Why inflatable army?

Servicemen of the 45th Engineering Regiment camouflage share the secrets of how to deceive the enemy. In place of improvised means — wood, leaves and particle board came today pnevmomakety. For the Russian army is a novelty — they were adopted by only four years ago. On the pros inflatable equipment — word of mouth.

S-300 «reflect» a massive missile attack on Russia

Four defense regiment during the next unexpected check readiness of the Armed Forces to be moved to mon Ashuluk (Astrakhan region) to reflect a massive missile attack.   Aircraft military transport aviation combat crews are thrown on Ashuluk where in a situation very close to combat, will fulfill a set of practical tasks to repel massive missile and air conditional enemy air strike.   This was told in the press service of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense.   In the process of checking the combat crews quickly deployed C-300 and begin to track the situation to detect and defeat

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Eduard Lobau


Eduard Lobau

Born in Minsk in 1988 with the 8th grade dream to connect his life with the army. He served active duty in the special forces. There, in the army, met to Young from Gomel, through which joined "Young Front". Was elected head of the Minsk city organization of the Ministry of Finance. Further interest in military affairs and dreaming about the revival of the Belarusian army.

Arrested on 18 December, together with the Ministry of Finance Dashkevich leader accused of disorderly conduct. In Zhodino jail for refusing to testify against the Young Edward threatened to translate

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Russian Scout

BTR-40 in the Israeli museum Yad la-Shiryon

As you know, during the second World War, armored personnel carriers in the USSR were not met. Here Reddish Army significantly inferior to the Wehrmacht. In a certain degree of severity of the problem were able to smooth the supply of British and American armored vehicles under the Lend-Lease Act, but for the present at least equip mechanized infantry battalions, armored and mechanized brigades there were clearly not enough. The main means of transportation in the Red Army infantry right up to the end of the war were cars and tanks.


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Russian reprisals against Nazi collaborators: mercy for the fallen. Part 2

Attitude to the Baltic collaborators

In the Baltics, well, in Russia, many believe that the Baltic Nazi collaborators very cruelly punished: some were shot, others were sent to a Siberian gulag. But these represent just another myth that has nothing to do with reality.

It's no secret that the inhabitants of the Baltic intensively collaborated with the Nazis. Formed part of their punitive participated in actions on the territory of Russia and Belarus. They guarded the German concentration camps of the Leningrad region in the north to the south of Stalingrad, took part in the fighting at the front. In

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Sobyanin has severe post adolescents in the army

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin considers acceptable to send in the army teenagers came to the attention of law enforcement, for the prevention of offenses.

"Some teenagers have any hands scratched themselves to war, jump and stretch their legs with delight went, for example, serve in the army. It is also one of the passages, which fully applicable if a person a lot of energy and he came up military age "- said S.Sobyanin at a meeting of the State Council on Mon, talking about how to prevent crime, including street riots.

"I think maybe (you) to put a man

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Sniper rifle JS 7,62 (China)

The Chinese company, Jianshe Group in 2003 initiated the establishment of a sniper rifle in caliber 7.62 mm for the military and law enforcement. The work was completed in 2004. In 2005, the brand new Chinese sniper rifle, JS 7,62 received index was demonstrated to the public. Rifle JS 7,62 as a weapon uses the Russian rifle and machine-gun cartridge 7,62 x54R, which is also used in the PLA. Maybe the creation of this rifle for export under cartridge 7.62 x 51 NATO standard.

Sniper rifle JS 7,62 recharged by hand and has a longitudinally, rotating shutter mechanism with

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Smolensk battle 4-6 (16-18) in August 1812

A. Albrecht. Smolensk battle. August 18, 1812

In Smolensk, the combined forces of 2-Russian armies numbered up to 120 thousand soldiers. In the Russian army, in contrast to the stateliness of Napoleon's army, there was not the smallest sign of decay. The soldiers and officers were eager to fight. However, in the first army began to show displeasure Barclay de Tolly. In addition, the situation was compounded by the lack of unity of command: Barclay de Tolly and Bagration had equal rights. July 21 (August 2) Bagration agreed to submit to Barclay de Tolly as Minister of War. But

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Bane in the cemetery. Terrorists blew up a funeral procession

At first, the false "freedom fighters" are causing people to torment, killing their loved ones. Then do not allow even say goodbye to those dead relatives and friends, the brown death for having come to the cemetery. But now it's not called ruthlessness. This is called the struggle for democracy …

August 28 Syrian "opposition" has done an act of terrorism around the cemetery in a suburb of Damascus Zheromani. At this time, there was held a funeral procession. People involved in it, were guilty before the "democratizers" exclusively on one thing — they came last farewell to loved ones

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Bane in the barracks

Soon the cases of Death fighter — Military conscripts in the inner parts of the Russian Federation. Not so long ago otshumeli stories that have received massive coverage in the Russian media associated with death and humiliation conscripts tank and infantry units. What after all is the premise of hatred and prerequisite conflicts between co-workers?

In fact, the circumstances of tremendous huge amount, ranging from racial hatred at a mass contact members of fascist groups or nationalist views, to misunderstanding and not taking life and passions, thoughts fighter Sex appeal of contact with colleagues. It is also often possible

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