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Syria Announcements 28/12/2012

In a number of provinces in the country last army raid on the prosecution of terrorist groups who commit crimes against the military and civilians.


In the province of Damascus in the village Hudzheyra army units conducted a special operation in the process of killing and injuring 10's terrorists and destroyed their guns.

In the village of al-Husayn were eliminated 5 and 8 wounded fighters.

On the plantations in the districts of the town of Duma army unit has eliminated some of the team members, "Al-Islam." In the middle of murdered leader of the bandits were identified by grouping

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The Syrian conflict spread to Lebanon

The unrest spread to Syria last Saturday against Lebanon. Lebanese authorities have focused army units in Tripoli, the second largest city in Lebanon, in order to stop the clashes between supporters and opponents of the regime of Bashar Assad.

Lebanese troops managed to close the quarter of Bab Tabbana, where the focus constructive Sunni groups also Jebel Mohsen, in which reside the Alawites supporting Syrian President Assad.

Syrian troops a few years back were in Lebanon. But once in the country as a result of the terrorist attack killed Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, Damascus, under pressure from the West,

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Syrian rebels captured an army general

Supporters of Syria's opposition Free Syrian Army announced the capture of an army general, they are ready to change on their own supporters.

According to the statement of the 1st of the commanders of the Free Syrian Army Malik al-Kurdi, captured Gen. Naim Jalil Oda. The implication is that it will change a few opposition members who were detained during the military special operations in the suburbs of Damascus.

Al-Kurdi added that the Syrian authorities remained about 2-days to make a decision whether they are satisfied with the terms of the exchange. In this case, if it refuses,

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Syrian fighters have invaded the skies of Iraq

Three Syrian warplanes violated airy place Iraq during raids on the position of "Syrian Free Army", centered in the border zone.

As reported by ITAR-TASS, combat aircraft flying at low altitude for 15 minutes over the western province of Anbar. Fighters were subjected to saturated air strikes on militants in the accumulation of Abu Kemal, located 10 kilometers from the border with Iraq. In addition, airy place Iraq also breached the Air Force SAR helicopter.

On Tuesday, August 22, government forces retreated from the strategic town of principle which lasted about a week after violent clashes with guerrilla

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Syrian army attacks the city Binnish

Syrian Government troops stormed the town Binnish, located in the province of Idlib in northwest Syria, 30 kilometers from the Syrian-Turkish border. According to incoming disk imaging, can be heard on the streets Binnisha bombings and shooting, leaving the inhabitants of the city, report to "Lead. "

One of the commanders of the Syrian Free Army, which rebels keep the defense in Binnishe, warned: "If Government troops decided to enter city, it will be for them to hell. Nothing will be able to stop us. "

Four months back the Syrian government troops 've tried to take this city, but

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The Syrian army on the verge of collapse?

Since this statement was made by a high-ranking defector. Syrian Gen. Mustafa al-Sheikh, who fled to Turkey, in an interview, has predicted an apocalyptic turn of events in Syria and said that the Syrian army is at the stage of total collapse.

According to the views of the general, most likely it will happen in February of this year. According to him, the size of the army was reduced by 66%. The soldiers left the army, are in a state of utter demoralization, most of the military equipment is out of order. Most of the officers who are professed Sunnis,

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Opposition forces have not given the family of Bashar al-Assad to leave Syria. There are fights for Damascus suburbs

The opposition Syrian Free Army (SSA) last Sunday was thwarted attempt to family members of President Bashar Assad leave the country. This was said to the newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm, referring to the field commander pas.

The last Syrian army officer on the criteria of anonymity, said that "Sunday evening convoy of government vehicles attempted to get to the international airport of Damascus, but the troops did not allow the SSA."

According to the source, between the presidential guard who accompanied the column and armed opposition groups gunfire, reports RIA "Announcements". To help special forces helicopter was oriented, covering the convoy

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Sergeant — Assistant Minister? The new military positions in the Russian army

Lieutenant-General Vladimir Shamanov, commander of the Airborne Troops, said that in the Russian armed forces in the near future will be brand new position — Master Sergeant, which will correspond to the position of Assistant Secretary of Defense.

Soon Russian army appears brand new vertical — NCO corps which shrink on not only the lower levels sergeants, and military advisers to the minister. And if earlier times higher position, which could reach Sgt. in his own career — it's top sergeant, the brand-new system implies that a junior commander and composition can later promoted to master sergeant, a

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Serdyukov: Colonel of the brash and remove the troops!

Troopers require President Dmitry Medvedev to punish the minister of defense for rudeness

Alliance paratroopers of, which connects voedinyzhdy 135 public organizations, and prepares young people for military service in the 64 regions of the country, appealed to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, the people of the Russian Federation and the Patriarch of All Russia and Metropolitan Kirill requesting an assessment of "misconduct Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov on the public insulted the Hero of the Russian Federation Guard Colonel Andrei Kraskova.

The essence of such a conflict. September 30 the head of the military department has decided to inspect the

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Serdyukov: Army should be nerazdutoy, Professor and mobile

Began the second month of autumn and means in force presidential decree on conscription of young men on military service. For the first time in the history of our country the number of people who will join the ranks of the Russian army of only 135,850 people. This figure says that by the summer of next year, the number of members of the armed forces of the Russian Federation will be reduced to approximately 800 thousand military personnel (with the sergeants, warrant officers, officers, generals and cadets). Defense Minister Serdyukov of our country sovereign states what not to do from

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