On the prospects of war in Syria

According disk imaging agency "Reuters", the Syrian Army drove the rebels out of the town of Aleppo. Fight for this naikrupneyshy economic center of Syria lasted from the end of July. Abduldzhabbar favorite fighters of al-Okeydi was destroyed. But the information is received contradictory, according to other data, released only the next quarter of the city — Salah al-Din. Either way, the chronicle of recent fighting, including in Damascus and Aleppo, indicating that the Syrian army confidently pushes the militants, restoring control over the towns, their private quarters. Syrian army and the forces of law and order, after the

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On some estimates of the possibility of the U.S. Army for mobilization deployment

A number of American think tanks last ordered the Pentagon study, the main aim of which is to develop a good structure of the armed forces are able to solve puzzles as long inside the country and abroad.

The crotch of the results of research have shown that the concept of reforming the armed forces in the direction of creation of highly mobile, well-armed military units capable of immediate blow to solve most of the problems standing in the criteria for long-term guerrilla war on the type of Iraq and Afghanistan proved to be ineffective.

In addition, during the

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On the legends of old times and new

What is wrong, and that loses sight of the highly popular historianName Alexei Isaev is very well familiar to all Russians who are interested in inverse annals of our country. He is often invited to the television and radio studios at the discussion, transmission, on the events of 40 years of the twentieth century, it often appears as a commentator in the documentary films, again telling about that time.

But, perhaps, not the least known Alexei V. brought almost two 10-ka he wrote books. At the same time, of course, a lot of the credo of the young 35-year-old historian,

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On winning the war, but failed

Kuban scouts in the Caucasian Army in the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878

Cossacks — members Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878

Balkan conflict

More than 130 years ago otshumeli fight Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878, which appeared as a result of recovery of the liberation movement in the Balkans and the aggravation of international conflicts in the Middle East. Our homeland has supported the liberation movement of the peoples of the Balkans, has also sought to bring back their own prestige and influence, undermined by the Crimean War of 1853-1856.

By the beginning of the war Our homeland has deployed two armies,

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The significance of the return of the Russian peoples Own — russkost

Indeed, the firm support and firmness of the ground for the state of consciousness and self-knowledge has always served as a state history.I.E.Zabelin

The main weakness of modern Russian people is a significant loss of memory, effectively blurring the Russian culture, the transformation of it into Russian culture. Loss of property. Thus, the inhabitants of the Indian, Chinese, Japanese civilizations carefully retain their — their prazdnichkom, national clothes, martial arts, beliefs Protz, their names, carefully preserve the memory of its own history, elevating her hula. Preserve the continuity of generations, bring up kids across national films, and music.

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New U.S. Army combat helmets converted into a deadly war video game

Yes, they look like attributes of the new science-fiction bestseller, but these futuristic helmets currently being tested by the U.S. Army tests. Their name — system HEADSUP, a modular variation currently applied in the army helmets with protective face 9-mm plate and integrated screen running Android-smartphone. These helmets are the result of four years of research the program and provide the best protection to soldiers more and more relevant skills than the current model. The main feature is their new helmets HUD-display, giving the ability of targeting a real-time, GPS-maps, text communication with the commanders of divisions, streaming video from

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At Yuzhnouralskaya crops comes locusts. Video


22.07.11.Fermery Southern Urals moving to a state of siege. Their crops come swarms of locusts.

Threatened — almost half the field Agapovka area. In Bashkortostan — there, where the army is a multibillion-dollar insect pests have eaten dozens of hectares of crops.

This enemy does not shoot at the enemy, and takes no prisoners — just very hungry. Breakfast grain crops, lunch grass in pastures. Another week of such a rich diet, and throughout the year there will be nothing to the local villagers. "Breathe freely — pay it back, and here such attack" — lamenting farmer CX "Field"

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Russian troops are needed if the national side?

Not so long ago, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation made a statement, quite thoroughly agitated the Russian media. This refers to the ability of the creation of the post in the Russian Armed Forces of the mono-ethnic parts.

On why suddenly in our military establishment ventured into such a move will be discussed below. But first, it makes sense to make out, so to speak, "the story of the issue."

In over 3 centuries

The regular Russian army, born under Peter I, national units appeared almost immediately, even during the Great Northern War. They were equipped

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Do we need guest workers Russian army?

At the moment, it is no secret that our homeland is in the so-called demographic pit. Because vernal call, passing in the current time, on the brink of failure. July 15, planned to put "under the gun" to more than 155 thousand young people in the country. According to the available disk imaging, more than 30% of the possible recruits recognized commissions worthless for military service, and 57% of recruits have already sent in troops, have restrictions on the service in connection with health.

Defense looks for a way out to fill the shortage of military enlisted personnel,

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The U.S. Army will receive «Iron Man Suit»

Special Operations Command (SOCOM) of the U.S. Army began collecting information on the potential creation of wearable armor for soldiers, which almost everyone would be like Man of Steel suit developed character comics Marvel Comics Anthony Stark. Lenta.ru writes citing the newspaper The Los Angeles Times, to create a working model of modern armor planned had spent less than 12 months.   It is clear that the intention of his own to create a suit for SOCOM said American company Revision Military, founded by former captain Brian Dowling riot policemen and, Raytheon and British BAE Systems. Brand new armor for

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