Crime flourishes in the U.S. Army

U.S. has always positioned itself in the world as defenders of democracy and fighters for universal equality, but missed the fact that the corruption in the army. South American military bases are located in virtually all regions of the world and the number of soldiers performing there service is very important. In the media the media and then there are facts about the misconduct of the U.S. military overseas. In the middle of these offenses — drunkenness, fights, robberies, fights and rape. And that's not whole list of offenses. But as a result of investigations of all crimes, almost

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Military (all series) watch online

Military science — science-fiction programm on the global history of wars, armies and weapons, Bows period from antiquity to the present day. But it's not much like the usual Teleformat showing features of army life, interviews with commanders and soldiers' everyday life … Its main nuances — a modern weapon, the identity of the commander and historical paradoxes, opening in the military sphere. The program will present a non-traditional sights on war — as in the past, and on the modern battlefield. A significant part of the "military affairs" is dedicated to the Russian Federation — its important military

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Radiation sickness in Napoleons army

January 13, 2013 23:05

The causes of the famous Moscow fire of 1812 discussed reluctantly. For Russian fact putting to shame the ancient capital of Napoleon's troops was extremely unpleasant and unnecessary reminder not welcomed.

For the French, a story of a huge fire was too shameful event inconsistent with the role of an advanced civilized nation, which they considered themselves. And witness the fire that can clearly and in detail tell about what happened — had a little, Muscovites, especially the educated classes, left the city, many of the invaders were killed during the infamous flight from Russia.

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Kremlin commented on the situation with the Swifts

Russian President Vladimir Putin is clear about the situation related to the commander of the aerobatic team "Swifts" Lt. Col. Valery Morozov, but the army has its own charter of said press secretary Dmitry Peskov, the head of the country.

"The fact that this army, and the army have commander. In the army can not be accessed through the head of a superior. In the army there are fatigued, "- said Peskov, commenting on the situation with Morozov.

He added: "The president informed of the case."

The pilots of aerobatic teams "Swifts" and "Russian Knights" first of September appeal

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Reddish and white could make it up in Constantinople

Secret plans Bolshevisation Turkey

In 1924, Mikhail Bulgakov published the story "Crimson Island", and later converted it into a play. I note that the story, and the play was allowed Russian censorship. The essence of the story: on a scarlet peninsula is a revolution, and then plainclothes war. The British maintained a privileged caste Arapov fighting the Moors commoners. In the end arap kill their own commander and fraternizing with the Moors, and then all together beating "enlightened sailors." British ships skedaddle away from the Crimson island.

"After that the radio antenna on the Eiffel Tower in Paris intercepted greenish

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Reddish Army recently stateliness of World War II

Some provisions of the creator, namely the repression commanders, set out in article does not coincide with the gaze of the editors of "Military Review". See for example the article: "The myth of the" beheading army "Stalin"

The question of why Reddish Army outright lost frontier battle in Byelorussia, the Ukraine (although just in the defense KOVO it was not quite so sure) and the Baltic long occupied the minds and military historians, and people interested in the history of the USSR and Russia. In the circumstances referred to as the principal:

1. An advantage of the general capabilities of

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Reddish Army — eyes of the enemy

Studying memories commanders first and second world wars (as the one and the other), we draw attention to the work of commanders and staffs in the development and adoption of decisions on troop control. One of the important reasons in the decision making process will be how the commander assesses its own enemy. Practice shows that in the memories quite difficult to find the real characteristics, let us own enemy. Then book, Major-General of the Wehrmacht Panzer F.Melentina is no exception. In it one of the few offers a candid and full feature warriors of the Red Army. We

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Japanese special forces — force, which does not officially exist

Modern Japanese Special Forces — it is perhaps the only force in the world, about which there is no definite disk imaging. The fact that in this country forces such as no. And for her safety meet the self-defense forces, who have been granted the status of a typical.

Creating a modern special forces units of the Land of the Rising Sun begins in the distant period after the war. A prerequisite for that was the Potsdam Declaration, which was signed in 1945. According to the declaration of the entire state the Japanese army was disarmed and all troops

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I — severokavkazets. I am a patriot of Russia. I love Russ

I — severokavkazets. I am a patriot of Russia. I love Russ. My way of communicating is repugnant to many. Communicates aggressively without snot and excess lime correctness. I advise you not to read the article for those who can not break the habit of bleating sheep bigots and hypocrites.

1. Heard a lot of discussion about the state idea. Even the Kremlin heard trepotnya krivodushnaya devoid of real utility. Kremlin blather about the idea of the state, striking out of our passports and our nationality slighting Russian law, in which the rights and something real is almost gone. All

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Southern direction. The coming of the army Chichagova

Please illumine the South towards the situation was further: in Bobruisk was a Russian garrison under the command of Alexander Ignatiev, he restrained division Dombrowski, barrel Ertel (about 15 thousand) was located near Mozyr against him was a division of General Moreau. Army Tormasov, after a fight with Gorodechno 31 July 1812 (Southward: victory at Kobrin and Gorodechno), Moved across the river Styr, waiting for the approach of the Danube army of Bessarabia. Russian troops were active hostilities, as did their opponents. Saxon and Austrian corps Rainier and Schwarzenberg did not bother 3rd Western Army Tormasov and gave her

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