Russian soldiers are getting more calories than the U.S.

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation launched a television broadcast commercials, which claims that the power of the army has become much better. And the number of calories Russian soldiers, even ahead of the Americans. And the organization "Soldiers' Mothers acknowledged that soldiers no longer keep a hungry body as it was in the nineties of the last century.

As the press service of the Defense Ministry, according to the order of the Ministry regarding food security troops, which entered into force on 21 June 2011, recruits get food three times a day. And since January

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Paulus: pragmatist or traitor

It has been over 66 years since the end of stateliness Russian war. During this period, almost all re-interpreted, almost all criticized, almost all are not evaluated until now. There is no question the feat of the Russian people that the price of enormous losses defended the independence of the country in which we currently live.

Almost all non-defined roles of some military leaders from both sides of the Red Army and by the Wehrmacht. One of the more controversial personalities who belonged to the elite of Hitler's army, is Friedrich Paulus. His career — striking example of

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Russian military bases are needed as air

America has 500 military bases in the world, and in the Russian Federation only four plus two Fri logistics, said live «PRAVDA.Ru ‘ editor in chief of the magazine «Arsenal Fatherland» Victor Murakhovski. But even in this case the United States strongly impede rebuilding Russian military bases, especially in Central Asia and in the Pacific Rim. «At the moment, the Russian Federation has a military base in Tajikistan (201st), South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Armenia. More items have logistics in the port of Tartus in Syria, in the port of Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam. Currently deployed similar military facility

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Memory. Secrets of the Stalingrad Commander

70 years ago, November 19, 1942, with a strong artillery barrage at Stalingrad began a counteroffensive Russian troops. On the fifth day, November 23, part of the 4th Mechanized Corps of the Stalingrad Front teamed up with the 26th Panzer Corps of the Southwestern Front in populated Fri Russian (East of Kalach). Our troops encirclement of German group, storming Stalingrad.

In the "pot" were 22 divisions and more than 160 individual parts of the 6th Field and 4th Panzer German armies — more than 300 thousand people. Such a large-scale operation to encircle Russian command had never been done

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Russian drones have successfully passed the test

In Nizhny Novgorod region ended the test Russian unmanned aerial vehicles. On the "samples" to be present central military commission management services and arms, led by Commander of Land Forces, Colonel General Alexander Postnikov. Based on the results of comparative tests in the General Command of the Army held a meeting at which it was stated that the domestic producers of complexes with UAVs were able to achieve significant progress in improving their designs. It was also revealed many interesting developments, which, with appropriate modifications may be taken on board. Army and the Air Force planned in the coming

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Paul I — Hamlet disaster in Gatchina

Russian ruler Paul I was brutally beaten and strangled intoxicated officers in his bedroom NIGHT MODE (11) March 23, 1801 at the Mikhailovsky Castle.

The life and death of the Russian Hamlet — specifically so called Emperor Paul I — prior to the current day or wrapped lurking. Around the monarch, who became the latest victim in the history of the Russian Federation of a palace coup, walks a lot of rumors. Modern researchers have very different points of view on the activities of this diverse personalities. Some consider it a half-mad pedant fanatic drill and uniform discipline, others

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The next innovation in the Russian army: What to expect now?

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, only recently started to fulfill its own obligations, days are spent in a meeting with the management of the Ministry of Defence. In the process, the Minister and the military was tasked — to increment the number of contract soldiers to 425 thousand people. This must be made within the next 5 years. As the President said, this is a very difficult task, especially for the municipal budget.

With specific regard to military service, the recruits, who will arrive in military units on a contract basis, will be on a non-commissioned

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Another disgruntled South American Senator

Scott Brown, Sen.-Republican, expressed his dissatisfaction with the implementation of the U.S. military Russian cargo planes to supply Afghan troops.

In the Senate Committee on Armed Services held hearings on the request of the presidential administration on the activities of the Air Force in 2013 at the hearings Sen. Brown asked why the South American cargo for U.S. soldier in Afghanistan delivered to Russian aircraft (ITAR-TASS).

With this issue, he appealed to the Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley, Air Force Chief of Staff and to the General Norton Schwartz. Sen. wondered, "Why do not we use their

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The Russian army scares Finns

"The Russian army, under the cover of fog, landed in Lapland" Photo

Russian military power is a concern of Finnish experts. According to them, it is on Finland has shifted the center of gravity of the Western Military District. At the same time reflect a possible attack Russia in Europe can only Britain.

Experts at the University of State of Defence of Finland, drew up a report, describe the military forces of Russia as a modern, capable of quick action cam. And it is far from outdated ideas about the Russian army as numerous infantry. As noted in the

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The Russian army will change masks

In 2012, the armed forces of Russia will do combined arms filtering respirators are the next generation, according to "Interfax-AVN" Head of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense (NBC), Major General Eugene Starks.

"Right now developed and tested a new all-arms-filtering respirators, which we called" Air ". It is expected that in 2012 it will begin to enter the army, "- said General Starks.

According to him, the new mask will come first in mobile brigades and battalions NBC, and then will gradually flow into other formations and units of the Russian army.

Eugene Starks said that

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