Our rulers bad trying to catch up with the life of Germany

Lady: "We, for sure, deliberately did not live to such awareness to change his life to the best. " Man: "All the bad luck that we benevolent people. That he was more stubborn, then we would live better. Our power only in the language and in the tele works for the people. Get retirement, as if to add, but prices grow faster, ahead. And again the same: we do not need to look at other countries — and there is bad and there. Do to here was excellent! "

Failure that we benevolent people. To was more stubborn, then we

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Fluids from Novodvorskaia

For obschechelovekov our Victory — "unfortunate minute" "April 13, 65 years ago, the Soviet army (in an evil hour, miserable minute) entered the territory of Austria." This is not a quote from secretly leaving in the jungles of Argentina newspaper "aspiring SS officer and his last-modern." This is a liberal's "Moscow Times" Victory is preparing for the holiday by posting an article Valerie Novodvorskaia "brutal landing", which with grief over the Soviet offensive in Austria begins. It is clear that from the point of view of Russian liberal offensive of the Red Army in 1945, and in Austria,

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The Finns are planning to buy the Su-30

In Russia and Finland have all the opportunities to expand defense cooperation ibolee dynamic military-technical svyazey.Ob that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at talks with his Finnish counterpart Carl Haglund. They met in an old manor Kenigstedt near Helsinki, which is now used as a government residence. Take here only the most distinguished guests, the role of gracious host can only play a president, prime minister or any member of the cabinet. 

Shoigu was Kenigstedte not just high, but obviously welcome. For him, even prepared a special gift — a large wooden bear. Their cuts

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Teachings of Russian air defense forces

In the Krasnodar Territory defense forces defeated the imaginary enemy. On reflection scale attacks took several days. According to legend, the enemy tried to break into the airplanes and helicopters.

The exercises were held on Eysk landfill — the largest artillery range in the south of Russia. Within days, a massive army units reflect the curriculum attack from the air. They practiced skills with technology and interaction units.

The squat fighting vehicles crossed the field at full speed. Missiles "Strela-10" come to the firing lines. In the event of a real encounter with the modern foreign army

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Zhaleznichenka remained in the army for 18 months

The decision came into legal force, and at the moment Dmitry Zhaleznichenka will be serve in the army for 18 months."Of course, I’ll have a statement Supreme Tribunal Belarus. If they admit my son justified expulsion from the institute will seek protection in international organizations ", — said Alla Zhaleznichenka.Recall that in Last year September rector of the Gomel Municipal Institute F. Skaryna Alexander Rogachev his order was expelled from school honors third year Mathematics Faculty Dmitry Zhaleznichenka Tipo for violationyl internal labor regulations. But human rights activists believe that just got rid of the Institute public activist democratic direction,

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We need seven speakers. One for each region

"Lim" on this week 1938 he writes about the book "Belarusian folk and revolutionary songs": "In the 3rd section presents the song" recruiting "and serfs, who for sovetskogo people forever a thing of the past. This section opened successfully song" And there for Suloyu "(from" Letters Belarusian people majestic Stalin "), which connects the accursed past Belarusian people with the fate of workers in Western Belarus, Poland oppressed fascist."Same "Lim" in 1948 year report M.Katsara prints at the II Congress of the Union of Russian painters of BSSR. Namely, the painting A.Volkava "Rout German groups near Minsk," he says, "In

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If I went out with his son to the army, to thoughts that I had lost my brain

Nikolai Lukashenko was in such a form, like his father, followed the teachings through dark glasses, together with the Pope perceived reports generals visited the strategic management of the armed forces, where not even let journalists.

Last defense minister Pavel Kozlovsky referred to this performance:"The first impression that is some performance. I remember his passage, when he stated that this is my receiver, which takes after me president. And when I uttered yesterday that he passed a parade of troops after the president exercises and perceived this parade, the offspring in his field uniform beside a hand in the

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UralVagonZavod fulfilled defense procurement

"Uralvagonzavod" has made another significant contribution to strengthening the country's defense.

At the head office of scientific and production corporation "Uralvagonzavod" in Nizhny Tagil has completed the implementation of the state defense order in 2010. "It was a demanding, hard work of all staff of the enterprise for several years", — said the executive director Vladimir Roschupkin. "The contract provides for delivery in the period 2007-2010. for the Russian army a number of modern combat vehicles and engineering equipment, as well as educational booths. All contractual obligations Corporation as the prime contractor defense contracts, completed on time, even

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The Tribunal did not see insults Zhaleznichenka

Alla says Zhaleznichenka:"The Tribunal rejected — it has become ordinary. Believe that everything was confirmed: Corresponding distorted facts, hurt my son. Unfortunately, we have in court is very difficult to achieve anything. Tribunal took into account only the outlook for some reason the part that is comes out and blames offends. " Alla Zhaleznichenka through tribunal tried to refute the information about the offspring Dmitry filed February 9, "Gomel truth" in an article signed Yu.Charot "I do not want to fighters wish to" democrats. "Namely, it said that from Dmitriy "you can expect anything" that "inductee cunning: it is clear

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Shoigu ordered «Skype»-mobiles

In the army go «KAMAZ» kitted laptops for video with the Minister Troops will receive a mobile complex for video conferencing. The first will test the newest system of the armed forces of the Far East. «Skype for the military» will allow top officials at any moment be contacted via an encrypted digital channel directly with the commander of the individual compound. Mobile complex equipment will be located in a special container on the basis of KAMAZ trucks 5350, also inside the army vans, trailers. Will be installed inside computers, microprocessor-based Intel Core i5 or i7 processor with 8GB memory

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