be determined on Sunday.

The official statement of Izhmash

JSC Izhmash Information for the media September 27, 2011 Photo


In response to statements by some media about the discontinuation of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, due to the refusal of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation from the purchase of these weapons, JSC "Izhmash" states the following:

"Izhmash" is the only developer and manufacturer of MT Kalashnikov automatic weapons, and manufactured at its basis a wide range of civilian weapons. The Kalashnikov rifle is now the most popular, acclaimed the most reliable small arms in the world.


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Why inflatable army?

Servicemen of the 45th Engineering Regiment camouflage share the secrets of how to deceive the enemy. In place of improvised means — wood, leaves and particle board came today pnevmomakety. For the Russian army is a novelty — they were adopted by only four years ago. On the pros inflatable equipment — word of mouth.

In the Russian Federation will implement an automated system controls the fight

Commander of Land Forces, Colonel-General Alexander Postnikov expects created for the Russian army automated control system (ACS) in force, which is now the state tests, is protected from hackers. Photo

"We are laying the requirements that require advanced protection of information" — He said, referring to the device, the automated system controls the fight.

The Russian army continues military tests integrated automated system of tactical unit (ESU TZ) — development of scientific-production association "Constellation" (JSC "Concern" Constellation "). The task of testing means ESU TK was assigned to the command and staff of the 5th Motorized

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The Russian army begins to move to the sixth-generation communications


The armed forces of Russia will soon move to the sixth-generation radio system. On this, as reported by RIA Novosti, said Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Colonel-General Valery Gerasimov. According to him, the troops also works on modernization of the automated control systems at the tactical, operational, operational and strategic levels.

"In the last decade, insufficient attention was paid to the automated systems of communication and control. We are now in service with the radio station of the fifth generation, but the industry has created a fundamentally new sixth-generation radio

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The Russian army scares Finns

"The Russian army, under the cover of fog, landed in Lapland" Photo

Russian military power is a concern of Finnish experts. According to them, it is on Finland has shifted the center of gravity of the Western Military District. At the same time reflect a possible attack Russia in Europe can only Britain.

Experts at the University of State of Defence of Finland, drew up a report, describe the military forces of Russia as a modern, capable of quick action cam. And it is far from outdated ideas about the Russian army as numerous infantry. As noted in the

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