Phantom Army of China / China’s Ghost Army watch online

Terracotta warriors — the title, known to millions of people around the world. But archaeologists have so far reveal their secrets. As the ancient masters have gained unusual — have made the 8000th Army out of clay? Now, scientists XXI century make a startling discovery.

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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Oddities of the Swiss Army

From historical documents show that Switzerland has a long period of time has positioned itself as a government, supports a neutral — not to engage in military conflict and other armed strife, do not join military blocs and alliances. But this does not mean that Switzerland — a hundred percent demilitarized government. If you look at her army, it does not look feeble. Suffice it to say that in her nine ground crews, several teams of auxiliary character, quite developed the Air Force with a modern air defense structure. Because we talk about being puppets of the Swiss Armed

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Oddities of Ukraine: The boys rush to the army

Russians is not even dreamed of — 18-year-old recruits are ready to serve even for bribes

With untold success goes to Ukraine autumn call-2010. In the recruiting office no end of volunteers.

First record set Dnipropetrovsk. There is already a half thousand recruits — for Airborne Brigade, Marine Corps, and mouth guards. The same number of people just did not take. In Dnepropetrovsk oblvoenkomate do not have time to deny everyone serve in the Armed Forces.

"Bodo serve goodness!"

The real sell-out in the Presidential Regiment. There are special requirements: the highest level of education, moral and

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Stryker Double V-shaped bottom is tested

October 31, 2011: Army U.S. ordered another 177 Stryker (Stryker) with a double V-shaped hull Double-V Hull (DVH). So Makar, the total number built or ordered armored vehicles will be 742. About half have already been delivered, while others will arrive within the next 2-years. The latest models of DVH cost about $ 2.1 million each. DVH models were the first combat experience of the first year and met all expectations. The Army will purchase enough DVH models to equip 2-of the eight teams that use the Striker.

DVH design should increase the resistance to mines (more often encountered

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Degree motorizovannosti Wehrmacht

The armed forces of Germany during Hitler — Wehrmacht, very much mythologized.

One such legend is — the image of highly maneuverable army that almost all moved on BTR-ah, trucks, bikes. This is depicted in the feature films: Russian Red Army is constantly on foot, in the best case on the carts. The German army is, 100% of motorized and moving "lightning", bypasses the fortified positions, not just the songs, surrounding our hundreds of thousands of infantrymen.

But — this is another myth, the filmmakers made, one hundred percent motorized was very unimportant part of the Wehrmacht. More 80%

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Will the military service of the prestigious profession?

Long since left behind the times when admission to the military school was the dream of every graduate school. The competition for one student place sometimes reached 35-40 and it is not the most prestigious university. Young people today believes in the army not that I was not prestigious, but rather hopeless. We have to admit that they are partially right. That can provide army young officers?

The young lieutenant, who had just graduated from military school upon arrival to the permanent duty station for the commander of the unit is the real headache. After all, the young officer to

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Metal fist Israel

Israel is considered majestic Tank Power: IDF tank fleet is one of the largest in the world — it is armed with 4 to 5 thousand tanks, built by Israeli tank Merkava tank factories, according to the views of many professionals to be the best in the world's main battle tank, the Israeli tankers possess invaluable combat experience gained in numerous wars and armed conflicts.

Israeli military sample had a significant impact on the development of policies and strategies of Armored Forces: Israeli generals tankers Yisrael Tal and Moshe Peled presented in the hall Lofty Panzer tank commander in

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Stalingrad Troopers

July 1942 goda.Avangardy 6th German army engaged the fierce fighting with the advance units of the Stalingrad Front in izluke Don. Of early in the morning on July 20 the vanguard of 33th Guards Rifle Division, reinforced by tanks stormed the village CHERNYSHEVSKOGO occupied by the German 16th Panzer Division. Although the battle lasted from 5 am to 7 pm, the vanguard of the Russian had to move away, having lost 10 tanks T-34.Tak airborne units dropped one of the first to join the battle of Stalingrad. Only two months back the guards changed aeronautical tabs on infantry. They were

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Stalingrad Stalingrad operation and Super

70 years ago — November 19, 1942 began "Operation Uranus". Our army started coming to surround the enemy at Stalingrad. Started turning point in the history of Russian and stateliness the second world war. Germany, which reached a peak in 1942 illumine their own power, began losing one battle after another.

But in fact the plan of the Russian command was much more amazing. Stalin was going to kill not just the best German army and end the war by the colossal collapse of the entire German front.

To deprive "not our propagandists" trumps all at once, read about it

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Young Front paratrooper returned to Gomel

Society Today, after serving in the airborne troops in Gomel returned the Young Andrew Tsianiuta."Fired me this morning without provocation, — says Andrey. — Just before the Day of Freedom was the psychological pressure Minsk garrison counterintelligence cautioned against anti-constitutional activities in the unregistered organization" Young Front ".

Mr. Tsianiuta and is now convinced that his call was completely political: first Andrew physicians recognized as unfit for military service because of variations in health, and then mutated and all were taken to the army:

"For half a year, I learned why something. Example, firing rocket-propelled grenades, build relationships

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