The Boeing Company may obtain an order for the supply of attack helicopters AH-64D Apache for the Indian Army. In the past year, the company signed a contract to supply the Indian Air Force 22 machines of this type in the amount of 1.3 billion U.S. dollars, Defense News reported on July 24.   Indian Army have their own lusts «Apache», to be independent of the Air Force to use these helicopters. A source from the Indian Defence Ministry said that a treaty could be concluded at the end of this year, the number of machines purchased unclear.   Meanwhile,

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Do you need in the Army bullying?

Immediately I wish to see that this is not tips, as it should be, a reflection on the topic … Thoughts will express controversial (including to me), and I would appreciate comments, especially balanced and not crowded feelings!

So, about the "hazing" in the army. Surely, you must first find what exactly is hiding behind the term "bullying"? Politically correct title of "hazing case" in my opinion, only confuses the issue! My world is: if (God forbid!) Army will try to act strictly according to the statutes shaped as letters, it will not only demoralizvannoy, as at the moment,

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A new kind of Russian Armed Forces

October 5, Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov gave the club of military observers in the Office of the press service of the Defense Ministry and disk imaging press conference at which highlighted a number of issues of the upcoming reform of Russian Armed Forces.

In 1-x, the Deputy Minister said that the Ministry of Defense before the currently task is to increase the properties of the enlisted men of the army and navy. This task is equally applies to both recruits and in the contract. He acknowledged that "the quality of the current contract leaves much to be desired

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According to the Brazilian Army, November 26 decided to acquire self-propelled anti-aircraft Gepard German company KMW.   ZSU Gepard armed with 2 35 mm Oerlikon guns with an effective range of up to 5 km and fire control radar with a range of detection of air targets up to 20 km. Armored «Cheetahs» are designed to provide near-defense tank columns and troops on the battlefield. Highly mobile and effective air defense system designed to combat helicopters, UAVs and low-flying aircraft.   Brazilian army at the present time has 239 tanks Leopard 1A5, on the chassis were made ZSU «Cheetah»,

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In Chinese Scientists at border with North Korea were deployed NEW TANKS TYPE 99G

Not so long ago, the Chinese developed main battle tank Type 99G was first demonstrated during exercise Shenyang Military Area near the border with North Korea on December 28, reported the municipal channel CCTV (China Central Television). Writes about it now   Like all tanks «Type 99», the new version is armed with 125-mm gun, able to penetrate the armor of the western main battle tanks, such as English and South American Challenger M1. Chinese tank has the best ammunition and a huge range of fire than the Russian T-72 production, also has a more advanced fire control

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Robotic war: every fifty soldiers in modern U.S. Army — a robot

According to estimates of professionals, the role of each fiftieth soldier in the U.S. Army today plays bot. For example, the U.S. Army uses more bots to deactivate roadside bombs and conducting unmanned reconnaissance missions in the Middle East. And now they even make armed robotic soldiers that can withstand a huge amount of direct hits. And although more youthful generation of American fighter «knows that it will save their lives», these developments raise some serious ethical questions about the possibility of human technology to take decisions in the piquant situation. Many people ask the question for yourself: Does not

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Ten of the best armored vehicles according to Army Technology

Armored personnel carriers (APCs) took an important role in military operations from World War to the present time. Resource listed some of the best armored vehicles operated now, based on defense, firepower, mobility. APCs such as Patria AMV, Boxer and Piranha V, have enhanced protection, allowing more benign landing of infantry in a war zone. Patria AMV Patria AMV (Armoured Modular Vehicle Armoured Modular Vehicle) is a modern 8×8 armored ton produced in Finland. Tc was introduced to the market in 2004, and today about 1,400 ton were ordered armed forces of Finland, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden

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New ARV Centauro VCREC for the Spanish Army

July 29, 2011 after the end of the tests carried out at the factory OTO Melara — subsidiary of the Italian company Iveco in Madrid, Spain, the Army supplemented by 4 armored recovery vehicle (ARV) Centauro VCREC. These engineering machines have become completely new family of mobile standards wheeled armored vehicles based on a popular destination for Italian Centauro armored combat vehicle with an unmodified 8×8, and another delivery was an additional evidence of the continuation of a series of Centauro.

Weighing about 30 tons, Centauro VCREC contains a chassis Freccia, tap, main and auxiliary winches, blade / stabilizer,

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In Moscow, the invasion of cockroaches. Video


20.07.11.Zhara, who came to the capital, has brought with it other than closeness and another unpleasant surprise.

This could make sure residents Small Georgian streets. They attacked the hordes of giant cockroaches.

Whole armies of insects enter the apartments, garages and expensive restaurants, and to cope with the invaders have not yet been able to.

When night came to the inhabitants of Presnya horror. A huge army of cockroaches went on the offensive. On lawns, paths, roadway, homes, restaurants, hostels. For them there was no barrier. They entered the garage-shells, they sat down on the walls, they are teeming

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Recruits and evaders was equally

Search for "mowing" the army offered not only at the time of the call.

Summed up the results of the autumn conscription on Thursday at the Ministry of Defence. Deputy Chief of General Staff Gen.-Colonel Vasily Smirnov said that the plan is executed, but the army run more than 200 thousand people — almost as much as the departed to serve.

Total debt to motherland has left 278,821 people — call, According to Vasily Smirnov made. Also, General denied that the internal forces (their complements recruits Defense) Did not receive the planned number of conscripts. "They claim we performed

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