Located benefit of cyberwar

The U.S. military is intensively preparing for cyber war, the generals have released special allowance by hacking operations. Abstract knows about the "anonymous vragahv", "every second assault on democracy" and gives the definition of "military operations in cyberspace."

The manual is already betrothed by some experts at sensational, for the first time speaks of the ability of the response by the military. It is reported that army can and will storm the web of other states if necessary. To do this, we already have the first special forces unit. More than a year back has started a special "kiberkomanda", headquartered

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Militias in Libya put forward their demands

Gen. Fernand Mokhtar, head of the Military Council of the Western Libya, made a statement that is formed as a state army, militias, warehouses gun, leave the Libyan capital Tripoli. As the Gen."At the moment, Libya not even a semblance of law and order. Stability and security in the town supported only by the revolutionaries that performs these functions. The Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Interior, State Transitional Council (NTC) Libya do not have in their own possession sufficient forces to protect Tripoli. Militias have deposited an instrument they form a government army. "

According disk imaging,

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Landslide in north-eastern Uganda


* 8/12/11. * Military Uganda today announced that as a result of what happened last night in Kaabong district in north-eastern mountain landslide, at least seven people were killed and two were wounded.

Spokesperson Ugandan army said in a telephone interview with a correspondent. Xinhua that the landslide occurred in a village on the border between Uganda and South Sudan Kaabong district. The main cause of the landslide were marching for several days by heavy rains.

He also said that the army has sent rescue teams to the affected village by a landslide.

In March of last year in

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Operation Iskra. On the 70th anniversary of breaking the blockade of Leningrad. Part 2

Break of the Siege of Leningrad (January 18-20)

By January 18 the troops of the Leningrad and Volkhov fronts were fierce battle near the village of Labor number 5, and they shared a few kilometers. The German command, realizing that the delay surrounded by strong points is no longer necessary, gave orders to the garrison Schliesselburg Limes and make its way to Siniavino. To facilitate the breakthrough forces defending workers' settlements number 1 and number 5 ("Hyunera Group") had to hold on very long. In addition, the counterattack was organized by the Working settlement of the area number 5 to

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Operation Iskra. On the 70th anniversary of breaking the siege of Leningrad

By the beginning of 1943 the situation surrounded by German troops of Leningrad remained very difficult. The troops of the Leningrad Front and Baltic Fleet were isolated from the other forces of the Red Army. Samples of the blockade of Leningrad in 1942 — Luban and Sinyavinskaya offensive operations did not yield of success. A small path between Leningrad and Volkhov fronts — between the southern shores of Lake Ladoga and the village Mga (the so-called Shlisselburgsky Sinyavinskaya ledge, 12-16 km), as well as formerly occupied part of the 18th German Army. In the streets and squares of the

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Operation Consent. Entering the Russian troops in Iran in 1941

The operation, which will be discussed in this article, in Russian historiography is poorly investigated. This is understandable specific premises — the beginning of stateliness Russian war was full of dramatic, colorful page. Because Iranian operation — a joint British-Soviet operation the second world war on the Iranian occupation of areas of the country under the code name "Operation" Consent "" (English Operation Countenance), which ran from August 25 to September 17, 1941, remained in the middle of the "white spots "of this war. But we need to know and this page of Russian military art. In particular, it

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Operation Bagration — the strategic offensive of the summer 1944

Within three years, Belarus has been under the yoke of the enemy. The invaders looted the area of the republic: the town were destroyed, burned more than a million buildings in the rural areas, drawn to the ruins of 7 thousand schools. The Nazis killed more than 2-million prisoners of war and civilian inhabitants. Almost in the Byelorussian SSR was not a family that would not be affected by the Nazis. Snow White Russia was one of the most affected areas of the Union. But people do not lose heart and resisted. Knowing that the East Reddish Army recognized

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Operations in Northern Germany

In the 1712-1714 years. Peter planned to inflict a double blow to the Swedish Empire. First hit the Russian command sent to the Swedish possessions in northern Germany, and the second in Finland. With the concerted action of the land army and navy were going to take over the northern coast of the Gulf of Bothnia and the eastern coast, and from there take the war actually acts on the Swedish countryside to Stockholm. These acts were to lead to the lucrative world between Russia and Sweden.

Still, after the defeat of the army of Charles at Poltava, stationed in

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Risk of failure in Afghanistan and Iraq (Der Spiegel, Germany)

There is a name that is now quite often mentioned in the debate about the wars America, a name that does not promise anything good President Barack Obama. This is Lyndon Johnson, 36th President of the United States of America. Johnson, who, like Obama, was a Democrat and energetic reformer, ultimately defeated, as the South American troops waged war with him abroad. The Vietnam War killed all the chances, that of Johnson remembered as one of the greatest American presidents of the 20th century.

Johnson faced up to problems that no one before him had dared to touch — including

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The danger of war with Iran completely real

Our homeland called on Western countries and Iran do not solve the actions that will lead to an aggravation of the situation in the Strait of Hormuz. Alignment of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov expressed, deputy minister of foreign affairs. Deputy Minister also stated that the strait is an international, because you need to ensure freedom of navigation through it.

"The military actions against Iran could be dire mistake and very blunder. Consequences of such hypothetic scenario will be far-reaching for regional and global security," — said Ryabkov.

On the high probability of armed conflict, states and Nikolai Patrushev,

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