Five of the worlds worst insect

On Earth at any given time about 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 insects inhabit. Each of us has a half billion beetles. But some of them are so desperate that even one — it's too much. Here are five of them, that you would prefer not to see any cost.

The human botfly

The human botfly, Dermatobia hominis — one of several species of insects whose larvae are parasitic in man.

Eggs gadfly transferred more than forty species of mosquitoes and flies, as well as a variety of ticks, mosquitoes caught female oestrus, attaches to them their eggs, and then let go.


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Technique in the battle for Berlin

Sturm in Berlin April 21 — May 2, 1945 relates to the unique events in the history of the world wars. It was a struggle for the very big city with a lot of hard stone buildings

Even the battle for Stalingrad inferior battles for Berlin on the main quantitative and high-quality indicators: the number of troops involved in the fighting, the number of participating military equipment, as well as the size of the town and the liking of its building. In a certain extent comparable with the storming of Berlin assault Budapest in January-February and Königsberg in

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Terror — the means — the terror

July 14, in the skies over Afghanistan could create a historic and symbolic picture immediately: paunchy "Boeing" with the first batch of evacuees American fighter gained altitude and low-altitude chatter helicopters patrolling the area. The effect of the "iron dragonfly" and this day was small. Terrorists blew up a mosque, which was held at a memorial ceremony for slain brother of President Karzai. Chairman of the Board of the clergy were killed in Kandahar Hekmatula Hekmat and other principal face.

Thus marked the beginning of the Taliban from Afghanistan, leaving the Yankees. And to fix a memory, a

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U.S. Army Order «unprecedented number» HELICOPTER «Chinook»

The U.S. government, Boeing Company and the Army signed a long contract for the purchase of heavy transport helicopters 177 CH-47F Chinook in the amount of 4 billion dollars, which will allow to save 800 million dollars (total quantity of cars can reach up to 215 units), reports ASDNews June 11. Deliveries will begin in 2015.   «This agreement will provide many years of unparalleled cost savings as the Army and taxpayers. But most importantly, this order will provide more opportunities for transporting troops in the field criteria and help a civilian population in emergency situations, «said managing helicopter programs

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Battlefields. Battle of the Crimea watch online

The plan "Barbarossa" June 22, 1941 in Russian Alliance invaded three army groups. Group The "North" has moved to the Baltic states in order to reach to Leningrad. Group the "Center", going Belarus, lunging toward Moscow, capital of the Russian Union. Group The "South" sought to capture the industrial and agricultural resources of Ukraine and further Rostov-on-Don, as a springboard upcoming Advent, threatening oilfields of Baku, and, perhaps, an English possession in the Middle East. In the middle of September, Army Group "South", jointly with the Romanian and Hungarian allies, was on her way to the Don,

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Tarutinsky march-maneuver and counter-offensive plan

Tarutinsky maneuver the Russian army under the command of Misha Kutuzov is one of the outstanding achievements of the military art. As a result, the maneuver was the strategic situation changed completely in favor of the Russian army. Russian troops not only broke away from the enemy, but got the time to the desired rest, staffing and service. Russian command is provided for connection to yourself and reserve bases, which were in Kaluga, Tula and Bryansk, covered them from the French. Tarutinsky maneuver was highly regarded by contemporaries, not only in the Russian army, and the enemy. Napoleon Bonaparte

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Tank Industry of the Russian Federation has taken a step backwards

Once again, our homeland has suffered a sensitive defeat on the world arms market. At this time lost the tender for the supply of 200 modern Thai Army tanks. Proposed by our state the main battle tank the modern Russian army -90 lost to Ukrainian T-84 "Hold." Amount of the contract was estimated at 230 million dollars, and now the money will go to Ukraine. It is worth noting that the lost and the other tenderers tank "Leopard 2» 2A4 produced in Germany. But you must admit it is rather weak consolation.

Perhaps a crucial role in the rejection

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Review (lots of movies) Watch online

Weekly programm "Review" will tell about all the events that take place in the ranks of the valiant Russian army. At each transfer will highlight the teachings, which carried out by our military and you can watch their progress, peacekeeping missions assigned to the military, tasks in the aftermath of natural disasters, counterterrorism operations carried out by our fighters.

You will learn how the preparation of military staff in each of the divisions of troops. What new facilities are in service of our army. You will have full life cycle development various types of weapons and defense.

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Tanks. Battle of Normandy

In the terrible days of August 1942 as previously remained a danger that Hitler will be the winner of the second World War. In the East, Reddish Army retreating under the pressure of strongest Germans, resulting in 6th army General Pauwels was at the walls of Stalingrad. Stalin's demands to open the second front became more insistent. In order to show that the UK still has sufficient strength, it was decided to make a raid with landing large enough forces captured by the Germans in the town of Dieppe. The operation was a complete failure. Prior to the opening

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Combat power under heaven to whom are Chinese army?

Resigning Premier Wen Jiabao threw mysterious phrase: «the army has increased the ability to follow their own historic mission.» What kind of mission on the mind of China, it is not clear, but it is clear: in 2013 its military expenditures amount to $ 115.6 billion more for defense only wasting dollars (633 billion dollars), Our homeland has ceded China (70 billion). What is still a large Chinese military budget? This writes Sergei Osipov at AIF.   According to Vladimir Yevseyev, Director Center for Public Policy research, the number of Chinese army — 2.25 million people. In service consist

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