Posters of white plainclothes times of war

Creating an enemy types — one of the main tasks of at least some of the advocate. So, in the midst of ordinary fighter armies of white reddish distributed posters and leaflets with a reminder that behind and come with crisp white landowners, who will select the land again. But other than that reddish promised a new world — a world of freedom and labor, which they opposed the old one the world who are going to return the white on their own bayonets.

But the snow-white propaganda in the main focused on the development of species enemy, not

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Petr Konovnitsyn. One of the best Russian generals of the war in 1812

Praise to you, the love of the Slavs,Our Konovnitsyn bold! ..Nothing to it the crowd of opponents,Nothing swords and arrows;In front of him, behind him thunderbolt thunder,And bursting flame battlefield …He's gay, he sees deathFrom the tranquility of the hero;Forgot myself … one opponentPrepares istreblene;The example and Ratna and leadersAnd in a bold surprise.

Vasily Andreyevich Zhukovsky

Surprisingly, a lot of glittering military and municipal leaders of the Russian Federation has presented a difficult period XVIII-XIX centuries.

And Peter Konovnitsyn occupies a prominent place among the galaxy of talent. According to his contemporaries, he was one of the best

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Russian-US anti-terror exercises

May 12, 2012 Russian Navy military delegation flew to the U.S. to participate in the first in the history of the two countries in the US-Russian anti-terrorist exercises, which will be held at the military base of Fort Carson (USA, Colorado).

From the U.S. side will take part in the teaching unit of Special Operations Forces Army U.S. forces from the Russian side — special-purpose intelligence unit of the Airborne Troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Airborne Troops of the military unit stationed in Kubinka and management team of Navy Command.Plan of teaching in the preparatory

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Russian generals of the army returned to the shoulder straps of the Star

Army generals, including Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the straps on the back of the Star, which they had in Soviet times, it should be of a presidential decree posted on Friday on the official website of legal information.

"The diameter of the embroidered national emblem of the Russian Federation, Star Marshal of the Russian Federation, star Army General and Admiral of the Fleet Star — 40 mm" — the document says.

Operating marshals and admirals of the fleet in Russia. In this case, the title of army generals have at least ten officers.

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Rearmament runs on schedule

Dmitry Peskov, who is spokesman for the Russian president, has denied the information shown in the media, about the likely delay the implementation of programs from re-RA. Recall that in its implementation in municipal defense order has been allocated 20 trillion rubles.

According to Peskov, the funds for rearmament Russian army in the budget. A spokesman added that this week's planned meeting of the state defense order.

Sands, with all this, said that Putin was followed by a rather harsh reaction to the proposals of some officials to extend the deadline for the state defense order, and change

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Our first infantry battalion

History Division, all the men who were awarded the Order of Glory

In late 1944, the task of the coming of the Red Army was the entrance to the borders of Germany and the attack on Berlin. To this end have been made suitable conditions, namely, captured a bridgehead on the west bank of the Vistula. True, it was necessary to force people to man up and appliances. Lieutenant-General G. Plaske read me later that their 2nd Guards Tank Army in the battle of Poland lost over five hundred tanks and self-propelled guns.

Preparing for the final battle and the

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First interrogation of General Vlasov

What did the Germans prisoner said Russian commander

This document was kept in an envelope taped to the album "Volkhovskaya Battle", which was produced in a limited edition in December 1942, 621 th company of propaganda of the 18th German Army. He was in possession of German collector, approached me with a request to assist in the search for Russian museum or colleagues who are interested in, so got to find Russia.

The pieces below the published protocol has been published in number 4, "Military History Magazine" for 1991 (translated from the instance, which lies in the archives of KGB),

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Russian Terminator estimates Algerian army

The Algerian Hassi range of Baha (Hassi Bahbah) passed evaluation tests for the purchase of one of the Algerian army prototype tank support combat vehicle BMPT ("object 199" also known as "The Terminator"), developed by JSC "SPC" Uralvagonzavod ". Information on This blog reportsBMPDwith reference to the Algerian media. BMPT "Terminator" is designed to deal with tanks and other armored vehicles of the enemy, as well as for preventing attacks helicopters and low-flying aircraft. Earlier, Algeria has already acquired two major parties Russian T-90S tanks, equipped with the upgraded OMS, composed in addition to the thermal sight came

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The first global war. Prasnyshskaya operation

In connection with the transition to the Western Front to trench warfare and the lack of prospects for a frisky defeat of the enemy on this front, the German high command, after some internal struggle just elected the eastern front as the main theater of the war in 1915.

After the withdrawal of Russian troops in the middle of December 1914, on the eastern front has created about the subsequent position. Before the Germans fortified positions along the river. Angerapu and Mazury lakes braked 10th Russian army, which had 15 infantry. German divisions against 8. On the left bank

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The Pentagon has decided to cross with the Army Special Forces

Army U.S. will go to the permanent interaction with the Special Operations Forces units the U.S. Armed Forces. According to The New York Times referring to the U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno (Ray Odierno), Army units will take place with special forces joint training and support special forces during combat operations.

The practice of constant interaction between military units and U.S. special forces successfully worked in the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Odierno himself commanded a division in Iraq, the land, and was one of the initiators of convergence Army and Special Forces in the performance

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