Youre in the Army again

Our home shall be removed from high-prof army. Such a conclusion can be drawn from a number of statements by top generals.

Head brain organization and mobilization department of the General Staff Vasily Smirnov suggested at the hearing in the Federal Council to increase the upper limit of military age from the current 27 years to 30, to reduce the number of universities that provide respite from the army, to call the students after the second year. He would like to recruit almost every year, moving vernal ending conscription from July 15 to August 31 (from April 1, autumn call

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Merkle armor fighter luck

In the first days of 1918 Artillery and technical management of the France of old times cuirasses test conducted at the site of Fort de la Peña. Sheltered iron armor fighter shot from a pistol, rifle and machine gun with a fully encouraging fruit. Photo: Army Ordnance Dept

They do not publish the martial thunder, do not shine polished to a mirror finish surface, they are decorated with plumes and embossed coat of arms — and often disguised under jackets in general. But now, without these nondescript-looking armor is simply unimaginable to send fighter in battle or to provide

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Turkey and Egypt will conclude a military alliance

Turkey wants conclude in the coming time military agreement with Egypt. The signing of the respective document is expected during the visit of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to Cairo, in a subsequent Mon 12 September.

The intention to 2-Islamic countries to conclude a military Alliance reported the Israeli news publication "Haaretz".

Erdogan will visit Egypt for the first time in 15 years. Earlier contacts between countries hampered by the fact that the regime of Hosni Mubarak beheld in Ankara head competitor in action on the Islamic countries of the region. Did not contribute to the convergence of

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Rearmament plan is failed

Putin’s decree to increase the bit of modern guns will not be executed Fact failure rearmament plan implicitly acknowledged on Thursday the chief of staff of the Russian Federation Valery Gerasimov, speaking at the scientific-practical conference «Russia’s military security: XXI Century». The general said: «Due to the implementation of state programs from weapons and promising bit of modern armaments and military equipment by 2015 will reach 30%.» I recall the former management of the military department promised that by this time the figure will be 70%. So in June 2009, head of the operation, maintenance and disposal of Russian

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Coats and boots in the Russian army will not be canceled

Speech on the abolition of sheepskin coats and boots in the Russian army is not — for example, only the Central Military District (CVO) stocked up for the coming winter boots and sheepskin coats, respectively, 150% and 80% of personnel, said on Friday, RIA Announcements by phone authorized dealer CVO Colonel Jaroslav Roschupkin.State Duma Deputy Speaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky last week referred to the latest Russian military uniforms "summer for winter clothes of the Russian army." With all of this, he said that the army needed a solid Russian coat of 40-degree frost Russian. Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov

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Trophy tanks at the service of the Red Army

Without looking at what Reddish army in the first days of the Second World War and suffered heavy losses in the main retreating there, though not rich information about the use by some units of Russian troops captured, captured, German technology, namely tanks. For example, in various articles and publications are often used memoirs G.Penezhko and M. Popiel, in which very carefully and even more vividly described the night attack of the 34th Armored Division, 8th Corps of the Southwestern Front, with the introduction of captured machines.

But the memories is actually a work of art, but if you read

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Three provocation for the visit of Al-Ibrahimi in Syria

In Damascus with another visit to the UN special envoy Lakhdar arrived at Al-Ibrahimi, and this trip was timed outright enemies of Syria several phishing attacks and outright provocation.

In-1's, even before the visit of the enemy's media heads to spread rumors that the Tipo Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to let the UN special envoy's visit and refuses to meet with him, and only under the pressure of the Russian Federation has agreed to accept it. On the other nonsense like this can not be called. Al-Ibrahimi far not the first time arrives in Damascus, as well as his

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Weapons. Beretta watch online

Beretta (Italian. Beretta, the full title Italian. Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta Gardone) — one of the most important Italian companies producing weapons. Its production is used by the police and army in almost all countries of the world, widely used by civilians for self-defense officials.

Cannon armament,Army

The third part of the budget gave the army and police

Spending on defense and law enforcement will be a priority in the budget items 2013-2015 gg., it was stated at a meeting of the government with the role of Dmitry Medvedev. The army and the police, according to the prime minister, izderzhut almost a third of the budget."We have significantly grow the cost of providing national defense, security and law enforcement. Very significant, almost one third. Economical allocations will be spent on the development of the armed forces, modernization of the defense industry, the increase in foreign exchange allowances and pensions of the military, the imminent improvement of military

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Women in the U.S. Army

In the U.S. Army female soldiers, according to the keen observation of the magazine «Newsweek», took a strong foothold in the figures which is about 20% of the armed forces.   Such rassredotachivanie gender is a social compromise South American society, in which on the one hand there is a shortage of male recruits (meeting the requirements of the law), and on the other — the desire to give a series of military service.   On this side of life on the pages of U.S. Army IA «Weapons of Russia» Alexander Sitnikov knows.   Forthcoming increase in the number

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