Belarusian army lacks the opposition?

Opposition activist currently serves parts of railway troops in Zhlobin. It is possible that after three months the number of conscripted opposition will grow. Expelled several students have already received a summons to the recruitment office. Complaint of the former student, now an ordinary train troops Dmitry Zhaleznichenka referee Jeanne Andreichik make out. Dmitry Zhaleznichenka repeated appeals against exclusion from the Gomel Medical Institute. First time he was expelled in Last year in December, returned later, but first year and again expelled few days already drafted. Served as a fighter? Zhlobinsky activist Marat Afanasyev three times already visited Dmitry army.

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Zhaleznichenka serve, but does not take the oath

Ministry of Defence, Colonel Vyacheslav Ramenchyk confirmed for Radio Liberty, that Dmitry Zhaleznichenka remains Zhlobin military unit train troops:"So, in one of the units. Acting. It is for staff — not appointed because he did not take the oath. If he decides, then accept the oath."Reporter: "Now it is dependent on him personally?""The rejection of the military oath does not release him from the obligations of military service. However, with certain restrictions, are presently incorporated. "But what details about the service Dmitry Zhaleznichenka reports from Zhlobin opposition activist Nikolai Pogodin:"By passing this part of me to go just six or

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The new rifle entered service with the Brazilian Army

The Brazilian Army has adopted an assault rifle IMBEL IA2, reports November 2. The act of taking a rifle into service signed by the chief of the General Staff of Brazil. Fundamentally the decision was made at an operational meeting of the General Staff on October 18. As reported by, rifle developed by state-owned and IMBEL created to substitute foreign models of small guns FAL, M16A2 and HK33. The rifle has a version of 5.56mm and 7.62 mm (the latter is also used in the embodiment of a sniper rifle). Regardless of the caliber of effective range is

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Current shares Young Front

A few guys in the morning passed Minsk duty military office appeal and a bouquet of white flowers and the Reds. In the appeal they congratulated troops and expressed hope that the Belarusian army will heed their advice, among which — the rejection of compulsory service in the army and the transition to a contract system.

Malady handed appeal not only to the military commissariat. Several copies are sent to the Ministry of Defense and the military enlistment office. In the appeal they, namely, wrote: "We, as European patriotic youth of Belarus, to remind you, that the Belarusian Army

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Maltsev: For 1 fighter on the Belarusian language does not pass

Leonid Maltsev believes that the Belarusian army "no prepyadstviya Belarusian language." Journalists raised this topic in connection with the history of a former student Dmitry Zhaleznichenka that after conscription claimed that commanders turned to him in Belarusian. Leonid Maltsev response to the requirement of Dmitry Zhaleznichenka sounded like this: "If you want to hear from anyone on the team Belarusian language — no problems. He will receive such conditions of service. Simply, he is the only, and for him the 1st does not make sense. Would such a platoon at least — without problems. Give me a book. " Whereupon

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A blow to the falsifiers of history!

About the Author: Dmitry Filippov — Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Military History of the Academy of Military Sciences.

The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. In 12 volumes. Volume 2. The origin and the beginning of the war. M. Kuchkovo field, 2012. 1008., Ill.

The implementation of a major research project to create a 12-volume seminal work "The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945", you can already say with confidence is gaining the necessary momentum. The Victory Day was published the second volume work "The Origin and the beginning of the war."

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Gomel: Dmitry Zhaleznichenka who withdraw from the army?

No representative of the recruiting office in the city came to a tribunal.

Photo sibling in the room of his mother Alla ZhaleznichenkaReferee Yuri Zhorov confirmed that its decision to stop implementation of the decision of the Gomel City draft board. Resolution oriented urban recruitment. Military commanders should release from the army Dmitry home for the time trial.Mom says Dmitry Alla Zhaleznichenka:

He was not given the ability to defend themselves, means I have to do it … 

"Man drove almost to the corner. Did not give a truly recover the institute. Would prefer again expelled. A day or two

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Inductee Vyachorka! Fall into line!

Doctors regional military hospital reduced the degree of disease and such makarom, Franco admitted applicable for the service. Franak Vyachorka said he will appeal to independent medekspertav. Franak Vyachorka discharged from the regional military hospital with a statement that he was unfit for military service. Recall: the district military commission after inspection Vyachorka Frank gave him a certificate, according to which he has ploskastupnevasts third degree scoliosis and second degree. Under the legislation, such diseases can not serve in the army. September 26 regional commission has not confirmed the findings of the district and sent to the Republican activist apazytsyyanaga

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First collection of Jewish folklore sovetskogo in the USSR

"Lim" on This week in 1938 he writes about the publication of collections of folk songs of the Red Army, "the second collection — in the Hebrew language -" Jewish Folk Songs of the Red Army "- contains about 15 songs and rhymes 25. This first collection of Jewish folklore sovetskogo in the USSR. Both collection are catchy expression of large emotions sovetskogo boundless patriotism and love of workers sovetskogo Belarus to sovetskogo own homeland and the Red Army. Each song, each prypevtsy — constant readiness at any moment come to the defense sovetskogo Union from attacking the enemy. "About

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Citations past Mir. The war is over …

"Orsha bulletin", year 1918. The newspaper publishes radyetelegramu of Bids: "Declare for general information only copy of a telegram Comrade. Krilenko received January 29, 1918 at 8:00. Morning. Mir. War is over. Our homeland is no longer waging war … End klyatyh massacre. Army honorably carried three and a half years of torment, waited deserved rest. demobilization of the army declared it. ask fellow soldier quietly wait for their own purpose of sending timing. ""Fatherland" on this week 1958 endeared radio skit "Liberation" on a visit to Minsk Nikita Khrushchev: "32 new heroes and 4970 already received medals of Belarus

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