Nicaraguas army prepares to meet new hurricane

Nicaraguan authorities expect in the next few hours of arrival into the country of the new hurricane, due to which military units are on high alert to assist the victims.

As the press-secretary of the country's armed forces Juan Ramon Morales, only about 1.5 thousand people located in different places on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, where the expected impact of elements, to help people, if need be.

The rest of the army, as well as civil defense forces, also put on high alert in order to take part in rescue operations.

On the other hand, at the moment there

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Grave of victims of the Volyn massacre?

Vladimir-Volyn under the walls of an old burial Cyclopean bullpen found murdered since the second world war.All killed by the German government-issue guns — "Walter" or "pistol". About one fifth — the child. In the grave length of 14 meters a lot of ladies' skeletons. Having found dead at everyday things Polish pre-war production show that the victims were either Polish or Polish Jews. Before the war, she lived in Volyn tremendous Polish community, which is a huge part of Bandera was killed during the ethnic cleaning in 1943 (the so-called "Volyn Massacre"). Necessary to carry out more research

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Defense regulating anti-deviators

Society The Ministry of Defence issued a decree number 34 to limit travel abroad for those who evaded military service. The document prescribes the procedure for the imposition of such restrictions on the recruit and removal of the ban. It also identifies those who should provide information about the "deviants" to the bank of data on citizens who are temporarily restricted the right to travel abroad. Recall database to "travel ban" citizens located in the Department of Citizenship and Migration Ministry of Internal Affairs. Head of the Information Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Constantine Shalkevich said "Freedom":


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SWAT — Film Arkady Mamontov watch online

Transfer of Arcadia Mammoth Aware of the most secret and closed unit of troops of the Russian army.

Weapon, weapons,Army

Many types of weapons in the Army of Ukraine to update and change — in three years

As reported by, this at last February 23 meeting with the students of the Kiev Military Lyceum named after Ivan Bohun President Ukraine Victor Yanukovych.

The main objectives of the military reform, according to Yanukovych, is to create a good number of arms and on the number of personnel of the combat-ready and mobile army capable of providing excellent defense.

Head Ukraine Also note that the updated army should take a proactive role in international efforts aimed at maintaining peace and security. Regardless of the monetary crisis, saw the Ukrainian president, economical funding the armed forces of the country

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Alignment zampoteha

Lieutenant General Alexander Y. Golovkin was born August 31, 1934 at the station iLet Zvenigovsky district Mari ASSR in the family of the railway. In 1952, after graduating from high school he entered the Faculty of Engineering and Tank Armor Academy named after IV Stalin. After graduation, he was appointed deputy commander of the 1st Tank Company for the technical part of the 242 th Tank polk41 th Guards Tank Division of the Carpathian military neighborhood. In 1960-1961,. served as deputy commander of the missile battalion on the technical part of the army missile brigade. From 1962 to 1968 he

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Mikhail Prokhorov: conscription will be abolished in 2015

Mikhail Prokhorov, being a presidential candidate, said that if he wins the election, then 2015 the abolition of conscription. He believes that our homeland should not be engaged in preparation for the Third World War, at the same time, the mobile army must at any moment to defend Russian citizens, wherever he may be.

Go with it, Prokhorov believes that the process of formation of Prof. army would provide a new high-skilled jobs. In this regard, he offers to reform the military-industrial complex and form a civilian-military concern, which would be involved in the release of both military and

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Mikhail Delyagin: Looks like a private army is perceived as a threat to Russian control

— Mike G., nedavneshnego day or on the occasion of the 23rd of February, does not it seem to you to figure izymatelstvom Defense Minister Serdyukov over the very thought of the Russian army?

— Well, 23rd February, all the same day Russian army, Russian army in a slightly different story. And the identity of the defense minister and his tireless activity that produces conscious recollection destruction of the army, should not overshadow the main prepyadstviya last — the lack of clear military doctrine. Russian military to this day do not have the answer to the main question though what

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Mikhail Bogdanovich Barclay de Tolly

It was Napoleon Bonaparte was annoyed at the inability to shoot the public opinion of the guns. But not only the French government had to reckon with the views of the public. In Russia, its pressure is not inferior to the post-revolutionary France. Mikhail Bogdanovich Barclay de Tolly was a frequent object of undeserved criticism of court circles in the heaviest period of Russian war in 1812.

Misha was born Bogdanovic (Michael Andreas) in December 1761 in the German Hanseatic a de Tolly — branch of an ancient Scottish family Barclay. The father of the future Marshal Veingold Gotthard (adopted

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Legends of the army … Tales of professionals and recruits …

I must say at once — I resent the use of the phrase "PROFESSIONAL army", In the sense that at the moment is embedded in this expression — in other words, the army created and assembled on a voluntary basis, on" self-employed "or service under the contract. The man which for the first time to use a phrase coined by expanses of Russia, the monument should put those who are interested in the collapse of the Russian Armed Forces and the discrediting of the concept of "military service"! It is not clear — who first "catapulted" into the public consciousness

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