The case for zeroing

ZabVO, winter steppe. I have already had left the Army — honestly, it makes me sick to walk to the service, but that's a "song." Wrote a report and foolishly expect solutions, putting at the service of the tail.

Here comes up to me commander engineer, glanders. company. Such a thing, says we got new machines, and soon check pristrelyat they need to be like — HZ! The school was taught, of course, but it was a long time ago, had not dealt with this later. A platoon? Platoon — also "wood", help pliz! With me — respectively)


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Army Service of Canada

Service in Canadian Army significantly different from the Russian service in the armed forces. At the same time, these differences are not only formally significant, and the extent of their own are very important. The fact that the first service in the Canadian Army is not just a whole lot of the right to health of the male population, but the first of those who really longs to engage in military affairs, to receive military specialties and thus lead military lifestyle.

But, unlike the Russian army, service in the army of Canada is much more comfortable and less burdensome.

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Serving in the army should become a prestigious

Now there is a tendency for the rich ancestors are sending their own sons who reached military age in the army. Need to see that it is far not the growth of consciousness and not thinking about the duty to his country. In most of the army sent to serve as a "Major" because of dissatisfaction with their parents' behavior.

The army, with its discipline and Charter is able to re-educate teens and even difficult to put them on the path of true. In the Russian army has a unit in which the military did not know such

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Blind copying before a fall

We live in an era of change. Do not they have bypassed the party and the Armed Forces of Russian Federation, the development of which was announced in 1992. Their construction began simultaneously with the reform. But, as we know, no matter what reform should display a configurable structure to a new, high-quality highest level. In this sense reforms in unlikely event it should not be started.

Adopted without thinking?

Unfortunately, after two decades of Russian army not only did not increase the level of high quality, but on the contrary — began to show signs of failure. It

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Follow-up front, after the Libyan, Syrian?

In Syria, the last waves, the first demonstrations were held in February 2011. March 15 multi-million dollar began the march throughout the entire country — demonstrations took place in the towns of Deraa, Damascus, Aleppo, Banias, Deir Alzur, Homs.

As in some other countries (Tunisia, Egypt), the enemies of the regime of Bashar al-Assad joined with social networks and channel YouTube. Mass protests have been held for more than a week, according to the opposition, there are casualties — dead and wounded. Rallies and marches dispersed law enforcement forces and supporters Assad. But the opposition continues (and named their act

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Weak floor in a strong army

The last century of the millennium significantly changed many of the stereotypes of social consciousness. Namely, seriously rethought the place and role of women in society and the armed forces. Military ended only be a lot of guys.

The age-old tradition

But the role of women in the military formations of different countries, as evidenced by historical documents, has a long-standing tradition and is a phenomenon of the XXI century. Ladies were part of the military organization, not only in the Middle Ages, and in the era of the traditional antiquity. Already in the IV century BC Athens

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He died of ex-Defense Minister Pavel Grachev

In the capital's hospital Vishnevsky died last Defense Minister Pavel Grachev. The cause of death in the medical facility did not specify, saying only just now Grachev died at 14:40 MSK, RIA "Announcements".

Details of hospitalization Grachev hitherto not disclosed. It is clear that he was on September 12 in intensive care hospital them. Vishnevsky. "Paul S. is in intensive care. His condition is measured. There is no reason to panic, "- told a representative of the Omsk radio factory, where the last minister Director General of the advisor.

The media began to speculate because that doctors conceal the real

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Plant Ural commissioned by the Ministry of Defense is developing a new car for the army

Car plant "Ural" plans by April 1, 2011 submitted to the Ministry of Defense prototype vehicle for the Army, said Tuesday the CEO of Automobile Victor Corman. According to him, the company is currently engaged in the development of a new army vehicle on the technical task of the Defense Ministry. "It will be a new generation of car that meets all modern requirements," — said Corman, noting that the new army truck get reinforced aggregate base. Currently cars "Ural" are the armies of 40 countries. As RIA "News" in 2010, about 15% of the supply vehicles — export.

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How many Russian made war on Hitlers side?

As some say, during the Russian majestically million Russian people went to fight under the tricolor flag. From time to time they say even about 2-million Russian who fought against the Bolshevik regime, but there may believe and 700 thousand immigrants. These numbers give a reason — they are an argument to the claim that Russian Lofty — the essence of the second war mufti of the Russian people against the hated Stalin. What is there to say?

If indeed been the case that arose under a million Russian tricolor flags and not on the life and death of the

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Syria intervention is excluded

West and Arab monarchies lozhut main hopes on Assad's enemies

Recognizable English military and political "think tank» Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) issued a bulletin "Syria: The controversial policy of intervention." It is necessary from the name, discusses the possibility of the role of NATO and the Arab monarchies in the Syrian civilian war to its end and the overthrow of the Assad regime.

One of the founders of the study, the colonel and the last commander of British troops in Afghanistan, Richard Camp notes that "the Western political leaders have no such appetites … But, as history shows,

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