The intensity of the operations of Army Aviation, stationed in Primorye, doubled

In Primorye, the airbase Army Aviation Chernigovka undergo training flights of combat helicopters Ka-52 "Alligator" and Mi-8AMTSh, recently included in the composition of the compound, as well as Mi-24.

The crews of helicopter gunships began to practical training, during which practiced elements of simple and complex piloting helicopters day and night, as well as tasks in the units under the joint maneuvers and approach to the target.

Crews transport helicopters improving interaction with units of various kinds and types of troops, carry out reconnaissance teams

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Failure of the Schlieffen Plan: win 1st Russian army at Gumbinnen

Plans for the Royal General Staff is not one, but immediately 2-offensive operations (against Germany and Austria-Hungary) are often criticized. Even more exposed to criticism "premature" coming — until the end of mobilization. Our homeland was bound to start coming on the 15 day of mobilization, mobilization and the main event ended with only 30-40 days. But that's a few misconceptions, Russian generals of the war — Brusilov. Alekseev, Denikin noted that the plans were generally correct. These ideas gave birth to Russian historiography, which was set up to "The Second Russian war" militant.

Our homeland could not

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Skirmishes on the far outskirts of Stalingrad. Part 2

The Wehrmacht strikes

The coming into a large izluke Don 6th German Army under the Friedrich Paulus made two strike groups — north and south. In the northern group included the XIV Panzer Corps under General Gustav von Viterskhayma and VIII Corps Walter HEITZ, later joined them XVII Corps Karl-Adolf Hollidt. South grouping formed LI Army Corps under the command of Walter von Zaydlits-Kurtsbaha and XXIV Panzer Corps Wilibald von und Erlenkampa Langerman (it was transferred from the area of the lower reaches of the Seversky Donets River and conquered the army of Paulus July 24). Both strike groups have

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Skirmishes on the far outskirts of Stalingrad

July 16, the vanguard of the 147th Infantry Division fought the Germans. Thus began the battle for Stalingrad. On the same day the commander of the Stalingrad Front (SF) has signed an operational directive, in what were defined tasks of the troops. 63rd and 38th Army occupied the limit of the River Don, the 21th Army was put into reserve SF residues and re-formation of compounds led to four infantry divisions. From the west city on the Volga had to cover the 62th and the 64th Army.

62th Army under the VA Kolpakchi within six infantry divisions, six

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Fight at Smolny 1-2 (13-14) in November 1812

Napoleon received the news of the unfortunate battle of Chashniki (details in the article, IN: Scramble Chashniki at 19 (31) October 1812), again gave the order to discard Wittgenstein's army to the north of the Western Dvina. French government wanted to protect the remnants of the French army retreat from the north. By this time, the Marshal Oudinot almost recovered from wounds acquired and led the 2nd Army Corps.

Marshal Victor, as a senior in rank, had the right to control the actions of both buildings. But the matter was complicated by the different visions of the potential

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Quest for Depth

After the battle of Smolensk (more details in the article IN: Smolensk battle 4-6 (16-18), August 1812) Russian army left the city, crossing the night of August 18 at the right Preserving the Dnipro River. The Russian rearguard, which was abandoned in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, could not keep the French army, which captured a bridgehead on the right bank of the river. During the same day or the French engineers repaired the crossing, and on August 19 the enemy went after the retreating Russian troops. Napoleon had the opportunity to pre-empt the Russian troops 50 km east

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Fight with reddish 3-6 (15-18), November 1812

Peter von Hess (1792-1871). Quest for reddish.

The French army, arrived in Smolensk, considered relatively secure. Napoleon was even willing to keep Russian troops on this line. With an emphasis on Smolensk, he planned to withdraw the remaining troops into winter quarters between Mogilev, Vitebsk and Orsha. Because the body of Victor and Oudinot were ordered to discard Russian for the Western Dvina.

The next day after arriving in the city — 29 October, Napoleon's examination area, and then began to work on the reorganization and strengthening of frustrated troops. Infantry received supplies of the missing weapons (many

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Real Narva 19 (30) November 1700

At the time of entering Russian troops in Ingria and Estonia, Swedish troops in the region was negligible. In addition to two thousand of the garrison defending the Narva was a Swedish body — to 8 thousand fighter, under the command of the Governor-General of Ingria, Count Otto Welling, which was placed to the south-east of Pernova (Pärnu). In addition, small garrisons were in the towns and fortresses. In a direct fight these forces to join the Russian army could not.

Karl XII sent to Estonia or Inger additional forces (about 10 thousand fighter) who put in Revel and Pernove.

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Can the Russian army to intervene again in politics?

Our army in politics was noted twice. In 1991, she turned away from the Emergency Committee and supported the whitewashed house. Not all, of course, but that part of the officers, who sided with the then management of the RSFSR, was more decisive. In the end, Yeltsin defeated. In 1993, the army ignored calls to her from the rebellious white houses and again sided with Yeltsin. He won again.

After that, the services of the army authorities resorted three more times, but not from the perspective of domestic political opposition forces — a 2-Chechen campaigns and during the military conflict

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The controversy surrounding the promising airborne combat vehicle

In the past few years, the command of the airborne troops 'fighting' with the management of the Ministry of Defence for the latest military vehicle. Battle machine BMD-4M has become a subject of controversy almost at the level of self-concept: both parties require it mutually exclusive properties. One of the latest news on the BMD-4M appeared in August of this year. Then the first deputy defense minister Alexander Sukhorukov said that the Defense Ministry will not purchase these war machines because of the level of protection that the military department bureaucrats considered missing. At the same time, against the background

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