What to teach? Which war cook?

Termination of a set of students in higher educational institutions of the Defense Ministry, apparently shocked many prominent members and military and civilian community of our country. In general, here fit again for the umpteenth time to talk about the mind-boggling passivity of the respective structures in the leadership of the Armed Forces, which obliged to explain the essence of the reform of the army and navy.

But the decision not to take any of today or in the future, the applications from those who want to dedicate lives Ratna case there are many questions. Yes, maybe we really

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Air Base Army Aviation SOUTH received new helicopters Mi-35

 Photo source:mil.ru

Two new Mi-35 helicopter arrived at the airbase Army Aviation Southern Military District (SOUTH), stationed in the Stavropol region. Combat vehicles built at the plant "Rostvertol" and delivered as part of the state defense order. In December, part of the flight crew airbase was training for the type of helicopter factory in Rostov-on-Don. Further training in the management of Mi-35 military pilots union Air Force and Air Defense Center in SOUTH continue deployment and retraining pilots of army aviation in Torzhok, Tver Region.

In 2011, the Joint Air Force and Air Defense SOUTH within the defense procurement

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Tanks of World War II watch online

2nd Global war for many types of weapons was a turning point, including for the tanks. With years of progress in the properties of combat vehicles, and methods for their implementation. Tanks become an important means of warfare, and the tank troops — the main striking force of the Army. During the 6 years of the war made the world tank path that in peacetime would be measured in decades. In the movie, presented the tanks of the USSR, Germany, France, Italy, the land of the rising sun, the USA, England.

Tanks, armored vehicles

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Cost of Berlin: the legends and documents

Searchlight beams rest on the smoke, can not see anything in front of an angry snapping fire Seelow Heights, and behind pursuers are fighting for the right to be the first in Berlin generals. When a lot of blood still broke through the defense, followed by a bloodbath on the streets of the town, in which tanks were burning one by one from the well-aimed shots "faustnikov." Such unsightly image of the final assault was formed in the postwar decades in the public mind. So, whether it was in fact?

Like most of the great historical events of the

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IDF tanks puts

The Israeli army is preparing for the fact that Syria deployed its own fighter along its own southern border. The purpose of this step can be active protection of demonstrators who try once again to break through the Israeli countryside in time mass protests expected in September in time UN vote on Palestinian independence.

At the current time IDF conducting exercises in which work out a scenario approach Syrian fighter to the border with Israel and the active protection of their offenders who are trying to climb over the border fence.

"It is entirely possible that the situation may

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S-300 «reflect» a massive missile attack on Russia

Four defense regiment during the next unexpected check readiness of the Armed Forces to be moved to mon Ashuluk (Astrakhan region) to reflect a massive missile attack.   Aircraft military transport aviation combat crews are thrown on Ashuluk where in a situation very close to combat, will fulfill a set of practical tasks to repel massive missile and air conditional enemy air strike.   This was told in the press service of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense.   In the process of checking the combat crews quickly deployed C-300 and begin to track the situation to detect and defeat

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To walk or not to go into the army? That will give it to me?

The question is quite fascinating, if here will be referred to such while unpredictable, unfortunately, the country as our homeland. The fact that I know very well the soldier's environment, because my father was a Russian officer, and everyone understands how to be strong army Russian Union, which feared and too sincere to my chagrin the greatest nation in the world. Means that it was fear, but because my father was at home so rarely that such fear can fully confirm. In addition, we ran into shelves smoothly, so as the shop was on the ground regiment even abroad, and

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Hillary Clinton: Assad overthrow army

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that Syrian security services and army will be able to become a force capable of overthrowing the political regime Bashar al-Assad.

Speaking after the conference ended in failure "Friends of Syria," Secretary of State said that "surrounded by Assad's men began to think about alternatives," and they do not want to engage in liquidation of their own people.

As proof of his own words Hillary Clinton gave the example of last year's uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, specifically the military put an end to a long dictatorial regimes.

Clinton said

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T-shirts in the army

There is another exciting category T-shirts — army. Of course, the army itself has not yet entered a fashion designer at work. But with the army one way or another connected each muzhik. So at least February 23, similar products are becoming very popular. And with all this, not even in principle, served as a man or not. They also fit perfectly as a gift, say, a day or a day Airborne border guard.

Still, there are people for whom a close Army theme, the theme of the special services, tools, different war games (airsoft, paintball), and even

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French outfit for the Russian special forces

Defense Ministry wants to buy abroad party fighting equipment

Deputy Minister of Defence, Chief of Armaments Vladimir Popovkin army threw another bombshell: our military establishment wants to buy in France for the special forces of the Head of Intelligence (GRU) of the "limited batch" of equipment a soldier of the future — FELIN. According to him, our specialists from the defense and the GRU examine its real properties and check. whether they correspond to those claimed by manufacturers.

"And as a result we will decide what we do with this outfit," — said the deputy minister. He also noted that

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