French defense policy

Napoleon Bonaparte was: "If the goal is perfectly known, it is not difficult to find and the means to achieve it." Voluntarism of today's Supreme Commander Nicolas Sarkozy leads one to believe that the goal of France — is the preservation of her favorite role of the euro and the permanent members of the Security Council of the UN. But will the 1st of voluntarism for her services?

French military machine, which is the subject of this article is subject to constant adjustment and seems to never sets in the number of values of the president, while at the

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Weapons of victory (10 movies) Watch online

Studio "Wings of the Russian Federation" has produced 36 episodes of the series "Victory Cannon." Each film cycle is Aware or other weapons, without which victory Russian people over Nazi Germany would have been an impossible: small cannon, artillery, aircraft, tanks, self-propelled artillery, submarines, armored trains, hand grenades, cars.

An excellent documentary cycle our military equipment and weapons from the Russian war majestically. Victory showed that an advantage is capable of, the quantity and quality of weapons, professor at the soldiers and commanders defected to the Russian Army.

1. DP. 2. The machine gun "Maxim"

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The Mongolian army was T-72 tanks and BTR-70M

Tanks and armored personnel carriers entered service 016 infantry brigade. Sagerlen

Russia since the beginning of 2012 delivered a large shipment of Mongolian arms and military equipment from the Russian armed forces, reports bmpd. In particular, the Mongol army was up to 50 main battle tanks T-72A, 40 modernized BTR-70M and cars "Ural". Tank equipment, presumably, was repaired at the 103rd Armored Atamanovka repair plant in the Trans-Baikal region.

Supply of military equipment manufactured in a package of agreements between Russia and Mongolia in 2009-2010. First T-72 tanks and armored personnel carriers BTR-70 armed with

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Dragunov sniper rifle — 50 years

In June 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the adoption of a day or a sniper rifle SVD Dragunov development Eugenia the Russian army. Work on upgrading the standard SVD and tests under the ROC «Warrior» will end in November 2013. «The modernization will get a new rifle barrel, additional Picatinny rail on top of the receiver box for installation of modern cladding, butt with adjustable ergonomics also Rollaway telescopic bipod,» — said the chief designer of «Izhmash» Vladimir Zlobin. — As a result of modernization at the IRS will be significantly enhanced properties of accuracy. « Also works on

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Photo and video footage of internal redeployment of troops, shot in Oregon against the expected austerity measures (The Intel Hub, USA)

Over the last month and a half of our readers sent us hundreds of photos and video footage of the active transfer of internal forces within the United States.

Although, of course, in the fact of the movement of troops is nothing unique about the scale move in this time gives it, frankly, naizloveschy color.

Camouflage for the most part of this military transport is not a desert, and city or digital (camouflage outline of the case generated three-dimensional images, and gaze at which creates a memory depth and volume figures, which conceals the shape of technology against the

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Formed teams of intelligence and army aviation

Defense Ministry announced plans to deploy 26 new brigades the Army in 2020 but full-time strength Army will not be increased — the growth will come from existing missing items.

Prior to 2020 in the Army will be created 26 new brigades, said yesterday at a press conference in Moscow, Chief of the Land Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin. In each of the existing 10 field armies will be created by a team of intelligence and army aviation brigade. In each of the four military districts will form another four brigades of army aviation and, in addition, will be created

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The form number eight — that steal, and then carry

Russian army next year will move to a new outfit — so-called. "Figure" (field uniform with special pixel coloring). As promised the military authorities, much more high-quality, convenient and reliable in comparison to today.

"The price issue" — not so small: for a full pereobmundirovaniya personnel will be 5-5.5 billion rubles., Said on November 17 Deputy Defense Minister Colonel General Dmitry Bulgakov opened in Moscow on the 10th anniversary exhibition "Russian manufacturers and Supply of Armed Forces. "

That read, in the newest form of our troops has long been needed. Remembering the Soviet soldier's uniform standard of 70-80's, is

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Form for the military as before remains free

Previously, "Military Review" to report that, maybe, in 2012 the Russian army officers and contract soldiers will have to provide themselves with uniforms at their own expense. Rumors about similar measures have appeared in the media after Roscii President Dmitry Medvedev signed a law raising the currency of servicemen. Specifically, the newspaper "Izvestia" said that "in the Defense considered that the "monetization clothing allowances" will harsh savings, as officers, according to calculations command will frugally and will take only a benign odezhku. "

No further as yesterday, the Ministry of Defence has officially denied these rumors. Contract servicemen and

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Algerian upgraded BMP-2M

On the web-site of the Algerian photograph appeared significant number of combatant, including introduction of upgraded weapons "Berezhok" infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2M Algerian army. The picture was taken in the factory bronetankoremontnogo BCL (Base Sentrale Logistique) of the Ministry of Defence of Algeria in Blida, where he carried out work on the modernization of the Algerian BMP-2. The contract for the modernization at BCL about 400 Algerian vehicles BMP-2 variant of BMP-2M, including introduction of weapons "Berezhok" was made of Tula "Instrument Design Bureau" in 2005.


The upgraded BMP-2M Algerian army on the territory of

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Finnish war in the eyes of the platoon commander

On War, which began 71 year ago, in late November 1939 after 15 years poslednie10-written, very many. Fights preceded the difficult balance of political forces in Europe, which led Stalin to "move" the Finnish border, is in a particular vicinity of Leningrad …

Most publications on the Soviet-Finnish war boil down to the evidence that the reddish Army demonstrated de full military weakness. With all of this does not take into account the event that the army was set almost an impossible task — perfectly prepared to step on the line of defense in the most embarrassing time

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