Financing of the Russian Armed Forces will be reduced

The Government of the Russian Federation has begun to establish the draft budget for 2012-2014. In the middle of some constructive measures proposed by the Ministry of money, there is a rejection of the growth in the number of contractors and officers in order to save 160 billion rubles. Another measure proposed in the project — to reduce the army for 3 years by 15 percent, the saving another 50 billion rubles. State order for the supply of military equipment will also be cut for three years by 100 billion rubles a year. If you are truncated cumulative mortgage

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Sergeant Major of Serdyukov and his team in action

"New Image" Russian army under the command sergeant major Serdyukov has become increasingly clear. Subordinate to the ruling regime in breathless press reports about the successful elimination of silly traditions of our army was saved with a time of Peter I, Catherine II and Stalin. For example, the elimination of mobilization system, the dismissal of hundreds of thousands of officers and warrant officers, many of which have real battle experience of fitting the structure of our army under the standards of the United States, the destruction of the military education system in the country, the transformation of commercial aircraft in

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U.S. Army began to develop this suit, «Iron Man»

Development, which the story of the movie «Iron Man», became one step closer to reality thanks to the United States military. The U.S. Army has ordered the development bronekostyumy TALOS, who will be able to give their own carrier superhuman capabilities, such as night vision, phenomenal strength and invulnerability to firearms. Each suit will have an integrated computer that can simultaneously react to certain situations and deliver to the owner’s own extensive information about its surroundings. According to a military press release, the suit will be able to use the watery armor, which is the real point is in development

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Phony liberators of Prague

In the evening on May 6, 1945. occupied by the Germans in Prague burst troops it is unclear to what army related and which country owned. The soldiers, dressed and equipped in the form of the German Wehrmacht in Armor Russian T-34 and BTR German vengeance traveled the narrow streets of the Czech capital entering it here and there, in the battles with the German garrison of Prague. "Unknown host", intensively using tanks and artillery, soon freed up a significant part of the town as it is on the left (west) bank of the Vltava River, and they were able

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Falkontiry winged penal battalion

Nazi aces with Russian pilots called fear of penalty squadrons brutalized eagles

Not many people know that during the Russian war majestically in our Armed Forces were created not only punitive companies and battalions, and punitive Squadron. The very first of them in 1942, now headed by the Union of Russian hero Ivan Evgrafovich Fedorov, who has recently turned 96 years old. He told about how to wage war pilots winged penal battalion.

Escape from the rear to the front

July 3, 1942 at Monino airfield near Moscow landed a brand new fighter LaGG-3. He taxied to the

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Learn what is needed in the war

War! It reptile nothing decent, not including fair and liberation component! And so — the destruction, pain, blood, destroyed the town and the fate of the human! We are friendly people — Russians, but the one who comes to us with a sword, comes, he will die from the blade — it is not just in the stories we regularly justified! Here are just krovushki shed a lot of its own, and if we consider the history dating back to 1904 to the present day, it is not always justified, and from time to time and is totally unreasonable, we

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Training fee for the preparation of snipers

At the training center Homutovka in the Sverdlovsk region of the Urals regional command of internal troops of the Russian Interior Ministry held muster training snipers.

During the week, more than 70 snipers improving their skills in the knowledge of Prof. real part of the tools and rules of shooting, shooting at targets that appear and move the old days and NIGHT MODE, disguised in different parts of the countryside, competed in the "sniper's duel."

"Constant training in military produce the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities, form at their highest military and moral-psychological characteristics, the ability to act decisively in

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The role of the Slavs in the Arab-Khazar war

In the middle of VII century, from the south appeared brand new threat — the Arabs. Islam from scattered, feeble tribes made a seamless, unified force that began to conquer the world around us. Arab troops crushed the Persians and seized their power, took possession of the Byzantine Empire in Africa, the Middle East. Invaded Central Asia and the South Caucasus in 640 seized Armenia, in 642 — Atropatene (modern Southern Azerbaijan), in the year 654 — Georgia. Aghvan to 669 years (the territory of present-day Azerbaijan) tried to tack, trying to maintain the status of an ally of

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An old store or dispose of small gun in army warehouses?

On the instructions of the Ministry of Defence in Russia lasts utilization small tools. Most of the country's Defense Ministry claimed that the Russian armories now almost filled with machine guns, sniper rifles and pistols that were manufactured more than 30 years ago. According to some reports, the number of units of small tools that are at military arsenals, first in 2012 was about 16 million barrels, of which about 35-40% of developed their own resource. Before the end of 2015, the Office Anatoly Serdyukov going to dispose of about 4 million units of the gun.

This news was

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«Bumblebee» stings lightning

«JSC» Precision complexes «will continue to improve unique family flamethrowers In today’s world with its highest urbanization and significant percentage of the population living in towns and cities, fighting in urban criteria become commonplace. Suffice it to recall two Severe storm in 1994 and 1999, Baghdad in 2003, Fallujah in 2004, nedavneshnie clashes in Libya Misurata in 2011 and in Syria Deraa and Aleppo in 2012-2013. Because the military departments advanced countries pay more attention to the development of effective models of weapons and military equipment to conduct urban warfare. Organization and conduct of the Community Fri assault —

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