United States no longer consider Russia as a harsh opponent

This, according to professional, explained the Pentagon's decision to regroup forces from Europe to Asia

In the conditions of the growing shortage of budget resources has recently designated "crisis manager" Pentagon Leon Panetta started to optimize and match the global expansionist machine to the hard realities of the U.S. financial crisis. Given that the center of Washington's geopolitical ambitions neocons shifting more and more to east, Snow-white house decided to donate their military presence in Europe.

Recall that since the end of the second World War, an old light can not escape from the cuddles American "soldiers-liberators", the boots are

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United States — a rotten wood

United States seem to people "immutable and powerful," their military expenditures and army inspire awe. Large town, a powerful industry, the ability to print virtually global currency. The position of the only superpower and "the world's policeman."

But if look at their residents superpower, at least for the vast majority of them, it becomes clear that this is large "Bubble". Even the U.S. military campaign — it's not the victory in the fierce battles, so always run-Soviet Russia or Germany, it's mayhem advance more feeble enemies — the natives, inferior in number and armament; decrepit colonial empires that no longer

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Land Forces of Ukraine

The army (CB), a day which Ukraine once a year notes on Dec. 12, according to law are the basis of combat power of government armed forces. It is completely natural for a continental power, surrounded by massive militarily states and coalitions of countries. In almost all the advantages criteria "eventual opponents" (in general, the creator prefers a clearer, though less "politically correct" statement "potential adversary") of Ukraine in the amount and quality of military assets (both in general and on all major and species separately), as other powers to wage war, they are truly the last inventory protect national

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Millionaire Red Army watch online

In this fascinating documentary film will talk about one of the most mysterious and indescribable criminal cases of the Stalin era, which to this day in the archives classified as "very secret." The audience will become familiar with the unique, previously unpublished documents anywhere, exclusive interviews and seemingly quite mind-boggling facts from the MGB of the Red Army and the NKVD. A movie about Nicholas lzhepolkovnike Pavlenko — Is mind-boggling history formation, development and death malehankih deeply conspiratorial capitalist country for 12 years successfully functioned behind a steel curtain. Pavlenko able at the fierce time to build up their

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GRU — Army Elite

With the end of the second world war in the armies of almost no subversive intelligence units, most of them were disbanded, the second part — cut. But it soon became evident that special forces are more effective way to fight against increasingly real nuclear threat posed by NATO. After a detailed analysis and research experiences produced during the war, in 1950 the Soviet government decided to develop the first special forces units. They all were under the specific control of the Head of the Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Army. Together with that, it is

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Superkaski for the U.S. Army

Pentagon came to end with a step of testing the latest generation of helmets for the U.S. Army. The test helmet capable of stopping the machine-gun bullet of 7.62 mm. The final step of checking the reliability of bullet-proof helmet is scheduled for December, representatives of the Ministry of Defense said this to reporters.

According to them, in case the results are found to be successful, superkaskami units will be supplied already from April next year. Army U.S. purchase of 200 thousand of such helmets. In the Marine Corps will go 38.5 thousand new helmets, and in the Navy —

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Sun Tzu, The Art of War

"There was a man, which had only 30,000 troops in the Middle Kingdom, and no one could stand against him. Who is it? The answer is: Sun Tzu. "

According to the "Notes" Sima Qian, Sun Tzu was a military commander principality have during the reign of Prince Ho-lyuya (514-495 BC). Specifically merits attributed to Sun Tzu's military successes have principality, which brought him the title of Prince of hegemony. According to tradition, it is assumed that specifically for the Prince Ho-lyuya and was written "A Treatise on the art of war" (500 BC).

Treatise by Sun Tzu has had

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NUMBER OF U.S. ARMY reduced to the levels before and during WWII

U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Heygel (Chuck Hagel, pictured) announced the upcoming reduction of the armed forces as part of measures to reduce the military budget, the official website of the Pentagon report on February 24. Army will be reduced to a small size, which the U.S. had before the second world war, but it will be able to ensure the defense of America from strategic threats. Over the next 2 years the Pentagon budget will be reduced by 75 billion U.S. dollars. The number of personnel of the U.S. Army will be reduced from the current 520 thousand

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The fate of Stingray

In the summer of 2007 at MAKS Russian Aircraft Corporation "MiG" has shown a novelty that has done quite a lot of noise. It was an unmanned aerial vehicle apparatus "Scat" — more precisely speaking, its model. The then Chief Designer Sergei RSK Tsivilev said that will not be ready UAV reconnaissance and combat apparatus capable to strike and motionless, and on mobile targets, including miniature, in the criteria for a strong anti-air defense, both independently and in a group with other devices.

The fuselage is made on a "flying wing", collected one hundred percent of the composite

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As England was preparing to attack the USSR

Oil — the blood of war. There will be no oil — there will be no opportunity to fight. This postulate applies not only to the German army, but also the army of any country. Not only Germany experiencing difficulties due to the limitations of its strategic oil reserves. Such challenges to the 1939 — 1940 году experienced and the Soviet Union. Especially, if the difficulties would be created artificially.

That is why Britain and France planned to bomb oil fields in Baku, which could eventually paralyze the defense industry and the military of our country. These

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