Custom Phase Third World

It is … in such a quiet and calm and peace-filled days of summer began, started both Russian war in Russia … Analysts Best Western institutions until now not been able to fully answer the question of why the Russian middle of the twentieth century, defeated the best European army.

Modern Western scholars come to neuteshilnym conclusions. Russian hit upon some unknown way the essence of the trends taking place in European society since the beginning of the twentieth century, and were able to use it. Best Western intelligence denounce their government information that even ordinary Russian soldiers,

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Nestor Makhno: the father of the farm liberty and ideological anarchist or a bandit?

This man's life is divided into three parts. 1st — from birth to imprisonment in jail for anarchist activity, the second — four years of continuous battles, campaigns and healing from numerous injuries, and the third — thirteen-year stay in a foreign land.

Nestor Makhno was born October 26, 1888 in Polye in the family of a former serf, the groom. Witnesses claimed that during the christening robe of the priest caught fire, and he angrily exclaimed that the baby will grow, "the thief, what light is never seen." If we take into account all these elements, there is nothing

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Missed revenge Napoleon

Steel shutter speed and error ruler after the accident on the Berezina

Napoleon after the capture of Moscow and months of fruitless waiting in her wish for peace made the decision to leave the devastated town. Capital trap big game, staged in chief of the Russian Army Prince Kutuzov Misha Golenischev-in which hit ruler of France has fulfilled its function. During the time spent in a deserted and burnt Pervoprestolnoj Bonaparte had lost not only the hope of a noble world, but have not received even an insignificant truce. He remained only an illusion.

Alexander I, frankly weak military leader,

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Enduring and famous? In the fighting has known … who?

At War (American) woman's face completely. Or chest. We are accustomed to think that bad things happen only in the army, and we could not be worse. It myself many times wrote. And no. It can. Even in the best army in the world.

First, first — in skyscrapers …

Bearded "international terrorist" only negligible imitator, because after the opening of the "neboskrebnyh attacks" … belongs to the U.S. Air Force pilots!First performed this act of a twin-engine bomber, "Mitchell" June 28, 1945. Colonel William Smith was carrying out a flight attendant, can not cope with the management, and

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Frivolous names harsh weapons

The tradition of giving weapons names, based on its similarity to any external objects, dates back to the 16th century. That's when the French army armed with grenades appeared, and the men without thinking twice, gave them the name of a fruit — and to form similar grenades and tear into small pieces recalls countless garnet grains. The same applies to Limonka. A grenade launcher M9, which entered service with the U.S. Army during the second world war, the soldiers nicknamed the bazooka in honor of the musical instrument. With all this the greatest popularity was received names that pointedly

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U.S. Army began to develop this suit, «Iron Man»

Development, which the story of the movie «Iron Man», became one step closer to reality thanks to the United States military. The U.S. Army has ordered the development bronekostyumy TALOS, who will be able to give their own carrier superhuman capabilities, such as night vision, phenomenal strength and invulnerability to firearms. Each suit will have an integrated computer that can simultaneously react to certain situations and deliver to the owner’s own extensive information about its surroundings. According to a military press release, the suit will be able to use the watery armor, which is the real point is in development

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The Germans got sick to serve in the army after the abolition of conscription (about reforms in the armed forces of Germany)

The reform of the German army, which has lasted for a couple of years, has led to a drop in morale fighter. Such a disastrous conclusion the Commissioner for the Bundeswehr Helmut Kenigskhaus. The Ministry of Defence after the abolition of conscription in 2011, all the forces of the army was trying to reincarnate in a pretty place of work for the average German, but progress is still quite unclear. Since that time, both in the army ended up in the order of mandatory call on all young people, the Germans began to treat military service as a civilian profession

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The U.S. Army officially renamed the latest version of Apache helicopter in the AH-64E and plans to conclude with «Boeing» a contract for the full establishment of the drum machines.   Upcoming contract will include the creation of 48 units per year for the U.S. Army for 2 years and 48 cars on foreign orders. Expected rate of production will be 4 cars per month for the U.S. Army and three cars per month for zabugornyh customers. Total U.S. Army plans to buy 690 helicopters.   First AH-64E entered the U.S. Army in November of last year, the rate

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The German military secret

German soldiers near the monument to the god of war — Mars: "We shall conquer the whole world!"

The Germans — warriors, yeah … Two unleash a global war, so what! After all, they did not have a little bit before the creation of the atomic bomb. A rocket FAA they had to do. Yes, a lot of that had soaps, for example, brewed from human fat … So we, the inhabitants of the third planet from the Sun, a miracle slipped out of the second World War. Lucky — because the Germans start a bit later, at a

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Shortage of troops affects their readiness

The results of the autumn conscription campaign just summarized, and the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces come disturbing reports that some regions have not fulfilled the plan on the call. Already at this point it is clear that for the first time in recent years the armed forces are experiencing shortage fighter and sergeants on the call. With all of this continues to go down a layer of contract soldiers.

Speaking not long ago in a closed session of the State Duma Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov admitted that "the needs of the military organization of the country

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