Sailors Memorial Varyag was reduced in Vladivostok

In Vladivostok, the capital restoration is completed memorial "Tomb sailors cruiser" Varyag ", who died in a battle with the Japanese fleet in 1904." 

Tomb of legendary cruiser sailors over a hundred years. In 1934, the monument suffered the hands of vandals, rebuilt in 1945-1946. Since then, the memorial was restored only once — in 1989. Time and coastal climate spared monument, so here began to break stylobate. Therefore, repair and restoration work carried out in two stages. Last year was completely updated stylobate, which this year experts make laying granite slabs, clean

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April 27, 2012 6:58

Incas — sparsely South American tribe that has managed to climb to the top of power and create a mighty empire, which conquered many nations and changed the face of the Andes.

Peru, Machu Picchu

They managed, will become of the small unknown tribe of the valley of Cuzco, to the rulers of the Andes. And create a great empire of the Incas, built on an accurate accounting of food and smote the newcomers from Europe grand structure.

Inca Empire was the largest in area and population of the state in South America

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Ukrainian military doctrine in the context of national security: the real and the contrived danger

In June 2012, the Ukrainian head of state Viktor Yanukovych was put in place brand-new edition of the Military Doctrine of the country and national security policy. This is stated in the Presidential Decree of June 8, 2012. But if you believe the press, these documents were approved Yanukovych in April, but their occurrence was said back in September of last year.

First, it must be said that in the past few years in internal and external policy of Ukraine there have been significant changes. Thus, the Law "On the basis of internal and external policy" has been removed

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Ukrainian armored vehicles in the eyes of the design engineer

In the Russian media and zabugornyh currently intensively discusses the latest standards and extensively modified Ukrainian armored vehicles (AFV), in general, as well as prospects for promotion of these products to the public and the international markets of AME. This is partly justified by a factor of prisoners for the near future contracts for delivery over the limit, which gave occasion to some professionals say about Tipo significant potential of the industry and an impressive armored vehicles produced in Ukraine. But the attempt impartial analysis of what are essentially referred to the machine, as the realities of their promotion lets

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Ukrainian Army: past century and today

After the collapse of the Soviet Union Army of Ukraine was really powerful, at the same time there were only a paltry crumbs former power. As it happened and what can be expected in the upcoming?

An excursion into the past

When you exit the Russian Union and the declaration of independence, Ukraine has taken under his yurispundentsiyu armed forces and infrastructure befitting 3 districts, situated in its area — Kiev, Odessa and Carpathian. As a result, Ukraine's army on its own power has been one of the strongest in Europe, holding with all this nuclear weapon and quite

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The U.S. Army will receive «Iron Man Suit»

Special Operations Command (SOCOM) of the U.S. Army began collecting information on the potential creation of wearable armor for soldiers, which almost everyone would be like Man of Steel suit developed character comics Marvel Comics Anthony Stark. writes citing the newspaper The Los Angeles Times, to create a working model of modern armor planned had spent less than 12 months.   It is clear that the intention of his own to create a suit for SOCOM said American company Revision Military, founded by former captain Brian Dowling riot policemen and, Raytheon and British BAE Systems. Brand new armor for

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Ukrainian army: a new motion vector

Representatives of the Ukrainian authorities believe the main goal of power itself. And it is, of course, need to be protected. This is the main reason for the reshuffle in the government, namely in the armed forces.

In connection with the designation of the new War Minister President bolshennymi ran into difficulties. This is based on, first, the fact that the very Ministry, and the armed forces are in a languid state. This is probably one of the few statements that no one is hesitation. The end result was that, even despite the fact that the military branch

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Ukrainian army: how to survive this year?

As elections to the Ukrainian parliament were held, and the government and the Party of Regions somehow immediately forgot about his own promises, which so generously handed out the other day. Well, about the social initiatives that tried to capture the sympathy of ordinary people, no one reads. This discrepancy words with the case could not be reflected on the new municipal budget, which is adopted in a big hurry Rada previous convocation.

Among those who are more often than not had luck with the budget, you can call the Ukrainian military, and if more precisely — the

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Ukrainian army. Does it exist?

I wish to recall that after the collapse of the Soviet Union and its independence, Ukraine could be proud of one of the of strongest armies in the world with a population totaled 780,000 people. A technical capacity simply amazed — 6,5 thousand tanks, armored 7 thousand, 1.5 thousand combat aircraft, 350 ships, 1,272 nuclear warheads with intercontinental ballistic missiles, tactical nuclear weapon — 2,5 thousand

Squandering of military facilities began in the reign of Leonid Kravchuk. With his light hand and with the pressure of our "friendly" partners of the Russian Federation and the United States, we have renounced

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Ukrainian army systematically upgraded

The head of the Ministry of Defence Ukraine said that for the development and procurement of new weapons and military equipment to the state budget this year, the country needs to "regular funding."

Dmitry Salamatin promised that the Ukrainian army expect severe changes in resource supply. The minister saw that and logistical aspects of the development of the Ukrainian armed forces will also be worked out most painstaking manner.

According to Dmitry Salamatina, now go work associated with increasing levels of combat capability and technical upgrading Army Ukraine. He saw that the measures to improve the system of

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