South Korean 7.62mm SNIPER RIFLE K14

  South Korean army adopted a 7.62mm sniper rifle S & T Motiv K14. This year will be equipped with rifles special units, and in 2014 — permanent troops.   Work on the creation of a new instrument began in 2010. Two years later, the army was first proposed layout, named XK14. First in 2013 to develop the newest sniper rifle has been completed and received the designation K14 gun. In the same year with the company S & T Motiv contract price was three million dollars (3.2 million won) for the supply of rifles.   K14 rifle chambered for

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U.S. ARMY TESTED ON LAW JAVELIN extended firing range

Javelin anti-tank missile proved its ability to hit a target beyond the stated maximum firing range during a series of tests of the U.S. Army. During tests on Eglin AFB USAF (Fla.) missile successfully hit targets at a distance 4750 m   Increased firing range will allow, is expected to enhance the survival of Javelin gunner during the fighting. President JJV (Javelin Joint Venture) and director of Raytheon’s Javelin applets Duane Gooden (Duane Gooden) said that during the tests the increased firing range missile hit the target twice with a direct hit.   «These tests have shown that under

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Defense Ministry vorachivaetsya to increase military contractors

The Ministry of Defence finally realized that with today's realities is simply unrealistic yearly gain of 750 thousand conscripts fighter, and that it was time vorachivatsya to increase the number of military personnel serving under contract. Specifically, this read as last Friday, representatives of the Military Office of the country at a meeting with President Medvedev, that the idea of the growth of contractors, thank God, and pledged support for this necessary funds.

Anatoly Serdyukov said that now the Russian Army will be 220 thousand officer posts and 425 thousand contract. Given that the number of our army is now

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Miracle on the Vistula was first buried the idea of communism

Society August 15, Poland celebrated the 90th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Warsaw between the troops and the revived Polish divisions of the Red Army led by Tukhachevsky. On why a battle called the "Miracle on the Vistula" and the impact it had on the fate of Poland and Belarus — talk to the historian Valentin Golubev.

In Lately historian, in the recent past, the politician Valentin Golubev often the case in Poland, where he worked in the local archives. Valentin Golubev said that the Battle of Warsaw in 1920, determined the fate of not only

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Ministry of Defence refused to UAZ

Defense continues to get rid of the famous, but aging weapons and equipment. Just behind the "Kalashnikov" troops in 2015 released the famous "Bobby" UAZ-3151. The source said the General Staff, in the state defense order for the coming nine years of buying cars UAZ is not scheduled.

"Can the purchase of these machines spetspartiyami small, but in general we can state that the purchase" UAZ "for the army stopped," — said the representative of the General Staff.

He added that by 2015 the military will use the supplies already in the SUV, and earlier time determine which machine

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Firepower (6 films) watch online

Firepower. War on wheels

Modern wheeled armored vehicles faster, lighter, more maneuverable tanks. On the battlefield, they are always able to fight back and simultaneously be transferred to another epicenter of events. They are required in almost all infantry units. Fighter driven to the battlefield under the cover of armor. Wheeled vehicles were the pioneers of modern armored vehicles. Success of technologies eclipsed the previous limits, turning them into stunning armored vehicles. From old to modern chariot teams filled with Stryker, mobile battle has always meant a war on wheels.

Firepower. Shipping by air

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Defense changes the value of

The private nedavneshney meeting with Vladimir Putin, Minister of Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said that in 2011 the needs of the Russian army will have about 2 trillion rubles, which by the way is 19 percent of the total budget of the Russian Federation for the year. A significant portion of these funds will be focused on the modernization of the army and the purchase of new modern weapons.

According to the views of the majority of military professionals, these funds will be used, first, to re-deterrent, air force, air defense and navy. By some estimates on their maintenance

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Activists handed signatures for the reform of the army

Society meeting was held on 12 August in the room for the reception of the Ministry of Defence. It was the deputy head of the main organizational and mobilization department Valery Tsislenka and other representatives of the Ministry. The officials immediately asked F. Vyachorka leave the premises and agreed to talk only to I. Shiloh.

The young activist told them about the aims and objectives of the company, "Our Army," and handed the collected signatures in support of the reform of the armed forces.

"Nothing concrete from them I have not heard. They made it clear that nothing

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Defense Ministry is preparing a reform of the army

Recently, the Ministry of Defence wants to carry out a series of reforms. So, it is planned to study the issue in the creation of the Russian army military police. In real time, the Office is studying foreign experience in this field.

"We are working on this issue, but, unfortunately, has not yet found the one design that would suit us — quoted by RIA" Novosti "statement by Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov at a meeting with representatives of public organizations. — But we are studying the experience of foreign countries, where work well done and such a structure.

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Defence ministers have changed, the reform has remained: what made that will make

Following the resignation of Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and approval in the post Sergei Shoigu we again began to think about the fact that the country is military reform. No — you can not state that all the polls on thereof forgotten, but recently time everyday ordinary Russians (in this case not only far from the military) was already the lowest enthusiastically watching the progress of military reform, while at the same time are increasingly diverted to manifest the corruption scandals in the main defense establishment. In this connection we can read that if reform and went according to plan,

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